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Found 9 results

  1. Has the Beta version of Publisher been stopped. My version is not up dating. I have purchased the advance copy of this however what do we do in the interim
  2. I encountered a problem today that affects the beta version of Designer and Publisher. There is no issue with the Mac App Store version of Designer - all works well there. The issue is that with a certain font there are no stylistic sets in the beta versions - let me know. Please see the images attached. The font in question is Marschel Pro by Zeune. I could send the font but maybe that would create licensing issues. I don't know if this problem is with other fonts, and maybe I'm not getting all the stylistic sets without knowing it. But with this one font I can show at least.
  3. I have just downloaded and installed version of Affinity Publisher for Windows Beta but have identified an issue with printing that didn't apply before. I set AP to print the document on 10x15cm photo paper as usual, with the paper size set to "Defined by driver", but every time I tried to print the page came out with the image off centre by about 1mm. No matter what changes I made to the design, including changing the original paper size, reducing the print output by a percentage and adjusting different print settings, the only way to resolve the problem was to manually move the design over to one side. This hasn't happened with previous builds
  4. I am really enjoying using Affinity Publisher Beta, it is just as easy and intuitive to use as the old PagePlus series from Serif. However there are a couple of features that are currently missing that I used frequently before. Alignment Buttons For many years I have been used to quickly clicking an "Alignment" button in the Character/Paragraph format toolbar which quickly centred, aligned objects (including text) to left edge, right edge, or vertical centre, top, or bottom of guides or margins. Currently it is possible to align things using the justification tools but there are not as many options. Reduced Workspace I find the work space / desktop area in Affinity Publisher Beta very restrictive with all tools permanently open. PagePlus allowed the panels of tools to be shown or hidden with a single click with panels sliding in and out from left or right. I haven't found this available in Affinity Publisher via the "View" options either.
  5. Did I miss an update for photo and designer guys? I didn't see any recent ones..
  6. This question is really for Matt or Chris or the Moderation Team... Is there any practical reason why master page items in the layers panel for individual pages are global rather than local? I haven't yet seen the logic of this. It would be great if you can create your master page with all items used throughout the document but have the ability to selectively uncheck individual items on a page by page basis without it impacting all the other pages in the file, e.g. page numbers or certain graphics which you may not want to appear on specific pages, without the need to use a separate master page. It just seems very logical to me because you have access to each master page item from each individual page, what is the benefit of these items being global on individual pages, i.e. why does unchecking the page number on an individual page hide it on all other pages as well, is this by design and if so what is the logic?
  7. I looked for an earlier thread and couldn't find one... If I apply a linear transparency to an image, the image is output to PDF without transparency.
  8. Hi Gang, I'm getting really itchy to start working on a Beta release of Affinity Publisher. Anyone got any news as to when we are likely to see the first Beta released? The 'Dark Side' of Serif are announcing the imminent release of PagePlus9. PagePlus is the only reason left that I have to use anything from Microsoft. I am hoping that Affinity Publisher will mean that I can condemn Windows to the Trash once and for all.
  9. Greetings, How do I sign up for the Affinity Publisher Beta MAC beta testing? Best Regards, Bill