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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, forgive me if there’s an answer to this question somewhere on the forum I’ve yet to find, but I’m wondering if there is any way to add/download printer and paper profiles for soft-proofing to the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I always save and then move over to my iMac for printing, but it would be great if I could do the soft-proofing and printing straight from the iPad Pro. Any options out there? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  2. Hello, I have a new 6th gen iPad with the APPLE TV app. I went to the app store and downloaded the Affinity TV app but I don't see it anywhere in the Apple TV app menu anywhere. How do I get to the app so I can watch the tutorials? thanks, -jim
  3. Please how can I merge and blend two pictures in Affinity photo for iPad. Thank you.
  4. Can we share files created and saved in an iPad Pro(2nd gen) and then open them in a Windows PC manipulate them and save them,are they compatible with each other?. Secondly, can we store affinity photo and affinity designer files in an ipad on an externally mounted drive based on the Lightning port. Lastly, can we copy affinity designer and affinity photo files in an ipad pro and then copy them to a Windows PC using iTunes?. Need help
  5. I think Affinity Photo for Ipad should have the feature just like Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer has for Rotation Centre editing tool.
  6. TrevorGY

    Gradient Selection Problem

    On using a gradient on a new layer, selection of gradient type causes the software to jump out of the application to Documents. On leaving this and re-entering the affinity photo the gradient type can be made and then processed normally. This has started since the latest update. This happens every time, any ideas as to why? thanks
  7. I really love Photo for iPad but this bug makes it impossible for me to do real work: When I use the smart selection brush on an image on iPad Pro and then I pan zoom around the image the selection is gone and the interface is non-responsive. I have to force quite the program and start over and just remember to not move the image - not ideal. Just like in the desktop version I need to pan/zoom around the screen in order to get a better initial selection before I refine. I have the latest App Store version. Also the latest 12.9" iPad and pencil. I don't have the iPad beta, although I did send a request for Test Flight - wondering if this was fixed in the beta version.
  8. I know that layer effects come out of the land of Photoshop compatibility, but I'd like to propose a new one which would create unlimited-size "long shadows'--solid, not offset dropshadows extending in whatever direction from a type or shape layer. There are workarounds for this, but most involve rasterizing the type (so if you change the kerning, you have to go back through again.) How about it?
  9. Hello, I have a quick question. How do I see the objects outside of the canvas? Whenever I drag the object off the canvas I cannot see it anymore. I know about clip/unclip but I don't want the objects clipped onto the canvas. Hope my question makes sense! Thank you!
  10. I just saw that Affinity Photo is available for iPad. Once I purchase it, if I then want to work on a Mac, will there be a pricing path to purchase the Mac version at a discounted price based upon the fact that I already own Affinity Photo for iPad?