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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I love Hawaiian Shirts and tropical und floral patterns. It's not that perfect and just »work in progress «– but I like it. Some shadows have to be refined and some textures may be added. No Stock-Pictures are used and lots of hours were spent to draw all parts of it. I don't know what to do with it. In my dreams it becomes a shirt. What do you think? Ciao, Arne
  2. How can I get crop marks while working with artboards? I've added bleed to my document/artboards, but because artboards act like a mask, there is no way to extend my document to the bleed lines. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I have a document in AD with hundreds of closed curves with different stroke colors for each curve. Is there a way to mass invert the stroke and fill colors? I tried selecting all the curves and invert using SHIFT + X, but all the curves just take ONE color.
  4. Hi, how I can add the undo-Button to the symbol bar in Affinity desinger? Regards
  5. Hello All, I seem to have a bug where my layered and masked symbol layers will move/disappear at random, I would then need to find the layer and move the mask or crop area back to the correct location. I am trying to build a large 20"x18.55" symbol, The symbol will randomly lose parts of the layers and then will need to either close the file without saving to get the objects back in the correct location or I have to manually find and move each layer back to its location, I can send you the file if needed, I am running ad If you require the file can I send it via wetransfer as I don't want it on the public forum. my last question would be, why can i not get the symbols to tile without gaps ! Regards Chris Edit-- Just uploading 2 images one shows full symbol, second shows resize of brick and disappeared brick. disapearing_brick_gone.afphoto disapearing_brick.afphoto
  6. Hi Folks, Attached is a work in progress art deco air show poster I am putting together. I have never been the artistic type so I am struggling with coming up with a suitable way to add shading to the plane. As you can see there are 3 planes on my poster (There will only be one in the end) each one is an option I am looking at. 1 is white with no shading but I think it looks too clinical. 2 is one with a grey gradient added and 3 is a white one with a further black layer added over the top with the opacity reduced and with the noise increased. I'm not happy with any of them if I am honest. Is there anyone out there that can offer some advice? Cheers folks Mark SGA Poster v1.0.afdesign SGA Poster v1.0.pdf
  7. Hello everybody! There is a problem with entering text Affinity Designer 1.5.0 Beta 12. The developers wrote that corrected, but it remained, the text also does not write the image :( I did not do a great video that was understandable. Is there any solution to this problem, thanks in advance! Tatyana text bug.mov
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