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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I have already posted this issue on a different forum I guess but noone could help me with it. The Pixel persona lags on my iPad and doesn’t help me with my projects at all. Sometimes, the app just shuts down when I click on pixel persona. This has been happening since I started using Affinity designer and I thought it will get better with updates. But it is still the same. I tried uninstalling the app and downloading it again, but it is still the same. I have attached a video for your reference. Thank you. Quinzy IMG_1217.MOV
  2. I've been testing out printing my art prints from Affinity Designer iPad. Sometimes I've exported to my computer then printed, and one time I printed straight from the iPad. I want to print an 8x10 sized print, with some white space around. I have previewed the document with crop marks only, with bleed marks only, and with bleed and crop marks checked. Registration marks has been checked through all scenarios. I can't seem to get the print with the correct crop marks so that when I cut it I still have a margin of white space around the print. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Is there a setting I'm missing?
  3. Hello! I have imported a couple PSD files into Designer and found them to show up with the “Embedded Document” tag, but I haven’t discovered a way to access the embedded parts of said document. If someone could help me out with that I would be truly grateful!
  4. Hi! On iPad, I‘ve imported a document from Photo to Designer in order to have a live effect layer for the perspective filter. However, It renders not as expected: updates do not seem to happen until the canvas is moved and especially at higher zoom levels some parts are not rendered at all. To me, it seems like the renderer renders only a smaller area than it should. Here is an example video with the live filter applied to a text layer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnmkbjunkA8 The issue exists for pixel layers, too, but seems less prominent. I hope this will get fixed, because I don‘t see any other way to create the kind of text shadow effect as shown in the video. Best regards, fii
  5. It only allows a transform operation after selection 39D4EE3F-71BD-40BA-9B0D-AA90D64B8960.MP4
  6. Hi, im new to affinity designer iPad and I want to know if there is a way for it to automatically save to iCloud. At the moment it save to my iPad and then I have to save a copy to iCloud but I end up with two versions. thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, I'm new here and I unfortunately haven't found an answer to my question in this forum. For a recent project I tried to use pressure sensitivity in AD for ipad - choosing vector brushes first. I switched from a texturized brush (which I had troubles to export - black squares - image 1) to a more clean vector brush. This seemed to be fine at first, but when I zoomed in I realized it was flawed too (image 2). Same with the vector pencil, using pressure sensitivity (image 3). When I was using the vector pencil without pressure sensitivity for past projects, I never had PDF/EPS export problems. What am I doing wrong? (Btw: The final image will be printed on a large wall, so it's necessary to get all the details right.)
  8. Creativeelc

    Guides really buggy

    Hi there, I’ve taken some screen shots of what I’m on about. Ive been making my own guide templates for a book I’m designing. The guides are a bit buggy and jump on their own accord - on the first art board its fine, no buggy movement - but when it comes to the next art board it becomes near impossible to set the guides up right. When you click to add a vertical line it immediately goes straight into the middle of both art boards - then when you try to bring the guide line into the 2nd art board it zips back and forth on its own. I tried dropping a line onto the 2nd art board but then i cannot manoeuvre it into place - you cannot reselect it. This is going to annoy me if it happens on every single art board. Is there a way to set it up for the 1st board and then duplicate to the rest. I have 10 in total. hopefully this all makes sense
  9. Hello! I am seeing a freeze or two testing without the brush defaults or rope stabilizer turned off, but I seem to always get a freeze or crash when those are turned on - screenshots of UI artifact on freeze attached. This is happening on a 2400 x 2400 pixel document. I didn’t notice freezes at all in previous releases. I was also creating documents at a much smaller size. Perhaps this has something to do with the dimensions/size of the file, with so many vector brush strokes? Mark
  10. I've been trying to export several files from Affinty Designer on the iPad that has text in it. The text has been converted to curves, but I am still getting blocky letters in the file export. If I export as SVG and say export text to curves it works fine (even though I have done this in the file itself). Any suggestions? I have tried converting to curves multiple times and still not working right.