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Found 2,781 results

  1. Hello, I want to get a color value of a pixel at (x, y) coordinates. Is there a color sampler function in Procedural Texture Filter similar to texture2D in GLSL? Thanks!
  2. - WIN 10 latested updates - clean new reset of PC and therefore new installation of Affinity Photo. NVIDIA GTX 650 - newest driver 446.14 EIZO CS 2730 Also installed: Affinity Designer 1.83.641 + Affitity Publisher 1.83.641 and Capture One (all downloaded today). --------- Hello, I'm new to the forum and didn't really find a similar problem description on Google. Therefore I'll ask here: When I open an image in Affinity Photo for the very first time via "File -> Open..." it often instantly crashes. When I retry with the same file at the same source there is no problem anymore. I first thought it had something to do with the fact, that the images are on a OneDrive directory (already downloaded before), but now, on my new clean system, it also crashed 2 times with local only images. Now, after approx. 10-15 tries with other files and sources, it works well. But I am afraid it will happen again when I do not expect it. I use DNG from Ricoh GR 3 and CR2 from Canon EOS 6. Strangley enough a have the same behaviour on my iPad Air 3 with the latest Affinity Photo App when I use "Import from cloud" and open files from OneDrive. Does anyone have an idea what can be the reason? I have not experienced such a behaviour in version under 1.83. Thank you very much in advanced. Best regards.
  3. In this tutorial I talk about everything in the tool bar inside the Develop Persona.
  4. Hello, everybody. I have a lot of performance issues in affinity photo. I have : - Windows 10 - i5-4690k - 16gb RAM - GTX 960 4GB I've been searching through the forums and I've seen that maybe there are some options turned on that make the software perform badly. I don't know if there is any combination of settings that will improve performance, it is very frustrating to work on affinity photo. I ALWAYS end up closing it because I can't even move a curve line smoothly. Thank you all in advance!
  5. Hi guys, I want to use Freehand Polygonal Selection Tool to select my photo. Everything works when I use a mouse (Check the video I provide), but I can't close the selection when I'm using pen tablet. What should I do? 2020-06-05 21-48-08.mp4
  6. I just watched a demo on using the Move tool in Affinity Photo for desktop. Grabbing a control handle while pressing a certain key allows you to skew a rectangle (or any selected layer). I can’t get the move tool to do this on my iPad Pro (2nd gen) iOS 12.1.1 with the most recent version of AP. I tried one, two, and three finger gestures. This would be much faster than using the perspective function.
  7. Hello, On the footballer photo, I want to take the live filter spinning for fire. But it doesn't work ... I tried to take the direct filter for the fire. It works. However, there is a bug problem for the live filter. You are watching my attached video to see the evidence. Thank you for giving me your advice. I wish you a good day. zoom_0.mp4
  8. I'm experiencing a problem in Affinity Photo When I have 2 image files opened and switch from one to the other, the image goes off center down to the right. When switch back to the first image, the image is pushed a little more down to the right. So now everytime I switch from one image to another I have to recenter (Ctrl+0) I don't remember having this issue before. I reinstalled the app and still the same behavior. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to reverse the order that the images appear when using 'Split view' or 'Mirror view'? I.e. so that the 'before' image appears on the left & the 'after' appears on the right? Cheers, Doug
  10. I applied for the 90 day trial license and got an email with a download link and trial license key. Today installed the application. On first start it wanted to be activated - of course. Now I had a few problems: First I wasn't sure what to enter in the "E-Mail/Organization" field and choose a wrong email. OK, I figured I have to use the email to which I received the trial licence key. Then I entered that email and the code. I got the message that the license info is correct but it could not be written to "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\ ..." (don't remember full path). I tried this twice or three times with same result. No idea why this path poses a problem ... it was the default path chosen by the installer... Then I thought I might need to start the application initially as admin and did so. Now the application complains again I entered the wrong values. I have already checked there are no superflous spaces and such. See screenshot. Unfortunately the application doesn't tell my what the actual issue is. Maybe the failed requests (for which the key could not be written to the HDD) already counted towards a limit that was now exceeded? What should I do?
  11. I'm running Affinity Photo 1.8.3 on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar with 32 GB of RAM under macOS 10.14.6 Mojave. Printing is excruciatingly s-l-o-w. For the print dialog even to appear took 1 min. 15 sec.! Savor that number. It means after clicking File | Print... I had to wait 1 min. 15 sec. just to see anything happen at all. Since the default printer is not the one I use for printing photos, the first thing I do in the Print dialog is change the printer. After selecting the printer in the dropdown list I had to wait 1 min. 20 sec. before the new printer's name replaced the old one's. After that I changed the ICC profile and the print quality, then clicked Print. It took 1 min. 15 sec. until the Printing message disappeared. Printing an exported .jpg or .tiff in Preview takes nowhere near as long. 2 min. 35 sec. just to change the default printer in the Print dialog!!!
  12. Here is a more general version of a visual shortcuts explorer for Affinity Tools, which can show up both, the Affinity Designer + Photo keyboard shortcuts for Win/Mac (in English or German language), on different choosable localized keyboard layouts. AffinityShortcutMapper.zip To use it, extract the compressed archive and navigate into the "/AffinityShortcutMapper" folder, there open the HTML page index.html locally in your default or prefered web browser and start exploring the various shortcuts! Note: for the Chrome web browser you might try instead to locally launch Chrome the below shown way (due to it's default security settings) in order to allow file:// protocol access for it ... > "C:\PathTo\Chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files See also this related posting.
  13. Greetings, While in the Develop persona in AP, is this overlay eraser tool limited to the paint overlay? When I created a gradient overlay, it didn’t work on that.
  14. I've been persuaded to change to Affinity Photo, after a good many years using Graphic Converter as a pixel editor on my MacBook Pro's and desktop Mac's. The relevant work I've done is scanning and cleaning up old documents, sometimes generating diagrams mostly made of solid-colour lines. So far I've imported a task I was working on, and re-saved it as a .png, with a file-size (800KB) half that which GC had produced, so I'm pleased about that. However, that is as far as I've got. I tried opening a marquee on my work-piece, wishing to shift a clump of pixels sideways, but after an hour or two trying I found no way to move the contents of the marquee sideways, only the marquee itself. Not very usefull. For a rest between efforts I clicked on the page I spotted behind the working one. This was called 'New Document'. I clicked on 'My Presets' and found that the list of platforms included no computers at all, only tablets and smartphones. I've never indicated that I work on either of those, so I've no idea where Photo got the idea that I might wish to? So I don't really have much idea where I want to go next. I'm used to being able to plant or delete pixels one at a time, but there doesn't seem to be a tool for that. And corralling stuff in a marquee doesn't seem to let me do anything to them. I don't want to paint anythingm so the various brushes don't help. I sometimes want to change the colour of things, but first I need to put them where they belong and clean up what is usually a scan, with untidy edges to everything, Where (if not here) should I seek help? Best regards, Tony.
  15. Is there a way I can remove the red lines without having to resort to inpainting/healing/erasing? Some combination of adjustments & masks perhaps. I am not very experienced with color and tonal work. Red lines do not have to go completely, just be less prominent. Any help or pointers to an elegant solution will be very much appreciated. Peace!
  16. Hello, I want to do something like this https://youtu.be/jv3szSbyu80 (watch after 3 minute), but on my iPad. Unfortunately I can do this with text, but I can’t do this with another photo. I rasterise all photos, but still can’t do it. I use projections then perspective projection on 3 dots(in top left). Help me please. (iPad Air 3-d generation). Thanks very much.
  17. I have a question please about width and hardness adjustments in Affinity Photo paint brushes. I know dragging the cursor side to side changes width, and up and down adjusts hardness. But when I rotate the canvas (as seen under View>Rotate Left or View>Rotate Right) to work on a piece from different angles, the required motions to change brush width & hardness seem to reverse. They don’t remain constant relative to the user once the canvas is rotated. Is there an option somewhere to keep these motion commands consistent, relative to the user, for any given working angle?
  18. Hello, 1) I just started using Affinity Photo and right away noticed pressure sensitivity did not work. I got it to work for size though after reading in the forum, but not for opacity. Dragging the flow slider doesn't do the job as the line becomes uneven (see image). Is this really the way I need to go about using pressure sensitivity? It seems very strange to me that it isn't enabled by default and that it should be this tedious working with pressure sensitivity. 2) When I use the brush tool, my lines become jagged (see image). Is there a way to fix this? My software and hardware: Wacom Cintiq 22HD Affinity Windows 10 Pro N 64bit
  19. As announced on Affinity Spotlight, throughout May, as a way to stay connected while so many of us are still in lockdown, we’ll be bringing our community inspirational, free video sessions led by top creative talent. Every day in May at 4pm BST, the official Affinity YouTube channel will be premiering inspirational creative sessions Tune in every day in May at 4pm BST on the official Affinity YouTube channel as incredible artists, illustrators, designers and photographers who use Affinity invite you into their world to witness their personal creative workflows. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://affin.co/youtubesub Each creative will be available on live chat when their pre-recorded session premieres so you can ask any questions, and free content will be provided for some of the sessions so you can have a go yourself. It’s a great time to learn new tricks, pick up on tips and break that lockdown boredom.Ash will be kicking off this virtual creative festival tomorrow and we’ll be announcing the rest of the line-up on our social channels. We will be announcing each daily session on our social channels, so make sure you're following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn about each daily session. We will also post weekly lists of event announcements here in this thread. Watch the announcement trailer here: https://affin.co/LD2020Trailer If you want to be notified each week of the list of creatives presenting, follow this similar thread in the Tutorials section of the forums, which is locked so you will only get notified when we add new weekly posts
  20. Hello, When I select a layer and try to apply a mask or an adjustment from the layer's panel buttons for that layer, it creates a mask for all the layers bellow, not only for the select layer. I think it should create a mask for that specific layer selected (the parent layer). To do that I have to grab the new layer mask created and put, manually, under the selected layer. Is this normal? Am I missing some configuration?
  21. Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
  22. Question: In Affinity Photo "Export Luts" what does quality / "set the complexity" mean? Issue/situation: In Affinity Photo 'Export Lut' there is a Quality slider, where I only see a difference in the preview image once I go above 7 x 7 x7. The documentation is very sparse with its definition of what it actually does; "Quality—sets the complexity of the exported adjustment. Drag the slider to set the value." Attachment: Link to Affinity Photo Docs: https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Adjustments/export_3dLut.html?title=Exporting custom adjustments as LUTs Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.3 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.3 Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.
  23. Hello. I’m struggling with transforming selected areas of designs in Affinity Photo. When changing the size of a selected object, even a little bit, the edges of the selected object become considerably blurred with an “anti alias” look to them. Same thing occurs when rotating a selected object to a new angle, even without changing its size. This ruins the original integrity of the selected object, changing crisp-looking edges to blurred. Trying to fix the blurring by hand afterwords is a huge interruption to workflow. In Snapping Manager, I already have “Force pixel alignment” checked and “Move by whole pixels” unchecked. This seems to prevent the blurring problem when simply moving a selected object. But otherwise transforming selected objects still creates the blur. Hopefully there’s a setting I’m just not aware of to prevent this from happening. Could someone please let me know?
  24. Hello I have Affinity Photo 1.83 and have a consistent issue I can't seem to resolve. When I make changes in the "default" setting of any part of the Affinity Interface, these settings are not preserved for future. EXAMPLE: When I use the colour picker tool I do NOT want to have the "apply to selection" selected, so when I load Affinity, I select this tool and unset this tickbox, and use this tool. Then when I reopen this image file, when I move to another image file in the same opening of Affinity (another tab), or when I close Affinity and re-open it, the colour picker tool has reverted back to the ticked state, so every single separate image I need to use this one tool, I have to adjust the settings repetatively. This is one tool. This issue is present across the board on all tools and all shortcuts; Affinity does not save my preferences between images or loads. How can I resolve this?
  25. Cosmos flowers. Shot with Sony A6000, 16-50 kit lens. Edited in Affinity Photo. Download.
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