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Found 5 results

  1. iPad 7, latest iOS and affinity soft as of posting. So I followed the guide on creating a neon brush, created it, and there’s a bug. I also downloaded the neon brush created by the guide on Skillshare and the exact same bug... Theres a harsh cutout which divides its tail, it shouldn’t be there. Affinity Course Neon Vector Brushes.afbrushes
  2. So I was recently trying to make a design for a project that needed intricate details, so I decided to make those details I'd make a brush. I designed it quickly and then exported the file with just the selection and transparency exported, and then when I created the brush I set which points were the head and tail of the brush, and tried to set out to work - except I noticed when I drew with the brush that at the tail end, the stroke was split at the horizontal mid-point and moved forward a noticeable amount. I thought it was an issue with how I exported it, so I tried several more times to fix it with a new brush and each led to the same outcome. I thought maybe it was an issue with the design, so I tried using a banner brush I had made before, and also the preset brushes. They all had the same issue. I questioned if it was possibly my graphics card affecting the rendering, so tried using my internal GPU. Didn't work. I've tried several different ideas and have run out of potential reasons for it not working, so I thought I'd post here to see if other people had the same issue, knew of a fix and also to ensure that Serif are aware of it too. I've attached a path I made below and this is how it exported, so it isn't just how I'm viewing the stroke.
  3. I'm trying to replicate the gardient stroke fill from Illustrator, which should in theory be possible with a Textured brush. Unfortunately I found the brush has a strange artifact at the end of the line. I attached a sceenshot displaying the issue. I also tried to add a bit of margin to the ends but the result is the same. I need both ends to be rounded so this is a bit of an issue from met at this point. I hope this can be fixed in the next update. (Or implementation of gradient strokes would be even better ). Thanks, Arno
  4. Hi, I seem to have discovered a bug where strokes are rendered with different sizes of either half of the path with specific stroke settings. I have provided a gif below. To reproduce: Choose the pen tool and make 3 or more sharp nodes In the stroke panel, make a linear profile Make sure you have an angle lower than 180 degrees and higher than 90, or a lower angle than 45ish that only affects middle nodes It's important that the nodes are sharp, smooth or smart nodes makes it render correctly. I have found a workaround that makes it render correctly for angles larger than 90, in the stroke panel, change 'Miter' to 1, and make sure that Join type is set to 'Round Join' The bug is apparent on Designer as well as the beta channel version I'm running Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Geforce GTX 1060
  5. Hello again Strange behavior at the end of image brushes.
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