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Found 10 results

  1. When dragging a selection with the Move Tool, locked layers are sometimes included in the selection. Please see the Layers panel in the attached video. RPReplay_Final1591985713.MP4
  2. Items on a locked layer can still be selected by marquee and transformed. The only way to avoid this is to make the layer invisible. I noticed this behavior, after the update, both on iOS and on Mac OS X versions.
  3. Elements on a locked layer can still be selected and moved... lock does not work. D.
  4. I am actually able to select and delete locked objects.
  5. I discovered a few bugs in AD v1.8.2, macos 10.14.6, MacBook Pro 15 (2018): Drag selection sometimes selects also locked objects, sometimes doesn't. It works randomly, I don't recognise any pattern in it. Combination of Shift + drag selection to add or remove objects to/from current selection doesn't work at all. Shift + click immediately deselect everything. Decimal separation symbol doesn't reflect system wide settings – should be a comma (,) here in Slovakia, but is a dot (.) instead. I have an English as a main language in macos, but in System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced... I have selected a comma as decimal separator. It worked ok in pre 1.8.x versions, I'm not sure about 1.8.0 and 1.8.1, but it's broken in 1.8.2.
  6. I am working through the Affinity Photo Workbook and up to page 125 everything has worked reasonably well (perhaps any snags were my fault!) BUT I have found a snag on page 126 --- when I tried the Lock on the Tone boost layer it didn't work! I have tried this several times, but still I can move the layer, even with the "padlock" activated. I have also tried it the previous exercise, with the same result. Is there a glitz with my copy of Affinity Photo, or am I doing something wrong? Help?
  7. Very often Selection tool able to select locked group/layer. ( ver 1.8.3, Win 10)
  8. I have problems with layers. The new vesión does not respect the locked layers so I can select anything from a locked layer when I am selecting something on the other normal layer. It worked well in the previous version. I had lost some brushes too.
  9. This only happen on the new AD Version 1.8.1. Does this new version have an option to turn on/off seleting locked object? Please help me😢.
  10. Designer, Win 10 Then I locked one layer and work with unlocked objects on the other layers I can frequently select objects in locked layer as well. It happens then I use marquee selection with Move Tool. Sometimes, then I try to drag them, selection disappears but sometimes I can effectively change position of locked objects. This issue is completely sporadic and never appears on earlier versions. I can easily reproduce this issue by frequently making marquee selection(in new, clear document). Situation strongly resembles this topic in Beta forum.
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