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Found 3 results

  1. I have this big drawing with many objects and many with FX (mostly slight blur, rarely above 1 pixel, never 2). When I zoom in on a tiny area to adjust some nodes then performance is degraded dramatically? Dragging the nodes lag. I zoom out. The nodes are moved without issues. It doesn't make much sense. Quite humble old laptop with i5 processor and a simple Intel HD 3000 that otherwise runs Designer smoothly.
  2. I have been using Affinity Designer for several months, but recently, out of the blue, it lost all the familiar smoothness and snappiness I've come to expect from Affinity. I tried restarting the program and then factory resetting the program. After still experiencing issues, I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. No sign of change. I uninstalled all my fonts, due to a suggestion on the forums. Nothing worked. I then uninstalled and install a previous version of Affinity Designer, and still didn't see any improvement. Although I haven't had any crashing or tools break, it's uncomfortable to use the application. I then switched to trying to use Affinity Publisher and Photo, but unfortunately, those programs are mysterious behaving exactly like Designer. Lag, screen tearing, slow loading times, and rendering failure. My Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING (Wi-Fi) RAM: 16.0 GB Storage: Intel M.2 SSD GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Monitor: Dell Gaming (165 FPS, GSYNC, and 1 mil-sec response time)
  3. Hi, I was working on someting simple when the updates came through today and after applying the update and opening the same files I was working on in AD again I noticed straight away a performance issue I had not seen before. The update felt a lot worse than my experience with AD since the start. I've attached a screen recording which show the difference clearly. I have two identical groups, the have a layer [same in each group] with fx applied to it. When the layer with the fx is turned off, the performance is fine, dragging the group around is smooth enough. When I do turn on the layer with the fx the performance is basically non-workable for me. You'll notice it in the video. The fx layer isn't antyhing heavy, just a bevel as a test, I've attached a screenshot of the fx. I've also attached the actual file if anyone would like to try. Also attached a screenshot of the peformance settings in the app preferences. System info: System Version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G5019) Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 16 GB I have a Wacom Cintiq 21UX and an old 27" iMac attached as extra screens unplugging them doesn't make a difference. Bert Affinity_Designer_performance_with_layer_fx.mp4 Affinity_Designer_performance_with_layer_fx.afdesign
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