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Found 4 results

  1. When you draw any shapes, lines, etc; like rectagle with 400 mm (Width/Length) and export the file on svg format. Affinity Designer donĀ“t keep the dimensions of the objects on the file exported. For the test use Affinity Designer (ver 1.8.4) and Inkscape (ver 1.0.1) Any suggestion for this problem ?? Thks! Gustavo Davila
  2. I'm creating simple Bezier line drawings in Designer and exporting them as SVG files. When I import them into Carbide Create, a CAM app for running a CNC machine, the scaling is too small, generally by a factor of about 5.6. I can't just scale up for two reasons. The lines get choppy and the scale factor is not always exactly the same. I've tried a number of parameter changes to no avail. I have tried this process with iDraw and Inkscape, both export with proper scaling. When I import a Designer created SVG into either Inkscape or iDraw, I also must rescale the image although not necessarily with the same factor as Carbide Create. So, I suspect this is more an issue of how Designer is handling the SVGs.
  3. I'm using Illustrator to cut things with my Glowforge laser, and now trying to use Affinity designer. When I use Illustrator the results are stable. When I use Affinity the results are not correct and do not come out as expected. All files are without fill. Today I wanted to cut a square of 18 mm x 18 mm. If I made a file with one 18 mm x 18 mm square with a symbol inside and exported it to SVG, it came out as "around" 43 mm x 43 mm most of the time in SVG and . When I just use a square of 18 x 18 mm, it opens with 18,1 to 18,3 mm size, and not always square, one side can be 18,1 and the other 18,274 aso. I have also tested a square 18 mm x 65 mm, made in Affinity. When I open the SVG from affinity designer in Illustrator, the size is 43,181 mm x 155,934 mm, and line with has changed from 0,1 mm to 1,757 mm. Opened in Affinity the same SVG file now the size is 75 mm x 270,8 mm, and the line has changed to 4.2 pts, when it started as 0,1 mm, since I use mm as document units. I have tested different files to PDF and SVG, and they all change in size.
  4. [ macOS El Capitan 10.11.6, Affinity Designer 1.5.4 ] Hi guys! I've been working quite extensively with AD, testing it for producing artworks for a small laser cutting business I own. And I must thank you since I managed to replace AI for 80% of the time! (on the computer which controls the machine I have only installed AD) But there are some bugs that I find here and then. :D Here's one: I created the attached file by code (example.svg), using the makerjs library and spitting out an svg with precise cm dimensions (as needed for laser cutting). When I open it in AI, the size is fine (3x3cm total), when I open it in AD, it's 3x3px. Am I doing something wrong? :huh: Thanks PS: I also must say that when copying a layer from AD and pasting it in another AD document it doesn't maintain the scale. PPS: Is there a way to the Affinity to works always in cm as default? example.svg
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