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Found 26 results

  1. After dividing the multiple ellipses, instead of required shapes, it caused 100’s of extra curves
  2. Hi, I Was recording a tutorial to teach people about affinity designer then during the lesson while making a logo design The Divide operation from the Path geometry operation is generating crazy nodes as shown on the screenshot
  3. Hey everyone I really like Affiniy Designer but I am annoyed by these issues. Its impossible to make any kind of complex logos or complex objects with the boolean tool. I made an example (see first video) with three circles that overlapping and used the divide boolean operation to create a circle with three sections. The end result is more than disappointing. The edge where only two circles overlap each other it looks okay-ish. But on the edge where all three circles overlap its a whole new story. After deleting the unnecessary micro forms you see the whole disaster. It creates something that looks more like a zigzag line than a smooth curve. As a work around to not getting this unclean line I can do it step by step (costs more time) but there is that other problem. The gap between the forms. sorry but can somebody explain me why this is happening? They should be in line also after using Divide. You can see in the second video that the blue color shines through the two forms. Ohh an the cherry on the top if you using Divide to make a form and you want to Add them back together it is not possible, because of the thin gap. Affinity_Designer_2021-01-08_10-25-04.mp4 Affinity_Designer_2021-01-08_11-23-08.mp4
  4. Hello, I raised this problem a long time ago and don't know whether it has already been worked on. After my new attempt to work with the Divide function, I continue to get very imprecise divisions that are now even worse. At one point even the shape is not properly divided and a piece of the shape is even missing. It would be really great if this problem could be fixed, because I use this feature a lot because I don't have the shape creation tool in Illustrator to create new shapes by combining and removing overlapping objects. I'll attach my file when the problem occurs. The upper group (1.) is the starting form. The lower group (2.) is the result when I used the Divide function. In addition, after dividing, I get a number of individual small lines that are completely unnecessary and probably result from the inaccurate division. Colored this in red. If you then try to combine the individual surfaces and then set a contour, you can see the unclean division very well. Suddenly contours appear in the surfaces where there shouldn't be any. When combining, additional empty areas are created where there was actually an area before. See result group (3.) Divide Problem.afdesign
  5. Hello sir, I have already reported this bug in following link but that is left undone .. !!! Screen Recording 2020-10-30 at 8.47.23 PM-1.mp4
  6. The boolean operations do not seem to work hardly ever now. I just want to add some simple shapes together, and I cannot get it to work. There doesn't seem to be any consistency when it does and doesn't work either. Sometimes the same. I have checked all shapes are closed with no stray nodes. Any help or workaround much appreciated. And any fix on the horizon as I have noticed this problem has been reported since a while back with no solution. Did try adding to that thread first but no reply. snowflake.afdesign
  7. The bug remains where if you use divide for two overlapping objects and then add to combine parts of the new objects, a bunch of anchor points appear where the joints would be. How is this still not fixed? There's no shapebuilder tool because "geometry tools are sufficient for the task" and those geometry tools are this bad? Still. Really? Is this app supposed to get even close to the abilities of Illustrator any time soon?
  8. Hi there, after "Divine" boolean operation with 3 or more circles, I get this random curves, and strange outline on some shapes (highlighted red). Is it a bug? If not, how to fix this? Thanks! =D Divine Boolean operation.afdesign
  9. Hello, I have a problem when I work with divide and add the shapes. When I want to create a shape from three circles I've got a wrong compound object. I've attached the video without voice. Just example. Rec_08-13-20_005.avi
  10. I guess we can't move our own posts, so I'll have to link to the thread I started.
  11. Hi. I don't speak English, so this might be weird English. I use a lot of methods to create a logo by dividing it into multiple parts and combining them. In the case of Illustrator, it is possible to remerge the divided parts, so I can roughly divide the parts and merge them together again, but in the case of AffinityDesigner, after dividing the parts, merging them together creates unnecessary lines. I would appreciate it if you can fix this.
  12. Hello It doesn't subtract if one shape is inside another shape. Please check the video. Version 1.8.3 Screen_Recording_2020-05-08_at_13_01_01.mov
  13. Designer on Windows 10 Home 1909. See my attached short video for some unexpected results after using the Divide function on two simple shapes. First application: Additional circle is created and rectangle has no hole. Second application: Shapes divided as expected leaving circle and rectangle with hole. Third application: Shape with no form created while rectangle has expected hole. Original file is also attached. 2020-05-07 12-28-23.mp4 unusual divide results.afdesign
  14. Hi guys, I have found some issues while doing some basic geometry operations. This image is from 2 squares (and 2 examples) with a different rotation, after being Divide and then merged together again with Add operation: As you can see there are some edges that are overlapping. I made the same procedure several times and sometimes the result was different, but always problematic. I also found a very weird thing while using Divide operation in a more 'complex' geometry (4 circles). I was trying to follow along with an Adobe Illustrator tutorial about the Shape Builder tool (which is pretty neat), but this was the result 😔 As you can see the Divide command gone insane. I have separated the resulting parts for you to see the problem more clearly; I ended up with more than 100 objects while expecting just 13 (most of them, in the form of tiny lines in the middle of the circles). Sorry if my english is not perfect. Thank you.
  15. I have three circle. I want to make a simple shield shape with the divide function. The result too many points on the top os the shield. Why? It is a basic task. I think it is not normal result!!! I work with the Designer since a week. This problem is very big for me. There is not "Illustrator shape builder" same function -> OK. But this feature does not work either!?
  16. I think Boolean - Divide tool has problem as attached video. divide.mp4
  17. When I use the Split function to split several overlapping objects to obtain individual elements, I not only get the desired elements, but also countless contour elements that I don't need, but also because of this, I don't get exactly adjacent elements. If I remove all unnecessary contour elements, I have unwanted gaps between the other elements. This needs to be improved urgently to avoid unwanted elements. I already mentioned this problem a long time ago, but so far this problem would not be solved.
  18. Affinity Designer v1.8.2 on Mac, Retina display Screen_Recording_2020-03-31_at_14_24_37.mov
  19. Hi every one, I'm trying to divide a complex shape (see attachment) but it doesn't work. The application freezes and I have to force it to close. On the other hand, when I do the same process on Illustrator, it only takes a second. It must be a bug, right? yann Fleurvie.pdf
  20. dividing 4 ellipses ends up with 134 objects. with 12 ellipses i get 2700 objects and the pc hangs 20190618_123047.mp4
  21. I'm trying to use the divide operation on iPad, but it is generating hundreds of points or curves, so it complicates a lot making a custom shape because I have to delete all those points
  22. Recently I encounter some unexpected behavior while using divide operations on multiple overlapping shapes. Some debris looking curve laying around on the edge of which should be divided. The shapes of divided objects are not looking like expected, with more vertices than needed. Here are some screen captures from Affinity Designer on windows, showing an example of the issue. 1. Doing a divide operations on these 3 equally sized overlapping circles with stroke set to none. 2. Instead of 7, it creates 35 objects. 3. With an unpleasant result. Here is the same example doing what I assume is the equivalent operation in Adobe Illustrator CC (23.0.2) 1. Three overlapping circles. 2. Divide into 7 shapes using divide operation in illustrator's Pathfinder. 3. with clean vertices placement. Am I doing it wrong? or is it a thing that needs to be fixed?
  23. Sometimes, when you divide some curved shapes the result are so many extralayers and curves. If the operation involves curves and some intersection, the amount of layers are so vast that crashes my laptop. As an example, create an elipse, copy the layer four times and arrange the elipse as a veen diagram (check the attached image 1). if you select the four elipses and divide them you will get what you expected: 8 curves. However, if before dividing the curves you have a fifth elipse and place it in the center of the diagram, select the five elipses and divide them, instead of 16 curves, you will get 152 curves. (check the attached image 2).
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