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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, This has been bugging me for some time, hopefully I'm doing something wrong but couldn't find anything so I classify this as a bug. Whenever I use the "Paste FX" option (Cmd + Ctrl + V) or "Paste Style" ( Cmd + Shift + V), the FX is pasted with a change in values. Reproduce: create a large circle and apply a 30px Gaussian Blur to it. create another circle, much smaller. copy the first circle (Cmd + C) paste FX to the second circle (Cmd + Ctrl + V) Check the second circle's FX, the blur radius is much smaller 3.34px I expect the 30px value to remain constant when pasting. To the best of my knowledge it makes no difference if I have "Scale with Object" checked or not in the FX panel. Am I missing a setting somewhere to control this behavior? Thanks!
  2. First-time poster, long-time AD user. This feels a bit nitpicky, but it is throwing off my workflow... When using "paste style" or "paste effect" from one shape to another, the effects' values change, apparently scaling to accommodate size differences between shapes, but this happens even when the "Scale with Object" box is unchecked. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create two different size shapes without using copy and paste. 2. Apply any effect to one shape, make sure "Scale with Object" is unchecked. 3. Copy that shape, "paste style" or "paste effect" to the other shape, notice the values all change. Using the styles panel has the same effect. It's a small thing, but is there any way around this without having to re-enter all the values every single time? (By contrast, the same problem does not happen with stroke) Thanks!
  3. 1. Hello, friends. First of all i want to describe glitch. I have a design with two elements in one group. I make bevel FX adjustments to one of it. Then i copy one element with adjusted FX and then use for my group - Edit/Paste FX command. The settings for bevel FX are changed a lot and overall effect looks completely different. I dont check other FXs - it need to be checked additionally. Why the RADIUS from 36px becomes 639,6px and SOFTEN value from 2px becomes 35,5px ? Source FX values are multiplied by the same value in destination layer FX, the value is 17,75 . Look at this - 2*17,75 = 35,5px and 36*17,75=639,6px. Hmm, what an obstacles (software or hardware) to put 36px as 36px and to put 2px as 2px? I can still enter the requested FX values for the group manually - and it looks like it have to be - the same, as it looks for individual elements in group. The FX engine has the same functionality for group of layers, as for the single layer. It works with group and single layers without any limitations in FX functionality. The FX values must to be transferred from one object to another without any changes/distortions i think )))
  4. Tested this only for Pasting FX Outer Shadow. I have a square 50x50mm with an Outer Shadow (Normal, 100%, 40px, 0px, 0%, Black, 315°, Fill knocks out shadow, Not scaling with object). I make a new square 25x25mm, copy the bigger square and paste FX to the smaller square. What I would expect: Outer Shadow is Normal, 100%, 40px, 0px, 0%, Black, 315°, Fill knocks out shadow, Not scaling with object. No, the pasted FX is now: Normal, 100%, 13,1px, 0px, 0%, Black, 315°, Fill knocks out shadow, Not scaling with object. Bigger square with Scale with Object pasted to the smaller square: Normal, 100%, 19,9px, 0px, 0%, Black, 315°, Fill knocks out shadow, Scale with object. Defining an offset makes the values a bit more precise.
  5. When I create a style from some text in Designer and apply that to some more text either in the same file or a different file not all the effects setting are applied. Specifically, the radius settings in Outer Shadow, 3D, and Bevel/Emboss are not set to the original (source) text from which the style was created. All other settings seem to come through including font, color, size, etc. I have not thoroughly tested if other effects settings come through or not, but radius is definitely not coming through while others do. Is this a bug or the expected behavior?
  6. See screenshot 1 - original file. The circular photo has a layer effect for the outline and drop shadow. I copy the effect, paste it on a replacement photo in a new layer and it alters the effect (second screenshot) forcing me to adjust the setting manually. Working file attached. Catalina hard drive day.afphoto
  7. Sometime this happens, I have no idea affinity designer stroke paste error.mp4
  8. When I paste effects, they are never the same as I copied. For example, outline always has different width.
  9. I just want to copy the same effect values to the other object and I already disable 'Scale to Object' checkbox before copying. The copied result is still scaled effect. Please try my file. (copy the round rectangle to the triangle) copy_outline_stroke_bug.afdesign
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