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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I've posted another topic regarding the lack of global swatches not being included when copy-n-pasting artwork from one document to another (which is also a shortcoming in Publisher so that's clearly not a bug, just a strange for process), so part of this video is repetitive, however.... when creating swatches from colours used in the document, I'm getting strange mixes that don't match what's in the document. I show this in the video as well. This is my biggest concern because it should be a solution to the lack of global swatch's follow-through. In my video, I demonstrate how a simple 2-colour blue (100/50/0/0) shifts to 100/39/0/26, a 3-colour version. If I'm right, it means that every colour in a corporate identity is at risk of shifting to something else the moment I paste a logo into a new document. Hopefully someone can correct my work process and it's not a bug because inconsistent colour mixing between documents is a real deal-breaker for professional design. Swatches_problem_displayed.mp4
  2. So, since the first beta came out I keep testing and hoping that the colour palettes finally work "right". Now with release .238 (mac) this bug is still not fixed. Obviously whats happening is, Designer scans all the colours using "RGB-view" and includes shadow effects and placed images, which produces: A) way too many color swatches (if you have an image placed or a text with simple shadow effect) B) the wrong colour values if (it should be clear, we are talking about a dtp-app) the colours are mostly CMYK. C) the colours are not global AND are not used by (or applied to) the objects (in which the function found it to begin with) Especially in desktop publishing, you have to have a clean view over used assets, links, colour-swatches, fonts used in the document. Unlike in a photograph, you cannot use a "slightly brighter" red or a "subtle darker" grey in different places of your pages, just so that the overall "feeling" is the same. These must be, by default, "global colours" and you have to rely on the accuracy! I understand there is "some" complexity as all three apps re-use the same engine. Most users probably don't need this behaviour in Photo and some more need it in Designer, but in Publisher it is essential to have consistent values across multiple related documents.