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Found 5 results

  1. So I noticed an issue on the iPad Pro (latest model) when you try to select an object on the canvas. When I try to select an object with either my finger or Apple Pencil it will select a total different object that is no where near where I touched. It makes fine tuning difficult and zooming in doesn’t really help. Anyone else notice this issue and have you found a solution for it?
  2. Hello. I encounter some weird problem with Move Tool in Affinity Designer Here's the steps before the problem appears: I duplicated and stretched one of these small red vertical rectangle(see attached pictures), then colored it green. After these actions it turns out that I can't select any other objects near this green rectangle by clicking on them - it select green rectangle only. Although I can select them by clicking and draging Move Tool from unaffected area. It affected only area on the sides of the rectangle(dimension I have modified), not the top or bottom. On the second picture I hatched exact area there's effect appears - clikc on anything inside with Move Tool results only with selecting green rectangle. It runs from left side of working area to the vertical red rectangle on the right. If I place another object on the layer above, selection works properly, but anything below is affected. If I stretch green rectangle in vertical dimension, affected area shrinks, but not disappearing. Closing and re-opening the document doesn't help. As a wild guess, I think the program miscalculated my actions and disproportionately increase the active area of new object. All objects on separated layers, no groups. Problem appears not the first time and have a random character. Unfortunately, I didn't remember on what version it started. Running on Win 10 x64. How can I fix it? Thanx.
  3. Maciek Blaźniak

    Selecting shape bug

    Since a few beta versions I've had a problem with selecting some objects - as if the mouse cursor was moved. It's hard to describe, so I'm attaching a video. Macbook Pro late 2013 retina / macOS Mojave Kapture 2019-05-20 at 11.23.19.mp4
  4. Hi group, is there a way to adjust the accuracy when trying to select vector curves with my Apple pen? It is making adjusting my vector lines and points a living hell. It selects curves that are not even close to the one I want to select. I used to make this easier by switching to line view but this solution doesn’t work with iPad designer. Maybe this is a bug? Not sure.. Thanks ✌️
  5. The more complex your file gets in terms of layers overlapping one another, the more the ipad version has issues with selecting the right shape or stroke. This is a real problem in my mind. Here is a video I posted as unlisted on youtube showing the problem. Note I say I'm using an 2nd get ipad in the video, I meant to say 2nd Gen iPad Pro as I have the 2017 model. https://youtu.be/9VQzNWa5kaY I love nearly everything else about the app so far, but this is a deal breaker for me on anything but the most simple illustrations.