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Found 6 results

  1. I know this has been reported in the past but we still seem to have this issue and that is that PDF page sizes do not export to the correct size. They are off by up to 5/1000th of an inch. Here is an example: So in this example you have a ready to print PDF but on the left the page size is 5.503x2.130 while it's supposed to be what affinity shows and that is 5.5x2.125. This may not seem like a big problem but it really delays our Quite Imposing automation for printing. The file then has to be manually cropped in Acrobat. This happens with almost all files with multiple artboards. I have been told that I need to use for pixel alignment and that should correct it - I keep it on and I still get these results. Is there a way to resolve it on my end or is something that Serif must do? thanks!
  2. I have a document created in former version. Size = 353mm x 244 mm + 8 mm bleed all around. Total size 369mmx260mm When I export in PDF including bleed, I get 369,1 x 260,1 mm, a rounding error. My printer doesn't accept that file. Afdesign file attached, as well as PDF In the meantime, I'll adjust my document sizeā€¦ by 0.1mm 200312 PaperCover.afdesign 200312_PaperCover.pdf
  3. I use on Windows10 and macOS 10.15.1 and the latest versions of affinity designer. when I export a DIN A5 Artboard to a print file in 300 dpi, the size of the document will be showed later in the properties of the pdf-Viewer more than the size in affinity designer. for example: I create the DIN A5 artboard in the size 210 mm x 148 mm. in the properties of the file document I give 1mm around all sides for the cutting in the printing factory. so I must have a total size from 150 mm x 212 mm. BUT equal with which System (Windows or macOS) I export the document file, I became after opening the file with macOS a total size from 150,1 mm x 212,1 mm. when I open the same file with Windows 10, the size is correct. when I want to load up the file from macOS to a printing company, they don't accept the file (wrong size). from a windows system it works!!?? I don't know, where the mistake is... two screenshots for bettet understanding... best regards
  4. When I wanted to export a standard A4 document (birthday card.afdesign) to pdf, the generated pdf file included some margins I did not want, the document settings don't include margins, and I tried all the pdf export presets. When I create a new document with the same presets and place the document in there, the export does work as I want it to. Is this due to a setting I changed by accident? Or is this a bug in the document?
  5. The automatic data check of my printer's online upload refused the PDF I exported from Affinity Designer as it contained pages of different sizes. I checked with pdfinfo and indeed the printer was right. After double checking art board sizes and going almost crazy I discovered that the exported page size depends on the X/Y coordinates of the art boards. I spent this evening with rounding coordinates of my art boards. Maybe it's a rounding error when calculating the sizes... To reproduce create a new file with two artboards of size 200 mm x 200 mm placed at X=0/Y=0 and X=0/Y=210 mm. Page size after PDF export is fine... Page 1 size: 567.12 x 567.12 pts (rotated 0 degrees) Page 2 size: 567.12 x 567.12 pts (rotated 0 degrees) Then move the second page to Y=210.9 mm (do not touch other parameters) and the page sizes of the PDF export become faulty... Page 1 size: 567.12 x 567.12 pts (rotated 0 degrees) Page 2 size: 567.12 x 567.36 pts (rotated 0 degrees) Okay.pdf Faulty.pdf TwoPages.afdesign
  6. I have a problem, I created an A4 brochure that I then exported to PDF for submission to the print service. On affinity dimensions are correctly indicated 210x297mm. While in the PDF file are 210,06x297,01mm. They are minimal numbers but they block the procedure. Why is this difference? Thank you
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