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Found 10 results

  1. It happens often to see shapes loosing/changing points after I join distant shapes in a unique element. The picture show 2 separated shapes in the left column, in the right column that's what happen when merging the two. Generally the way A.Designer manage the handling point of a shape is quite bad (try deleting a point between other two). I still use Inkscape when it comes to fine shaping.
  2. Hi, even in 1.8.3 with announced boolean fixes, the add option unfortunately still making unwanted points on curves. For example the heart icon I "welded" from two identical halves. I expect to have just two point at the central axis. After the boolean operation there are even two more.
  3. I’m having a recurring issue when trying to subtract an overlapping shape from the object below. Every time I try it, the resulting new object is distorted. This is something I’ve not had issues with until now.
  4. Trying to divide four overlapping circles and instead of getting the 13 parts you would expect, I get 261!!! 248 microscopic splines from the edges of two of the circles. I’ve been seeing this happen since ADes 1.7. User ELinder originally reported it here: This is still happening in ADes 1.8.1 too. Samples with history made in AD1.7.3 and AD1.8.1. Devide Bug ADes 1.7.3.afdesign Divide Bug ADes 1.8.1.afdesign
  5. For me, boolean operations are almost unusable, things break so often. Files attached. Designer 1.8.1 on macOS 10.15.3. Add Function Fail.afdesign
  6. I do a lot of logo designs and I'm running into some issues, when I'm building a shape using multiple pieces of geometry, and want to "Add" them together to create a single compound shape it sometimes leaves micro-gaps. It's most notable when you "Divide" overlapping shapes, and then "Add" them again - it will always leave these gaps and it's really annoying. When I do "Add" I expect it to fill in those micro-gaps. I wish we had the Shape Builder tool already
  7. Sadly, the DIVIDE Operation is still broken: producing a lot of tiny shapes if used with circles or any other round shape. Also I noticed that if the file is newly created and not saved yet, using that operation brings up the small processing window spinning for ever, so I have to kill the process to quit AD. I added my super complex test files ;) divide_used.afdesign divide.afdesign
  8. Hallo, ich warte schon zu lange auf echt verbesserten Updaten, selbst auch auf v1.8. Das Fehler bleiben schon immer da. Affinity scheint da egal sein. Ich melde das paar mal und nichts geholfen! Das berühmten Problem ist "Aufteilen" unter Geometrie. Das scheint "unlösbar" sein. Affinity scheint nicht in Lage das Problem zu lösen. Schwachen Leistung. Echt enttäuschend. Sehr sehr schade. Dengo
  9. Problem: items split with the boolean "divide" operation don't merge back together correctly using the "add" operation. Simplest steps to reproduce: (or see attached file for example that brought issue to my attention, or watch attached video for clarification) Create two concentric circles Subtract inner circle from outer circle Copy new "donut" and offset from original "Divide" two shapes Delete several segments "Add" remaining arcs Shape should be continuous outline, but is not. Screen Recording 2019-08-08 at 9.18.09 PM.mov error_example.afdesign
  10. Ich bin gehörlos. Bitte schau zuerst im Bild an. Ich brauche diesen Funktion wirklich ernsthaft benutzen. So eine Fehler konnte ich nichts zu gebrauchen! Ich brauche entweder das oder/und wie aus AI namens "Shape builder tool". Ohne beiden kann ich nicht benutzen. Fehlerhaft schon gar nicht. So eine einfachen Kreisen produzieren Affinity Designer schon krassen Fehler, kann ich schon schwer zu glauben. Geschweige denn bei hoch-komplexen Zeichnungen, da kann sehr schnell das Überblick in Ebenen verlieren! Das hier müssen Affinity dringend das Fehler zu beseitigen!!! MfG Dengo
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