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Found 8 results

  1. When exporting an image with a solid white background as a GIF, the resulting file does not have a pure white background (255,255,255) and is off-white (e.g. 253,253,253) and sometimes dithered as well. This even happens when pure white is the dominant colour in the image. As a web developer it causes huge problems because the image sticks out like a sore thumb against pure white elements adjacent to it on the page. It's supposed to blend in, but it looks horrid. It was reported 3 years ago by someone else and has not been fixed. Having used various software for exporting to GIF for
  2. This file is set up with the map in front of a solid 255/255/255 white rectangle as the background. When I export it as a 256 color GIF, the background goes off-white, and parts of it dither. Why, and how do I stop that?
  3. Hi, I'm getting unsatisfactory results during the GIF exports (whatevet the setting is). The original file is a text banner with only plain one-color blocks and a text, but the result file contains ugly dotted structures. Not only it doesn't look good, but it also raises the file size (17 kB Photoshop, 45 kB Affinity). Here is the magnified crop: Could you pls look into it? Thanks Petr
  4. I've spent the last few hours experimenting with different settings on the export file for GIF settings. No matter what I do: 256 colors; 128 colors, or 64 colors, bicubic, bilinear, original document pixel format, I still get noise and distortion in the saved image. Additionally, you can see the image isn't true white. Attempting to create a GIF with a transparent background ends with even worse results. I see in the forums there are other posts about image quality but no actual solutions. I can't believe this is the best quality I can hope for.
  5. Preparing some icons for export I made the following observation: Exporting to GIF added some unwanted noise to a white background. Is this due to a resample option? I tried various resample options, since I cannot turn off resampling on export. See attached image. Left the layout from AD and right the exported GIF. Exporting to PNG does not add noise. How to prevent this? To clarify it: By noise I mean the colour artifacts you can see.
  6. When exporting GIF files, weird lines get created when I'm using a flat, one-colour background. See image. You can see it extending to the right from the tip of the black vertical line left. The whole top of the image is another colour, slightly off the single colour used in the file.
  7. When exporting GIF / PNG 8 bit image which have a text layer, the colour of the text object will bleed over other object underneath. I've prepared a version with dramatic curve applied to show the problem. This bug makes GIF / PNG 8bit export totally useless. color_bleeding.afdesign
  8. When exporting image, the GIF file is full of strange artifacts on blank space, but the PNG one is clean: Looks like it's been exported to a lossy JPG then converted to GIF. I've tried set different resample modes and this problem persists. Use different pallette settings might change the artifact style a little. Here is the test file I use: test.afdesign I'm on Win10 width the first release version of Af Designer.
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