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Found 10 results

  1. So this looks a bit untidy, and the droplist, which I assume is meant to let you change palettes, as well as the controls to its right, are unable to be clicked upon. Resetting the studio has no effect.
  2. I have no end of problems with the palettes across the affinity suite since 1.7 update. Ive shown some in Photo in another thread. This is for Designer. I just can't use the apps anymore just at the point I was looking to take them on properly now the full suite is ready. :(
  3. Hello, I meet a Bug on the color palette. The RGB is displayed in a strange way. The down selector overlaps the cursor lines. No problem on the CMYK and LAB. Affinity 1.7.3 designer on macOSmojave.
  4. I choose to see a Pantone colour as CMYK sliders and the spectrum box became huge. At the same time, the swatch panel misbehave, and I couldn't add any colour/gradient to it.
  5. Can't use HSL on colour palette right now because the colour box is overlaying the Saturation and Lightness panels. Screen shot attached... Cheers Wayne
  6. macOS Catalina 10.15.1, AD 1.7.3. I managed to get the swatches panel to mess up. Not sure how as I only added those swatches but had docked/undocked it too. It sorted out on a restart. However more of a problem is that the options menu isn't there top right so I can't export etc and it's just not there ever.
  7. Hi all, Not sure if anyone has posted about this issue. I've come across a problem with the CMYK colour toolbar panel where the colour bar overlays the cmyk sliders hiding them as seen in the attached image. Anyone know how to get rid of this. I've tried resetting the toolbars as well as individually resizing them, no joy! Makes the CMYK tool bar unusable. AF 1.7.1 - OS 10.13.6
  8. I accidentally moved the colour pallet so that it was floating. When moving it back, it snapped back into position but the pallet now sits over the CYMK sliders and I can find no way of moving it below them. Similarly, the swatches also now obscure part of themself. Removing them completely and re-inserting them onto the screen has no effect. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I just noticed a UI bug with the colour panel in Designer 1.7.1 The colour picker area is placed over the sliders, making them inaccessible. This only happens when I select RGB. All the other colour panels work fine. This also happens when I detach the colour panel from the right studio. Sorry if this was already reported, I searched, but couldn't find any mention of this.
  10. the cmyk color palette is hidden by the color scheme palette and can not be scaled down or moved. Also, the height of the color scheme palette or the palette itself can not be changed. this happens also in dark mode.
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