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Found 24 results

  1. After the 1.6 update, the expand stroke function that wasn't accurate with rounded rectangles before, now is completely broken (see screenshot of a rounded rectangle, circle, and a cog). Upd. It seems to happen only in certain affinity files, not all of them. Regards, Anton
  2. Hello, I want to create a series of points from a dotted line to which I draw the outline, after the operation of new round appears and in addition they are poorly done Look this GIF https://i.imgur.com/xtuSa0q.gifv
  3. I saw that this was reported in the iPad section, but just wanted to report here that it is in Windows version as well.
  4. Does anyone else have problems with the “Expand Stroke” option. :( When using it the expanded Stroke simply don’t match with the previous line.
  5. Three problems with strokes. Here is a sample file. sample.afdesign Stroke to a curve with pressure. 1. Stroke is rendered with some kind of jitter. This happens very often to strokes with pressure. 2. If you apply Layer > Expand Stroke, round edges get sharp points. This happens even without pressure. 3. Again, Layer > Expand Stroke is very inaccurate. Blue: Original Red: Expanded stroke While an offset of a bezier curve cannot always be exactly converted to another bezier curve, Affinity Designer's accuracy is very poor compared to Adobe Illustrator's.
  6. To reproduce: 1. Draw a few small circles inside each other. The smaller they are the more noticeable the problem becomes. 2. Add outlines. 3. Convert outlines to curves. See the attached screenshot.
  7. Function Expand Stroke in AfDesigner 1.6 does not work properly.
  8. Desainer kanan

    Expand stroke like weird

    Helo guys, I try to make artwork to be curve permanently, and I have problem because The expand stroke result seems weird. Anyone tell me how to make it properly proportional shape in AD before after
  9. Vasqes

    Stroke - expand

    While expanding stroke beziers aren't good. Im attaching a file and animation... IMO entire rasterize - Expand thing is a bit broken stroke.afdesign
  10. Smartweb

    Expand Stroke BUG

    Expand stroke on simple object as 0.8pt rounded rectangle is not possible. Object deforms.
  11. angelhdz12

    Expand Stroke Broken

    Hello guys! Already read a lot of "Expand Stroke Broken" topics. Just wanted to give follow up. It's annoying! I have Designer version Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have one problem, I have to create Icons 64 px high and wide. This ist the size of the artboard. I need at least not a contour, only a form. So I try expand contour, but it really dont work, there is no magnatical alignment marked.
  13. I was working on a very simple design with the pen tool. I got to the point where I needed to expand the strokes of those paths, and I ended up getting a very unexpected result. Even though they are very simple shapes, the curves got distorted after being expanded. I tested this with Designer as well as the latest beta release. I've attached a couple of PNGs illustrating the issue and the file I was working on so you can take a better look at it. expand strokes.afdesign
  14. After I use Expand Stroke the outline of the shape I expanded becomes distorted. See attached video. Thanks! Expand Stroke Issue 01.mov
  15. When I use expand stroke to turn a shapes' outline into a standalone shape (for example when merging and simplifying) the resulting shape becomes distorted. Probably been in the software a while now, but I've been working with looser illustrations beforehand, and mostly used center-aligned strokes instead of outside-aligned, so I didn't notice it before. Here's an example of a white shape with a black outline on a red background. ice_video_20190113-215348.webm Additional info: Affinity Designer version on Windows 10 Home 1803. No unusual hardware/software. Reproducable bug, even in new files; just create a shape with a stroke and convert to outline shape with Layer -> Expand stroke
  16. When I expand the stroke of a shape with a rounded stroke cap, the resulting shape is not round. On the right is a line with a 2pt stroke and a rounded cap, and on the left is the same line with the stroke expanded, and as you can see, the cap appears deformed.
  17. Why is the function "Expand Stroke" sometimes inaccurate and changes the shape? This usually occurs in circles, but this also happens with other forms. The first picture shows you the same element with different results after "Expand Stroke". The second picture is another example. The stroke was centered. Affinity Designer Version 1.6.1 (and older Versions) macOS Mojave Version 10.14 (and older Versions)
  18. If you expand the stroke of a cog that has the stroke aligned to the outside you get some weird oblong shape. The smaller the cog, the easier to see the issue. In the video my cog is about 54x54. To replicate, create a cog wheel that is 50x50. Add a 1 pixel stroke and align it to the outside of the cog. Then expand the stroke. Instead of getting the outline of the stroke you'll get this weird oblong shape. This is with Affinity Designer for Windows 10. Untitled Project.wmv
  19. The accuracy of the Expand Stroke is so low that it does not allow you to use it for precise work, like making SVG icons for Retina resolutions, where all theres mistakes become obvious. Check out two video examples about straight lines and circles. 2018-03-28_11-44-37.mp4 2018-03-28_12-05-01.mp4
  20. Draw a circle with border, expand stroke and you get an oval! Expand stroke is a very useful tool, but is not accurate, at least with circles as you can see in the screen shot. Please fix this bug.
  21. Hi, vectorize stroke is really strange, not very clean.... A simple rounded shape with an 1pt solid stroke..... See Attached Affinity Designer 1.6.1 - MacOS X High Sierra Thank you
  22. Hard to explain but I'll walk you through the steps: 1. Create a rectangle - in my test case: 80px high no fill and stroke of 2px black 2. Round all corners - in my test case: 4px 3. Select rectangle and Expand stroke When you closely inspect the newly created outline, you will notice it's not straight anymore - it bulges slightly outwards. If you skip the rounding corners step the problem doesn't occur. See attached file. Tested in v1.4.2 and in 1.5.b10
  23. I've found this bug for 3 months and solving is just manual fix the path after expanding or export by Illustrator then copy to AD in case of complex shape. Please try my attached file, it is just a simple rounded rectangle. Any straight lines with the rounded corner may be happened too. Cheers. :) Expand_Stroke.afdesign
  24. I need to export svg icon and they said that the solution did not support the stroke. But i drew the icon with stroke, so i expanded the stroke. But the shape became a little fatter than it should be !!! This is so upset because i have 50+ icons to export. Does anyone have this kind of question before.