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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. I've noticed some strange behavior using the latest 2 o 3 versions of Affinity Photo. 1.8 in Mac I couldn't place exactly the problem , but I've noticed this. • Scrolling through the font list when I have a text object selected is not working properly (like it used to) I begin scrolling through the font list and the list closes. I have a hard time selecting the font I want. This definitely was .not happening before. Either manually or scrolling with my mouse.... If I type the font it will work. But scrolling the font list is kind of broken... • Also sometimes I notice that I'm working on an image in Photo (in separate mode) and I suddenly find myself in the background application that I'm also running. • Also starting typing in a text object in an active Photo file will send the file to the back and bring me another Photo and make that one active (again in separate mode) . I have to close all the opened Photo files and just have the file I want to modify to continue working . In other words I can't have more than one Photo file open and work properly.. (Which I could before) Something is off.. and making Photo not working properly. maybe investigate Separate mode.. Note: Restarting Photo seems to fix the font list text issue temporarily but I've "felt" this problem arise in these couple of days .... strange. Anyone else seen this? Thanks
  2. Hello! Over the past two days, I've been attempting to use the frame text tool to add text to my photos, like I normally do. However, whenever I go to type, it either switches or maximizes other files I have open in Photo and selects tools, some assigned to certain keys and others not. When I go to change the font, it jumps back to the previously selected font. When I try to change the font-size, it crashes the program. I HAVE noticed that this is not a problem when I only have one file open. I seem to use the program as normal. The program also slows down as I open more windows, which is not a problem I have experienced previously. I did not have this problem the last time I used it (back on March 13th), so I don't know if I accidentally hit something and screwed up the settings (I reset them, but nothing has changed), something went wrong with the update (March 16th, according to the App Store), or what. I restarted my computer, hoping that would take care of the problem, but it did not. I have attached the crash report file. I hope that helps! ~ Kelly affinity_photo_crash.rtf
  3. I have two open documents in Separated Mode. I am copying objects (text, mostly) between them, from document 1 to document 2. I'm encountering a very annoying, and really insurmountable problem. As I move the text cursor into a text frame on document 2 - in order to edit the text - the first character I type, the window switches immediately to document 1. I click document 2 and again place my cursor (which has been removed from the text frame) and type one character again. It switches to document 1 again. Character by character this repeats. With this problem, it is impossible to edit the second document. It does not happen in reverse if I edit document 1. There are other tools which, when used, will also cause this switching back to the "source" document. An example of this is the Paragraph Leading - it also causes a switch back to document 1 from document 2. Note: when I go back to normal (not separated) mode, this window switching does not occur.
  4. Designer unstable when opened more than one document, then designer switching by itself between documents when I edit text, it's very disturbing.
  5. I just downloaded Affinity Designer v1.8.3 for Mac. I find what might be a bug in the « Separate Mode » of the « Window Menu »: When I work with several windows opened in « separated mode » and want to type a text, the program jumps from the window i am trying to type in, to an other opened window so that it is impossible to type a text in a desired window.
  6. Issue/situation: When changing typeface, all my hidden documents are popping back up and the typeface reverts back to the previous selected typeface. See attached screen recording of the issue. Question: What can I do to make the type tool work correctly? Screen recording: See screen recording of the issue in action, I've tried restarting the app and computer but the issue presists. Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.3 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.3 Unusual hardware: Wacom tablet Intuos pro Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated, as I'm considering moving from other editors to Affinity Photo. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another. Screen_Recording_-_affinity_photo_-_type_tool_issue_10-04-2020.mov
  7. Hello, I have discovered a bug in Affinity Photo 1.8.3. When trying to select a font with two windows open the font gets chosen without my clicking and the inactive window switches to the front. fontswitch.mp4
  8. Hello, I am seeing consistently strange behaviour with the shape tool and two documents open. 1) When choosing the shape colour the picker closes as soon as the mouse clicks and then Photo switches to the other window 2) When adjusting the opacity slider for the new shape, the other document window becomes active and the shape loses its colour Screen_Recording_2020-03-26_at_11_32.10_PM.mp4
  9. I find AD mostly pretty stable so long as I only have one file open at a time. If there are two or more, like because I want to copy and paste between them for example, there's all kinds of weirdness, like I'll be working in one file, and hit paste, but suddenly the focus shifts to the other. The font picker also becomes really buggy, with the list disappearing before I can scroll to the font I'm after, and also quite often, it just plain crashes. This is with all recent versions (I'm now on 1.8.3), and OSX 10.15.4.
  10. Wenn ich mehrere Dokumente im AD offen habe und diese nicht zusammengefügt sind, dann kann ich nicht von einem Dokument per Copy and Paste Text oder Element einfügen und diese bearbeiten, ohne dass der Curser wieder in das Dokument zurück springt, aus dem ich kopieren wollte. Das Weiterbearbeiten geht dann nur, wenn ich das Dokument aus dem ich Copy Paste machen möchte schließe. Wenn ich dann im neuen Dokument, in das ich die Dinge eingefügt habe, bei z. B. Text, die Punktgröße ändern möchte, dann stürzt das Programm komplett ab! Ich habe es schon gelöscht und neu installiert. Der Fehler geht aber nicht weg. Leider kann ich die App nur in den Mülleimer verschieben und nicht richtig deinstallieren, weil ich sie aus dem Apple Store habe und nicht von Affinity selber. Kennt jemand das Problem? Von Affinity kam nur die Antwort des Neu-Installierens.
  11. after the update the app is really buggy. it´s become really annoying that windows are switching when entering text. Also it´s not possible to scroll down in the font window nor can you change a font in the drop down window. is there a way to downgrade to the old version ?
  12. Hello, I have discovered a bug in Affinity Designer 1.8.3. When trying to select a font with two windows open the font gets chosen without my clicking and the inactive window switches to the front. Untitled.mov
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