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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am unable to export a very important document to PDF. I suspect it's because it's a large document of 137 pages? I designed the file with facing pages, and need to export it as individual pages, not spreads with facing pages. I can export the file fine in spreads, but when I select "All Pages" instead of "All Spreads" it starts the export then stops and gives me an error message saying it encountered an error when trying to export. I can export single individual pages from this document without issues. It's only when I attempt to export the entire document as "All Pages" that it is unable to export. Which is extremely frustrating, since this is what I actually need it to do! Also, I have smaller documents (around 70 pages long) that were also designed with facing pages, and I am able to export these shorter documents as "All Pages" without any issues. It is only this one longer document that is causing problems. Please help! I need to have this document exported ASAP because I have to share it before the 1st of March and now I'm panicking that I will miss the deadline! Thank you
  2. Hello! I was trying to export this file as a PDF to test some stuff and it errors out on me every time I try to export pages. However, when I export as spreads, it works just fine. Any ideas on why this would happen? Yeast_Lab_Report.afpub
  3. When trying to export my publication, I get an error message saying there was an error on exporting to PDF. If I export as a spread, no error. If I do pages, there's an error. It's a 99 page project, I spent an hour exporting ranges of pages and found if I do 1-84, no error, but 1-85 causes an error. I converted everything on p85 to curves and tried again, still an error. Oddly, I can export 85-99 without an error. So, no idea what's going on here. Help! Shadowrun_Genesys_v1_-_Final.afpub Fonts.7z
  4. First, congrats with version 1.8. Exporting my Publisher file (450+ A4 pages, many linked images and hyperlinks) to pdf with the option "as pages" selected fails. Almost immediatly, i get an error and the export stops. Exporting as spreads works fine.
  5. Hello, I keep getting an error message without any explanation what is happening. Is anyone else having this issue? I can export to PDF when exporting all spreads, but I cannot export the document as all pages. I need the pages to flow as one page each not as spreads. This is a new issue that I've seen. I am currently on version Please advise if there are workarounds to avoid the error. Thank you. Proposal.afpub
  6. I recently finished a new book and had to export a pdf for upload to Kindle. During the writing process, I had exported several versions using SPREAD which worked just fine. Kindle requires PAGES but this always gave an error with no explanation. This book has 161 pages and after trying many workarounds I was eventually able to export pages 1-153 and pages 154-161 then join the two pdf files together. NOTE - the only error was the number of pages included in the export. I tried to recreate this error using Lorem Ipsum but that seemed to export OK. I think the problem may have something to do with the complexability of the manuscript. Has anyone experienced a pdf export problem with pages? REQUEST: I would love to see some specific features for Kindle setup sizes and mobi/epub export. Geoff Wells
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