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Found 39 results

  1. Hi! I am in the process of creating a new workflow for my portrait photography, using Affinity on iPad Pro, instead of PS on Macbook Pro. There is one of my PS procedures, for which I just can’t seem to find a substitute in Affinity. In PS I use the Color Adjustment layer, to shift a range of e.g. reds towards orange, and thus fix problematic red skin tones. The thing is, that you can use two sliders to finely tune the exact range of reds that you want to affect. Is there any way I can achieve the same in Affinity? (Using e.g. the whole RED channel is way to coarse.) Thanks
  2. Hello dear Dev's Just want to notify that the Recolor Adjustment makes the latest version of affinity Designer to crash. Applied a simple brush on a layer with black color and tried to simply recolor the art on that layer using a recolor adjustment but the minute i moved the the first handle it just crashed the software. Did someone noticed the same thing ?
  3. Just started testing Publisher (and I absolutely love it). I was adding an Adjustment (Black & White) to an image, then went back to check on the settings so that I could apply it to a new image and the program crashed. Does anybody know if we are going to be getting Macros/Action Scripts? Thanks
  4. Hi guys If I put a pile of correction layers into a group, the adjustment layers have no longer any effect... Bug or Feature? Appreciate any reply!
  5. By default, the panel to modify Adjustment layers appears at the bottom. This creates problems when you have dual monitors in vertical layout, or if you have a floating video player in that corner (for tutorials etc.) I know you can move each Adjustment panel individually, but I would like all Adjustment panels to appear by default on the top-left and/or be able to drag it into a floating toolbar (as indicated in the screenshot). Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  6. Doesn't respect the -15% Saturation Adjustment value I entered in Affinity Photo when I export to PSD Editability preset.
  7. While using Affinity Photo, the Adjustment Panel periodically stops displaying one or more adjustment options. The attached screen shot shows a blank space where the Levels adjustment option should be. Clicking in the blank space where the option should be, often opens the desired option, but not always. Clicking a different option will sometimes restore the missing adjustment, but then a different one disappears. Rebooting the program restores the missing adjustments, but after a while, they begin to disappear again. I am using Affinity Photo version 1.6.6 on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.3.
  8. I know this is something not so important, but I want to edit a layer by itself, I don't like the fact that when I want to edit one layer with adjustments it edits all the layers, I don't know if I'm missing something or if this is just how it is but I don't want to have to merge the adjustment for it to affect a specific layer. this might be the thing with the trial because I'm using the trial to test affinity, I've been using photoshop for a while and I'm really used to edit layers just by separately without editing every other layer. if there is a toggle to this that I don't know about I would like to know because this is keeping me from switching to affinity, other than that, I'm enjoying what affinity has to offer, there's a little less but I'm sure more will come eventually.
  9. BluestarCK

    I've lost my adjustment Dialog

    Somehow I've lost my adjustment dialogs for all my layer adjustments. when I add an adjustment such as exposure it shows in the layers panel but there is no dialog to make the adjustment, when I double click the exposure layer it used to bring up the dialog but now when I double click nothing happens. I've reset everything and still no adjustment dialogs. Any help appreciated.
  10. galileo

    Colour Balance Adjustment BUG

    In Affinity Photo Mac the Colour Balance Adjustment Layer has a bug: the "Preserve luminosity" option does not work. It does not make any difference, while on iPad it works fine.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but looking through tutorials didn't produce an answer to my question. I've been trying to figure out how to use the adjustment layers in affinity designer with no luck. So for example, if I select 'Brightness and Contrast' a mask layer appears, but no tools appear to make any kind of adjustment. What am I doing wrong? Example file attached. adjustments.afdesign
  12. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but looking through tutorials didn't produce an answer to my question. I've been trying to figure out how to use the adjustment layers in affinity designer with no luck. So for example, if I select 'Brightness and Contrast' a mask layer appears, but no tools appear to make any kind of adjustment. What am I doing wrong? Example file attached. Update: tried this file on my partner's computer and it works just fine - I double click on the adjustment layer and the sliders pop up. This doesn't happen on my machine. Also, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it - still no joy. adjustments.afdesign
  13. Hi, I have selected an area that is underexposed (see screenshot). I have tried to change the exposure and brightness of this selected area but nothing happens to the area selected brightness. I have tried with Mask ticked and not ticked. Please can someone explain what I need to do. It should be obvious once the area has been selected but I can seem to adjust the area.
  14. I would like to offer a little context before I proceed with the issue that I faced, and eventually solved after a little bit of fumbling. I have been an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for a "in house" developed custom business program of a reputable worldwide company. Part of my responsibility was to help, train and assist, each time we added, modified, or changed features. I wrote the release notes, and provided support to all users, old and new on how to perform the tasks. I learned that if you do not have the exact same configuration, your procedures or guidelines will invariably fall on the face, because they will work for you, but not for the others. I was at page 116: Manipulating an adjustment layer mask; The book illustrates the HSL panel, the context tool bar for the paint brush tool, and the color panel. The adjacent page is the typical before and after photos. I successfully completed each step until item 8; painting over with the brush tool did not produce any change. After verifying that I had done everything as shown, I tried again, and again. No change. Obviously, I did not fault the workbook. I was the culprit, not following the steps properly. Clear the board, reload the photo, and.... same! small incursion to page 33, to remind me of the subtleties of the color panel, and back to the grind. No progress. I knew this procedure was working for the person who wrote it, but he did not offer a full screen shot nor specified any other requirement before painting on the layer mask. Has someone from Affinity attempted to go through each of the steps of every tasks proposed in the book, as described? made sure they worked? this is key to the success of a "hands-on" manual. Another example, when I select the "selection brush" by default, it is in "subtract" mode. I have to click on "add" to get the selection going. Does Affinity have the "subtract" mode as default? A long story short, the experience and success of the book will be reflected from its accuracy. I will post my full review once I have done all the tasks successfully. Now experts, why did my painting on the layer mask did not produce the expected reveal of the HSL?
  15. When opening an image file with embedded color space profile, you can either work in affinity photo with this embedded color space profile or affinity photo will apply color management to adjust the image to the default color space profile as set in the affinity photo color settings. For me it would be much more economic if the color settings would allow to inform if the embedded image ICC profile differs from the affinity photo default ICC profile (according settings) and asks whether to keep the embbeded profile or change it (comparable to photoshop handling).
  16. In AP 1.6.1, I have a mask with a Curves adjustment in Alpha channel nested as child layer of the mask. How can I merge the adjustment into the mask? For example clicking the Merge button in the dialog of the Curves layer does not seem to do anything other then adding a new entry to the history.
  17. I'm using a color balance adjustment layer, I toggle the "Preserve Luminosity" checkbox and nothing happens. I attach the same process done in Photoshop with exaggerated settings and the expected outcome. Photoshop: Affinity (Both are exactly the same, the histogram doesn't change one bit)
  18. Hi I have been experiencing something that I am not quite sure why it is the case. When I have a layer selected and when I want to make an adjustment/change say brighten it, the entire image changes instead of just the layer. How do I do this so only the layer itself changes? If I have a png layer image that has opacity on some areas if I make changes on that image shouldn't it change that image only? Thanks in advance!
  19. Prior to the 1.6 update I was able to use the erase brush tool to erase part of an adjustment layer, like HSL adjustment (perhaps there is a better way to do this with masking--though I don't think masking works now either). Now nothing happens when I try that, nor when select an area and hit delete--and I'm 99.999% sure it used to work because I've done it before several times. Unless I'm losing my marbles...
  20. Hello, Every time I zoom in, out or make an adjustment the image momenterally blurs a little bit and then regains its sharpness. I dont know what this is called. Is this something we can adjust with a setting? Because it seriously strains my eyes. Thank you 2nd gen. IPad pro 12.9 AP 1.6.5
  21. I would like to have the "Solid color adjustment layer".... the Pixel layer does not cover the feature as well as this layer would - eg. in Groups of adjustment layers, I have problem with adding a pixel layer. Also it is faster to work with it..... or did I just miss it somewhere? Thanks Jindra
  22. Current tools for new live layers or effects has a buttons on top right for "Merge", "Delete" and "Reset" But to toggle between adjustment I need to move mouse to layer list and then toggle there the eye. So could that eye to be linked next to "Reset" so the effect can be quickly toggled On/Off with mouse without aiming small box on layer list, and then if not happy, reset it or delete it (as it i between delete and reset)? Edit: Need to add that the "Delete" is so great in that dialog as you might very well notice that the adjustment has no wanted outcome so it is easy just to "reverse" the whole idea by deleting it, without applying it first and then going to list to get it deleted. That "Delete" is a function that makes it so pleasant to use the effects as it is just under mouse cursor. So having a capability to flip it On/Off from same dialog window would IMHO be a big benefit to compare a effect before and after. See as well this idea: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39855-live-effect-preview-beforeafter-with-a-mouse-hover/ That would be more difficult with a touch screens and pens, why a button to "before/after" would be nice.
  23. Hi, I load up a new image in the Photo persona. I click the Adjustment tab. Then, with the pixel image layer selected, I click an adjustment category like "Recolor." The default preset is instantly applied just by opening the submedu that shows multiple recolor presets. There doesn't seem to be a way to apply the other presets except to try to recreate them by hand. Expected: adjustment won't be applied until I click the actual preset I want, rather than being applied as soon as I click the adjustment category. This bug is, sadly, highly repeatable and is botching up my workflow :-( Cheers, Stever
  24. Hello guys! An interesting and welcome addition to Affinity Photo would be something like a ‘split view for comparison’. A way to compare and edit versions (or Snapshots) of an image without having to duplicate it and use Separated Mode or toggle between tabs. An example would be when I apply the ‘Curves’ and ‘Soft Proof’ adjustment layer to an image to prepare it for print. I would like to have one window where I can see the original and another window right next to it, preferably optionally mirrored, with the adjustment layers active to edit and compare it to the original image (or Snapshot or state when I entered this split view mode). I think the basic elements for this feature are already available in Photo (i.e. Snapshot) and it comes down to the ability to arrange (and mirror or split) your windows/views. The ability to arrange windows (tabs) next to each other without having to enter Separated Mode would be a valuable addition and to a large extent fulfill this feature request. What do you think?
  25. AP Win: Could it be possible to have possibility to customise Adjustments in "Studio - Adjustment" so, that we could make our mostly used adjustments on the top? Eg. I do surely use Curves, Vibrance, Shadows/H, etc. more then those on the top :rolleyes: Just make them floating :) Thanks