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Found 12 results

  1. Unable to export slices to DropBox. Still not fixed on 1.7. I don't like being tied to iCloud. When you export you see the "exporting" message but nothing appears in DropBox.
  2. Can't export slices to DropBox. This is still not fixed on 1.7. I though a big update would have fixed this. I hate being tied to iCloud. Details: when I export to DropBox I get the "Exporting" message but nothing appears on the DropBox side.
  3. Thanks for taking time to read this. I am having issues exporting to Dropbox from export persona on my iPad. I see the Dropbox icon grayed out, so it will not let me select it. I am able to export individual files to Dropbox by going to the paper icon with three dots and selecting export. But I want to be able to export multiple art boards individually using the export persona to save time and avoid the tedious steps of exporting each art board individually, but I can't since Dropbox is not able to be selected. I did dig to find answers to fix this, but have not had any success with the suggestions. This is what I tried: 1. I tried going into the Files folder to make sure Dropbox was on in the Locations section. 2. I tried switching the toggle for Dropbox in the Files Folder to off and turning back on. 3. I removed the Dropbox app and redownloaded it. 4. I logged out of Dropbox and logged back in. I really would love to be able to use the export persona feature, and I greatly appreciate any suggestions or help to get this resolved. Thanks!
  4. I am having various issues when using export or export persona, especially with OneDrive, but other clouds as well. On Export Persona, it won't let me choose anything except iCloud. This is the case if I choose the export folder on the slices menu too. On Export (doc menu), it won't always let me choose sub-folders. I haven't tested this with all clouds, but I definitely get it with OneDrive and pCloud. But I think it is inconsistent. I have also had this with Save Copy. Also (and this is probably me being thick) how do I customise my output on the export persona like I would on the desktop? Sorry if these have been posted before (which I am sure they have). I searched for Sub-Folder and kind of got lost...
  5. I have 3 art boards in a document and I want to export them. They're selected and I click Export All. I can't get it to work with Dropbox, but I'd be happy just saving it to the camera roll. Can't find an option to save to camera roll, and when saving to Dropbox it says it's exporting but checking the folder in my Dropbox there's no files to be found. How do I do this?
  6. I went from really enjoying AD to almost hating it. Once you use AD on any serious level you'll find that it's incredibly far away from being a replacement for illustrator. Here's my issue: I have successfully exported a jpg within normal export option (not slices) but all the jpg's and png's look like ass (super blurry / low quality). I tried exporting as an svg and eps and when I open within Illustrator, all my strokes are converted from 3pt to 1000pt! Whole entire file is corrupted. Not to mention, you can't even expand strokes in AD... They turn into this broken / corrupted looking vector object (jagged edges, etc.) With that said, I can't export to dropbox through slices (the only place you're allowed to up the resolution of the export). Here are my steps: - Choose export profile - Select hamburger menu - Choose export folder in dropbox (select, choose, open √ done) All great except my files aren't there... I made a huge mistake using AD on the current project I'm on now and am ready to switch back to Illustrator.
  7. I am unable to export my slices to dropbox or any other file service. It lets me select the export location but no save option ever appears. Checked my other apps and they are all working. I'm a first time user and this was a bit of a shock to have an error like this. Any word on a time frame for a fix? As I have to let my company know if we should go with this product.
  8. Hi, i want to export an artboard to Dropbox, as a png. I can make it work to iCloud, but not Dropbox. Have I too-quickly close an alert asking for my permission to allow my Dropbox account from Affinity Designer? thank you for your help
  9. I am new to affinity designer and so this might just be my misunderstanding of how it works, but I selected a dropbox folder as my target location, created several test artboards, and when i click on individual artboard or try to export all of them at once I do get a message saying something like “the current slice is being exported to your chosen folder.” But when i get to dropbox there is nothing there. Note that if i try to export using the regular export function it does work (although all artboards are in a single file). Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
  10. When trying to export slices in the Export persona, exporting works perfectly fine to iCloud Drive, but absolutly not to google drive.
  11. Hello, recently got Designer on Ipad and I encounter different bugs ever since. The biggest one is the export problems: I want to export my drawing without one of the layers and "Fragment export" (one of the three modes at the top) allows exactly that and much more. After I press little Share button next to my fragment Designer asking me to select export folder. IF I select ANY folder on OneDrive or Google Drive NOTHING will be exported no matter what. But if I select any folder on Ipad itself (like any app folder) it works, BUT even like this 1x size export is actually 0.5x size export for no reason. For example, I created 256px file, If I press export from drop-down menu it export in 256px, but from fragment export scale 1x will export 128px. And to be clear default export from the drop-down menu works on OneDrive/Google Drive, but fragment export does not. To be more clear I recorded a video to show this (sorry about my English):
  12. Begin previewing a filter (I've been playing with Halftone, start there if others don't work) on a raster layer (that presumably has other layers beneath it) During filter previewing, drop down the blending mode menu and hover over different selections in order to preview the filter with the blending mode The canvas flickers but the blending mode on the canvas doesn't reflect what the mouse is hovering over. However, clicking on the blending mode does force the canvas to reflect the selected mode - it's just the blending mode menu hover that doesn't properly render the preview on the canvas.
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