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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, when I export my drawings and handwritten text in curves format (pdf, eps, svg) I get these "forks" and prolonged lines at some places. These forks and lines are nowhere to be seen on the screen (they are just not there, also no hidden layers) and they are also not there, when I export in jpg, png. I get them only when I export in curves. I need the document in curves but without the extra lines and forks. Here shown at text, but happens also with drawings. Thank you for your help.
  2. When I sketch in AD using the Apple Pencil the beginnings of my stroke seem to have small fish hook curves shapes even though I am just just drawing quick short straight lines (like cross hatching). In the screenshot you can see on the engraving brush as well as the HB pencil the stroke ends curve or wrap around. I have the split view open to show the outline view too and I can see that for whatever reason it’s is picking up a small curved stroke. Are there Tilt or other setting I can adjust to get rid of this? I just don’t see this in other vector or raster sketching apps with my Apple Pencil. Note. Apple Pencil + iPad Pro 11 +AD iPad 1.8.3
  3. Hello, I’ve noticed while using my Apple Pencil (2nd edition) that the beginnings of brush strokes have horribly crooked edges, even when drawn swiftly. This doesn’t occur when using my finger to draw. Is this a bug or configuration issue? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have this issue. I just making brush strokes with apple pencil. Tried same thing with wacom intuos pro on windows affinity designer , and everything works perfect. Am i the only one? IMG_0319.MP4
  5. Hi I have been using illustrator to do handlettering logos for more than 5 years, but found it limiting on the brush tool, so i decided to pass to affinity on ipad, and i'm impressed. but this artifices on the brush tool really annoying me. Please see the video, it adds a lot of strange extra strokes on my lettering especially when turning up and down, i can't even make a simple dot, as it kind of weird. It looks like the app tries to predict the direction of the stroke. Even when i do it fast it still adds a lot of it. I did thick lines on the video for it to look clear. I work on vector brushes. Hope it can be fixed soon, and also waiting for that calligraphy brushes category added. 20200406_160936.mp4
  6. Please help. I just purchased Affinity Designer today excited to use the vector brushes to draw, but immediately after installation and opening for the 1st time the app crashes or freezes everytime I use any vector brush with ‘Pressure’ controller. I’ve tested this about 10 to 15 times and the same thing happens each time. 1. I open the app 2. I select ‘Vector Brush’ 3. I choose a brush and turn on ‘Pressure Controlled’ 4. I start drawing but the brush stroke doesn’t function with pressure control even though the option is turned on - it looks glitchy and choppy 5. It immediately freezes or the app closes completely on it’s own Please help! This is very frustrating since I just purchased the app today and it already doesn’t work. The app is useless right now if I can’t use the vector brush.
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