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Found 7 results

  1. valdemarlamego

    can't move guides

    Vertical Guides are being created in other artboards,... and i can't move them. Can't change position value. This is a recorrent bug in other tools envolving guides, column, margins.
  2. Hi! I can't move vertical guides in the last version of designer for ipad pro. I can move horizontal guides.
  3. Guides work with one artboard. When a second artboard is added, and then a vertical guide is added to the second artboard, the vertical guide appears just to the left of the 2nd artboard and cannot be moved. When a third artboard is added, and a vertical guide is added to that artboard, it appears half the width of the 3rd artboard to the left and cannot be adjusted. You can see the vertical guides in relation to each artboard. They move with the artboard. 7E170261-55BF-499D-90CC-5459202514C0.MP4
  4. When adding guides in a document with multiple artboards in a smaller, secondary artboard, the guides are inserted in an unexpected location (far above the artboard), and cannot be selected later on. This means that it's not possible to move or delete the guides. To reproduce, simply create a document with artboards enabled, add a second artboard below, and try to add a guide. I've also attached a video demonstrating the issue. In the video, I attempt to drag the first guide (which just deselects it). I then add another guide, which appears above the first guide (and is selected). I then zoom into the second artboard, and add and then delete a third guide (hoping that the guide would appear in the visible area). Last, I zoom the guides and attempt to select them by tapping and long-tapping (which shows the deselect/cut/copy menu). There does not seem to be a way to remove these guides. ScreenRecording_03-11-2019 23-24-44.mp4
  5. I’m trying to add guides to one of 3 artboards in a document. Just to make sure the app knows which artboard I’m dealing with, I locked and hid the other two. And yet...when I add guides, they’re placed on the other 2 artboards! When I try to move the guides to where i want them, they disappear. guess they showed me who’s boss thoughts?
  6. I can’t select or delete horizontal guides once created. Verticlals are no problem. I’m using an iPad 10.9 with iOS 11.latest. Also I have the pencil. i have the desktop version too but I haven’t checked it for this problem. thanks, I like the program very much.
  7. Hi, I have snap settings set to UI design preset. I add an artboard for iphone x. I add another artboard next to it. Add a vertical guide, which is between both artboards. Once it goes from a dashed line to solid, it can no longer be selected for moving, nor can it be removed.