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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I’ve found that when i try and rotate an object around a rotation point (not an anchor point) that it ignores the rotation point. here is my process draw a perfect circle draw a triangle or other shape exactly above and centered with the circle selection tool the triangle above the circle Select and drag the rotation point found in the middle of the triangle down and into the very center of the circle (it snaps to the center point of the circle) enter the transform studio in the “rotation” box, I type for example, 360/6 at this point, the triabngle that i am attempting to rotate around that rotation point ignores that rotation point and instead rotates it around the anchor point instead of the rotation point. edit* I forgot to add that the rotation point also moves with the rotation of the triangle. So they rotate together! It’s pretty bazaar I’ve also tried not typing in “360/6” in the rotation box, and have just tried another non-equation number. I wanted to power duplicate the triangles around the circle but i can’t even get the first triangle to rotate correctly, much less begin to duplicate that, haha. thanks, hope this was understandable
  2. Hopefully having 2 different bugs in the same forum is ok. If not i can recreate 2... anyway, there is still a bug where, if you place the origin point of an object somewhere, and then use the rotation tool inside of the transformation window, it doesn’t rotate correctly. the other one that I hoped would be fixed for this new release, was that in 300 dpi files, you cannot create a 1-inch grid. Still I do appreciate updates! I haven’t played around too much with the new stuff, but am excited to try!
  3. When changing the rotation point and using the Transform studio to set an accurate rotation amount, the rotation point in the Transform studio is used instead of the desired 'set' rotation point. Previously reported in beta so not sure if reporting in release version is actually required but here it’s anyway.
  4. Environment: Affinity Designer 1.6.4 for ipad Ipad Pro 2017 ios 12.1.4 Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a Rectangle. 2. Select it with Move Tool. 3. Turn on Rotation Centre Icon. 4. Move the pivot point to elsewhere. 5. Open Transform Panel. 6. Adjust Rotation Value. Expected: The rect rotates around the pivot which I moved as it does in desktop version of Affinity Designer. Actual: The rect rotates around its corner instead (or specified anchor of transform panel) ignoring my rotation pivot.
  5. Hello, I am currently on vacation and trying out Affinity Designer on iPad. I am working with AD (Mac) for 2 Years now and I am pretty happy. I use a lot the so called „power duplicate“ (is that the right name?) with cmd+j. For this Tool to work in my favor I use the rotate center point a lot on the Mac Version to get circular patterns around a defined center point (most of the time it is the center of the document). On Mac everything works fine and as expected. On iPad I can‘t get this function to work. If I am in the Tranformation Studio only the Ankerpoints from the Transformation Studio are considered as rotation points, even if I aktivate the rotation center point in the lower Bar. Do I oversee this function on the iPad Version or is this a Bug? Current Version is Greetings from Greece Michael
  6. Anchor points not working the same as desktop version . It looks like the anchor point is orbiting around the object instead of the object around the anchorpoint . affinity designer-HD 1080p.mov
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