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Found 13 results

  1. I am running Affinity Designer 1.8.3 on a Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra). I am creating simple illustrations drawing with the pencil tool on top of a photograph. With the pencil tool, I like to use the stabilizer to make my lines smoother. As I am drawing, the program crashes on me regularly. I am having to save after every line or shape that I draw to avoid loosing my work. Sometimes I am able to work for 20 minutes without a crash, sometimes it crashes immediately upon opening my document or after I draw one line. Any advice on how get a more stable environment?
  2. Hi there, When tracing the outline of a .jpeg file using the pencil tool, the app crashed after 8 or so lines. I reopened the app several times and the same issue occurred. I then created a new doc to transfer my work across but the same issue repeated itself there. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, Rob
  3. There seems to be some stability issues while drawing with my Huion tablet. The program crashes from time to time while using vector tools. I do all my drawing in pixel persona because the program is more stable and I work Large but the the vector tool seem to be more unstable as i add line or draw to fast. The problem feels like a ram issue: memory gets overloaded as I add more lines when drawing.
  4. Firstly I'm using Designer persona in Publisher but got same problem on the last try using Designer. In 1.8.3 The brush tool is now super snappy and fast (until theres a lot of vector lines, then it starts to lag a little) and is a massive improvement from what we had a few years ago. Last week I had a T-shirt job on which needed to be in a inked comic style, so every now and then, when I get this type of request, I'll see if I can do the whole job in Designer which usually starts with a pencil sketch which I ink over using a vector brush with pressure turned on for line width, it definitely now has more of a natural feel and starts off feeling as fluent has Clip Studio Paint or Mischief but now I can only seem to get around five minutes of use before it locks up and the only thing I can do is force quit - so had to go back to Clip Studio for the inking of that job then use Image Vectorizer to covert to vectors then paste into Designer (which has been my usual workflow for this type of job for the past 4 years) I've tried it on three pieces of artwork over the last month or so and have just had to give up and go back to my regular workflow - I just had the thought today that I needed to report it as a bug as I've searched the forum for similar issues and have only found similar reports which effect windows (I'm on Mac) so I've done a screen capture of a quick sketch just to see how far I'd get (I forgot to hit record before the first freeze so I had to force quit and go from the recovery) the grab is a bit boring and is just over 6 mins and locks up at 5:53 just thought I'd include the whole thing - seems as soon as I start to relax it locks up every time on every job i've tried - still great for just little bits of brush with pressure Cheer's Screen Recording 2020-05-14 at 12.29.31.mov
  5. Hello! I had this problem at least twice now, and want to report it. When using the brush repeatedly, while having pen pressure on, affinity designer freezes and crashes, after a few quick brush strokes. I tried it without the pen pressure and it works fine without it, i think. Only setting I have changes i that I disabled Windows Ink inside of Affinity Designer and on my tablet. I don't have any issues with pen pressure on Affinity Photo, so I personally think the vector brush tool in Affinity Designer with pressure sensitivity ON is just bugged. Hope you can reproduce this problem and fix it. Thanks for your time and patience! Extra Specs, just for good measure: GPU: RX Vega 56 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Graphics Tablet: Huion Inspiroy 950P. RAM: 16 GB of something. affinitybrushbug.mp4
  6. Hi there, been using the program for a few months now without an issue until today. no matter what I do, the issue persists. Currently I’ve saved and closed most other projects/pages in the app and restarted the iPad. attached is a video of a typical crash. Everything freezes until the app self closes. Most work between crashes is lost unless I manually save every minute. I’d be grateful for any help FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Hello Support Team, yesterday the old problem with freezing the app when using the pencil in combination with the stabilizer reappeared. I attach the error log. Many thanks for your support Sandra I'm using the latest large iPad Pro with 128GB memory, with the latest iOS and version 1.7.1 of AD designer ipad-2019-08-06-121052.ips
  8. I've been able to reliably reproduce a bug where the application will freeze and I have to kill it using Windows Task Manager. Steps to repro: 1. Launch Affinity Designer 2. Create a new file (I've been using Devices-iPad 12.9" (Retina)-Points preset) 3. Select Vector Tool Brush 4. Enable Stabilizer 5. Set Controller to "Pressure" 6. Select Solid Brush (I've been using size 32) 7. Start drawing short strokes of the brush on the artboard in rapid succession. It seems that speed is the key to the crash...waiting a moment inbetween each stroke is fine, but creating a new stroke before the last one is finished seems to be my suspicion for the freeze. 8. Application will freeze and has to be killed using Windows Task Manager. PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70 GHz 32 GB Ram NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 (Driver Version 417.22) Wacom Cintiq 22HD (Driver Version 6.3.31-4)
  9. Just want to share this bug: Using ipad 12.9 first version, appel pencil and affinitybdesigner. I hve a drawing with a first sketch pixelized and a second one, vectorized. using the vector pencil for inking, with stabilizer on and pression sensitive its freeze frecuently. Please fix this bug. By the way, this app is awesome !!! Louis Schtroumpf.afdesign
  10. The same problem as described in this "bugs on ipad" forum. But using windows and a wacom tablet. I think is only with rope stabilizer.
  11. Hello! I am seeing a freeze or two testing without the brush defaults or rope stabilizer turned off, but I seem to always get a freeze or crash when those are turned on - screenshots of UI artifact on freeze attached. This is happening on a 2400 x 2400 pixel document. I didn’t notice freezes at all in previous releases. I was also creating documents at a much smaller size. Perhaps this has something to do with the dimensions/size of the file, with so many vector brush strokes? Mark
  12. AD I can't work more than 4min using Ugee HK1560 display pen. Crash comes when I'm using vector brush tool. Have a good day !
  13. I’ve encountered a bug where using the pencil tool consistently locks up the app when creating short paths. The video displaying this is attached and I could attach the document if it needs to be examined as well. I’m getting this issue on an up-to-date 9.7” iPad Pro. As shown in the video, when the bug occurs, the ‘cursor’ is frozen mid-stroke and the app becomes unresponsive. Eventually the task is killed/crashes. Any help is appreciated as it is very frustrating to repeatedly lose progress. C0F1FE7E-C6CD-4E03-B312-F332002F73ED.mp4
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