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Found 4 results

  1. Here’s a very quick tutorial that requires no images and may help others who use Affinity Designer with ZBrush to import vector/ svg shapes for extrusion. To bring in an SVG file to ZBrush’s Text 3D & Vector Shapes Plugin successfully I.e with no stretching of proportions and other potential issues….. 1, Make sure your document's porportions within Affinity Designer is square 2, If you didn’t create your vector shape in a square document - copy it and past it in to a newly created square document. NB: How the pasted shape is aligned is of no importance to ZBrush, nor is it’s size within the square document. 3, Select your shape in the document > now export your SVG >File > Export , using the preset SVG (for export) , Area = Whole Document. 4, Import in to ZBrush> ZPlugin> Text 3D & Vector Shapes>New SVG et voila. All should be harmony and joy. (At the time of writing using Affinity Designer 1.6 & ZBrush 4R8)
  2. I've tried to import a simple composition from AD into ZBrush as SVG but I get a mysterious "Unsupported file" message. I've tried several exporting options without any luck. Has anybody got the same problem? Using ZBrush 2019.1.2 and AD 1.7.
  3. Hello, ZBrush allows users to export canvas snapshots of their sculpts to texture in the 2D imaging software of their choice with the ZAppLink tool. ZBrush is perfectly compatible with Photoshop and even GIMP. However, when using Affinity Photo, this connection is not recognized by ZBrush. To use ZAppLink, one needs to do the following steps: 1. Click the ZAppLink button when their model is positioned in the view that they'd like to paint on. 2. Select the target painting app if one hasn't already been selected. 3. Once the painting app is opened, the user can paint and texture the image as they normally would. 4. When finished painting, the user must save the .psd file. In Photoshop, just click save. In GIMP, one would select File > Overwrite TempZAppLinkExport.psd. 5. Switching back to ZBrush, the user would then click "Re-enter ZBrush" if using Photoshop, or when using GIMP they would click "Re-check" first and then "Re-enter ZBrush." The user should now see the painted texture on their model. This video explains the steps above if you need a visual: In Affinity Photo, there is no option to select "Overwrite TempZAppLinkExport.psd". So I tried exporting the file as a .psd file, and ZBrush would still not recognize the changes made. Is there something I can do to get this feature to work, or is this a bug that can be fixed in the next version of Affinity Photo? Thanks for viewing! EDIT: I figured it out. I have to export the .psd file to Users > Public > Public Documents > ZBrushData > ZPluginData > ZAppLinkData. Affinity Photo doesn't automatically find this folder when exporting so hopefully this will help others who may have had trouble finding out how to fix this.
  4. Hi! Okay, I just downloaded the latest Beta's for Designer and Photo ( and tested the PSD files for Zbrush. I did a full spread render with the default Zbrush Render, about half the files opened. I also did a Keyshot external render of 8bit and 32bit renders, and the 8bit works, 32 doesn't. Here's a dropbox link of all the files, so you can test for yourself. Cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vkkxmjy434okbpm/AACbfHEaUByK5FYQgOn8-LB4a?dl=0

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