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Found 147 results

  1. I have all three Affinity applications installed. I changed a few shortcuts in Photo, because they were based on an English keyboard. When I now switch to the Photo persona inside Publisher, the shortcuts are not inherited from the Photo application, it rather seems to be, that Publisher has its own sets for all Personas. Could the shortcuts not be shared among all applications? Or maybe I got something wrong.
  2. Title. Only way to exit is to end task on task manager. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks rp affinity v2.afpub
  3. Text variables like current page number, last page number, file name are not converted.
  4. Hi, Paint Brush Tool does not respond correctly anymore after using Mesh Warp Tool. Steps to reproduce : - Paint something on pixel Layer - Use Mesh warp tool to deform it - Go back to Paint Brush Tool, and try to draw anywhere on a layer. You'll start to draw something only on certain areas, randomly. I'm using AF 1.7.3 on Windows 10
  5. I opened today a PDF created with pdfsharp 1.31x (ancient version) and the output was totally weird. All textframes were rotated by 180°, had spaces after every character, but were readable due to the fact, that horizontal scale and font size were negative. See image. Opening in Acrobat or Illustrator everything is fine. To get a normal PDF I have to save the file with Illustrator. I guess this is a problem caused by pdfsharp and not an Affinity problem, just wanted to show how software can create PDF.
  6. Observation I made. There are more or less two ways how to handle missing files when you open an IDML. 1. You are asked in a dialogue if you like to search for the missing files, say yes, locate the file, file will be replaced and if there are more files in the folder that are missing, they will be also replaced without further interaction -> GREAT. 2. You are asked in a dialogue if you like to search for the missing files, click Resource Manager, locate the file, file will be replaced. Other missing files from that folder will not be replaced automatically -> not great. Additionally you get a warning dialogue saying "Image Policy. Your document contains a large amount of embedded image data. ...". No, there are no embedded files, so clicking Yes or No is pointless here. It would be nice, when visiting the Resource Manager and searching for the missing files, that other files being in the folder will updated automatically, like in method 1 above. As a side note: Manually replacing the files from the context toolbar with the Replace image button is not working, since all information on how the original image was positioned seem to get discarded.
  7. 1. I am not able to rename or delete presets in the Presets Manager. 2. When I drag presets from the no-name category (when you add a preset as a first time action) to a newly created category, a ghost category remains. See attached image. 3. There is no function for deleting presets categories.
  8. Depending on your scaling you'll see a part from the mesh on the Before area when in Mirror View. See image. Just a cosmetic thing with no impact on the result.
  9. Maybe covered elsewhere? Right now I am making a bunch of icons on one page, so there are a lot of elements (layers). Unfortunately I did not plan well, making for every icon a new "parent" layer. Creating a "parent" layer and moving elements to them can be quite tedious scrolling and dragging all the time. So a kind of fly-out menu would be nice, where I can specify to which "parent" layer the selected elements belong to.
  10. Opened IDML files always result in a document dpi of 72. Changing to 300 dpi reduces e.g. bleed and text wrap settings to 24% of the initial value. The original values should be kept in any way.
  11. It's the same issue as the beta https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/76752-photoshop-export-hidden-layers-are-empty-in-psd/ 1. Whenever I tried to export hidden layers, they become blank (as in the image gets replaced by a blank pixel data). I'd like to also add that 2. exporting also deletes the empty folders which are important for some program parsing of data (which I think has something to do with the #3) 3. I noticed that file size doesn't change whether Don't Export Hidden Layers by Export Persona is toggled on or off (Just pointing out, maybe this is related to the bug)
  12. The mouse over help text is much too wide and the heading and the page number stick to the right edge of the panel regardless of resizing. Image attached.
  13. Arrowheads were curved ones. The embedded images in Indesign were copied from LibreOffice Impress.
  14. I looked up the original document and used font has a size of 10 or 7,5 pt. Marking a cell with a big special character tells me it is no 32pt plus a font never used in this table. These big special characters make everything a bit confusing. See attached image.
  15. Not a big thing, because I use it seldom. All elements seem to be copied (from to the clipboard with 72dpi or pasted from the clipboard (to with 72dpi. Copying from to works perfectly.
  16. Strange title, I know, but I don't know how to tease this better in a short title. I was stumbling about this - in my eyes - strange behaviour this morning. I just wanted to verify a bug with history I thought I experienced yesterday. Yesterday I examined a APu file with the ICC profile ISOnewspaper26v4 and today I tried to set up a new document with this profile, but to my surprise I could not find it in the list of profiles. Indeed this profile is non-existent on my PC. So how can I work with a profile which is not available installed? When opening an APu file with a profile I do not have, is the profile information extracted from the APu file? Is this profile valid and I can work with it? When I close the file with this ISOnewspaper26v4 profile, do not close the programme and create a new document this profile is still available. Still valid? When I close APu and start it again the profile is (naturally) not available anymore. Just wondering and if this intended and safe the mods should feel free to move or delete this topic from this forum.
  17. I know that my mouse is not best piece of hardware, but probably not the hardware is to blame? Whenever I try to move the slider for Grow / Shrink I end up in too big steps, which are 7,1px steps, next 14,2px and so on. I have to type in the value manually. Is there any solution aside from buying a new mouse?
  18. Seldom that this will happen, but today I had this case helping someone on the forum. 1. Open an APu file with missing linked images. 2. Change the colour profile in Document Setup. Result: Image previews disappear. Interesting: Seems to be, that only previews for JPG and TIF vanish (others not tested), preview for PSD is intact. You can test with the attached file. vanishing-preview.afpub
  19. Lets say you have only an A3 office printer, but you want to make an A0 banner. No problem, just use Model: Tiled in the printing dialogue. Set your printing marks and overlapping, use a long rule and a pencil to draw the outer edge of the tiled pages and start to cut with your scissor. Good luck with stitching the pages together. Unfortunately we have no tiling marks to align the pages properly. I would call it a bug instead a feature request. If Serif devlivers the ability to tile, then there must be tiling marks, else the tiling option is pretty senseless IMO.
  20. 1) In InDesign 2020, place Page Number on MasterPage. 2) Export IDML. 3) Open IDML in Affinity Publisher. Page Number has lost.
  21. When Spell Check is turned on, URLs will always be marked as wrong. So e.g. for www.serif.com serif and com seem to be wrong. So it would be nice if I can select the whole URL (or any other term separated by full stops) and select Learn Spelling.
  22. Document has three pages, facing pages starting right. Deleting page 3 without problem, deleting page 1 leads to instant crash. There is no problem deleting pages, when I change the document to non-facing pages. Edit: Noticed by the way. When there is only one page left you are not allowed to delete this page, but the trash can indicates that you can delete this page, so the trash can should be deactivated in this case.
  23. Hi, I purchased an affinity photo license by downloading the app from the MS Store for Win10, I read that it is possible to use the same license purchased also on other PCs, but only by downloading the same license again from the MS Store. But I need to use the same license (already bought) on a PC with Win7 (not Win10), but to do this I have to download the sw from the Serif store (and not from MS) and I need a product key, but I don't have it because the app downloaded from the MS Store doesn't have the product key. How can I do? It does not seem right not to be able to use your license bought on PCs that do not have win10. Thanks
  24. IDML containing information for placed AI files (with PDF stream), does not render properly. The AI files will be displayed distorted. Feels like 1/3 of the original height.
  25. Evening everyone, This one is doing my head in, I'm a new user of Affinity so I may be missing something very simple... I'm trying to create a panorama out of three photos I took of a storm front on Friday evening but once I click the button to stitch them it says no panorama found? I have used Affinity Photo to create one other pano previously to which it worked incredibly well. For some reason, I can't upload the images (roughly 5.8mb each) receiving a -200 error, so have provided a screenshot of the images that I am trying to use. As you can see they should be able to be stitched together and it *should* make a reasonable photo, does Affinity have any limitations on Pano's (eg. must comprise at least 5 images)? Hoping i'm just doing something wrong... Windows 10 version Cheers, Andrew.

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