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Found 9 results

  1. When writing text using Thai characters, some characters are not rendering at their correct location. That would be those characters that go above or below the previous character. I guess it would be a stretch to ask to include some different thai fonts, but if the default thai font provided by the system would render correctly in Affinity, that would still be very, very helpful for many scenarios. See example, writing "สวัสดี" in Affinity, doesn't put the characters "going above" properly: One would expect it to render like this: I hope this might be possible to fix for a coming update. And of course, it would be rocking if some specific Thai fonts might be included in the future. :) But anyway, if getting the default font to render Thai characters positioned correctly, that would be awesome for now.
  2. Thai font doesn't display properly. - Program : Affinity Designer - Reproduce : type or paste thai characters in a document. - It happens to new document. This attachment show example of errors. - Font family : Cordia New ErrorThaifFont.afdesign
  3. All Affinity products do not properly display and edit the Thai language. I don't use Design or Photo with much Thai, but Publisher will be used with Thai a lot. For me, it's not usable right now. When will that be supported?
  4. None of the Affinity products support writing and editing in the Thai language. I'm a missionary in Thailand and need to use the Thai language in many items. When will this be supported?
  5. Right now both Artistic and Frame text tools mishandle Thai language text. Thai has a number of glyphs that go over or under the preceding glyph, like these two which spell the word duu, meaning to look: ดู In Designer, typing those two characters gives ด ู, which is an unreadable garble. Bizarrely, Affinity Photo handles Thai artistic and frame text okay, so the workaround isn't a hard one. But why make any workaround necessary?
  6. Hi, I just realized I could use Affinity Designer for creating my church's bulletins. I'm already using it for creating the graphics, so why not the whole bulletin. But, since I would with Thai, Affinity doesn't properly render complex text like Thai. The characters that go above and below other characters are placed in their own space without the inside text. The result is totally unreadable. The same problem also exists in the beta. Since this isn't a beta only issue, I posted it here. I've attached an example of some Thai text. Richard Guay
  7. Hi I have some problems about my Thai language on tone marks float ( like grave accent) you see in attached photos here. There are 2 steps above the character in Thai. I need to have the tone mark in a lower position when the character has no vowel. You know what I mean? Please help me.. I don't know how to figure out.. Thank you in advanced. Pannily from Thailand
  8. Hi, I'm Thai, and I have some questions about my Thai language use of Affinity Photo. I have a problem of tone marks float on my language (with attachment photo) You know in Thai language we have some kind of grave accents we use to give tone to a word. And if it floats, it doesn't look pretty good. So please help me with this problem. Thank you for your kindness in advanced. appreciate, ^____^
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