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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am using Affinty to replace PS for about one mounth. It works mostly, but there are many glitch which feel weird. I will list a few: - Select (lasso) is extremely slow. The lasso is late compare to the mouse pointer. Sometimes is also does not work: You draw your selection, but nothing is selected, you redraw it, it works.. This kind of function was already instant on an Amiga 500.. how can it be slow on a modern PC ? - Change the brush size using the mouse (using Ctrl-Alt) is totally weird. Sometime the position on the pointer jumps to somewhere else. And even it it does not change, its a total painful experience. One ends up using the brush properties in the tool bar on the top - Exporting to Tiff (16bit with layers) usually produce a corrupted tiff and the picture is lost - Performance is sub optimal. PS CS6 on a MBP 2012 feels way faster than Affinity on a PC i7 8 cores/64Gb/RTX 2080 - I deeply dived in mask.. still could not figure out how the works. I could not thing about any logical function.. Sometime it works, sometimes it does, sometimes, it remove parts of the pictures.. -> Is it possible using one mask, to mask the content of a group ? If yes, how -> Would it be possible to add the option: "Mask behaviour like in PS" `? - Open a big tiff, resize, correct prespective and then flatten -> Affinity can not save this picture anymore. -> Work lost. -> the same without flatten -> it works - The Level tools only show the per channel clipping, if the master level is >0. - Afffinty crahes a lot. mainly while loading big file, Inpainting or just like this. Questions: Are others experiencing such issue ? Will the usability of the software be improved anytime soon ? Regards
  2. Reporting a bug on the LibreOffice tracker about not being able to import tiffs, they found some problems when running tiffinfo program for all the tiff filters. Here's the output they sent for the 8 bit tiff export. Just in case you want to improve the filters so no warning appears, because other than that, the files were ok and I was able to import them to other programs. tiffinfo -D 8bit.tiff TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, Unknown field with tag 51168 (0xc7e0) encountered. TIFFFetchNormalTag: Warning, Incompatible type for "RichTIFFIPTC"; tag ignored. TIFF Directory at offset 0x4d3dec (5062124) Image Width: 2601 Image Length: 3503 Resolution: 96, 96 pixels/inch Bits/Sample: 8 Compression Scheme: AdobeDeflate Photometric Interpretation: RGB color Orientation: row 0 top, col 0 lhs Samples/Pixel: 3 Rows/Strip: 1 Planar Configuration: single image plane DateTime: 2020:03:07 10:19:17 XMLPacket (XMP Metadata): ... TIFFReadCustomDirectory: Warning, Wrong data type 3 for "PixelXDimension"; tag ignored. TIFFReadCustomDirectory: Warning, Wrong data type 3 for "PixelYDimension"; tag ignored.
  3. Hi, I've got an Affinity Designer file exceeding a certain size, say 12000 x 6000 px (about 102 x 51 cm / 300 dpi for printing on a canvas), only containing a rectangle. When exporting as TIFF the resulting file works fine with Affinity Photo, QuickTime Player 7 and Perfect Photo Suite 8, but it can't be opened neither by OSX 10.11.5 preview app ("maybe the file is damaged or in an inappropriate format") nor by Photoshop 4 or Photoshop Elements 11 ("could not complete the command because there is not enough memory (RAM)" - although there's a lot of ...) or by the print shop's Photoshop CC. On the other hand, a smaller sized file, say 10000 x 5000 px and less, works fine with all applications ... Bug or feature or do I miss something? ;-) Kind regards, opalla_de pixel_size_10000x5000_8bit.tiff pixel_size_10000x5000.afdesign pixel_size_12000x6000_8bit.tiff pixel_size_12000x6000.afdesign
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