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Found 3 results

  1. I'm in the process of making the auto generated captions legible for the Solid Foundations course at Udemy - https://www.udemy.com/affinityphoto-solid-foundations/ which is taking it's sweet time because they are so gloriously creative when transcribing what I say. Here's some epic quotes, along with my duller corrections underneath. I apologise for demeaning the mighty art that the auto generator hath wrought by correcting it so it actually makes sense. But enough! Here's the highlights from what I've done so far... OK so I'm back to commit to my crap. OK, so I'm about to commit to my crop. Come up here to my croping tool. Cocteau or Prossy. Come up here to my cropping tool. Crop tool, or press 'C' Call me Mr Pretentious if you want the whole length. call me Mr. Pretentious if you want, *darling!*. nowadays, you'll see more and more very wide or tool photos from people's camera phones nowadays, you'll see more and more very wide or tall photos from people's camera phones Santa you're very tall and thin ...sending your very tall and thin.. Let's try 5 by 7 and say wow that's got big Let's try 5 by 7 and rotate - wow! That's got big. Now if I come back to my crotch to instead of the third grade. Now if I come back to my crop tool. Instead of the thirds grid in Photoshop Elements once we Crock-Pot image in Photoshop Elements, once we crop our image Let's take this picture into a vanity photo. Let's take this picture into Affinity Photo. So I asked him Manzi and combat straight into if you got to see them always you thoughts straight up So, press ctrl/command + Z and come back to the straighten tool. If you've got sea there, always use that to straighten up We have three day pokes to crop and rotate. We have three .jpgs to crop and rotate Now the ratio I want is 8:44 Now the ratio I want is 16:9 (think about it...) Every foeticide record its own bit of... Every photo site records its own bit of... What's the Shafter goes down on your camera. Once the shutter goes down on your camera, and then come back to the lame ass layer and then come back to the layer mask layer ... I can leave the original text there if you find it more inspiring...
  2. Hi everyone, Since the Solid Foundations course was launched last year - https://www.udemy.com/affinityphoto-solid-foundations/ it's become a best seller so thanks very much for that and from the reviews it looks like it's meeting a lot of peoples expectations. But there's always ways to make a good thing better. So I've decided to start a new faq section which I will occasionally add to in an ongoing kind of a way. Sometimes I'd be asked a question and sometimes I'd see a question asked on this forum, and sometimes I'd think 'that might make a good tutorial'. So I've made a start with probably the question I get asked the most which is 'How do I place one image inside another?' and I've made it available as a free to view video, so if you click on the link above and head down towards the bottom end of the curriculum you can view it any time you like. I've gathered together a list of questions that people have asked me and on this forum, and as and when I can add a question that I feel is of direct benefit to many users I will do so. I guess that's my way of saying that I want to build up this section over time and have it be at least the same quality and relevance as the rest of the videos on the course, but I don't want to get into the situation where I'm disappointing people because I'm not quickly producing a video answer to every question that's asked about Affinity Photo. As with previous additions to the course (eg the 1.5 update section) this will not affect the price. The price stays the same. Thanks for your time, Simon Foster
  3. Hi, I wanted to let people know that I've added about an hour and twenty minutes of practice videos to the course, which takes the total time to about 9 hours worth of content. I've uploaded all the photos that I use so you can have a go at the exercises. I recently added most of the photos I use for the original videos so you can follow along with those as well. The course price won't change and of course this is all free to existing users. I just wanted to make the course better. You can check it out here: https://www.udemy.com/affinityphoto-solid-foundations/ Thanks for your time, Drippy Cat
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