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Found 579 results

  1. HI All, I recently purchased all three programs and moved to Windows 10 OS. I have a new PC so I'm starting from scratch - installing fonts onto my system. I'm still using Adobe CS6 products while I transition to Affinity, I have a lot of print files (Magazines, Ads, Flyers etc.) which use specific fonts that I have to continue using so in order to move I have to be able to access the font files in Affinity. I have hundreds of fonts Truetype, Open Type and Postscript Type 1. The installed fonts all showed up in my Adobe Suite but not in Affinity? I use FontExpert to manage installs but I have also tried installing directly to Win10 fonts folder. The results are quite random. I get a different (Limited) selection of installed fonts each time I open a program - and never the full range of typeface options (Light, medium, regular, bold etc) Is there a setting I am missing to activate the installed fonts? Any solutions welcome? Thanks in advance
  2. dontstopsteaminghams

    Publisher crashes on save

    My Publisher document crashes on save, upon opening the file up it says one of the resources have been altered outside affinity, but it hasn't and the file is embedded (it's an eps file). Anyway when making a change and saving it just crashes. looks like the file is corrupted. the thumbnail on my macbook pro's Finder window shows the affinity publisher logo instead of a preview thumbnail of the file like other working publisher files. What should I do. Many thanks,
  3. I've been trying to learn how to use Publisher I'm copying a menu re-creating it in Publisher using CYMK but since I couldn't get the some colours using CYMK I used HSL instead. Does it make a difference when it comes to exporting and printing. I will export as CYMK and PDF. Excuse my ignorance but still learning the program. Tri-Fold Menu.afpub
  4. How to delete a first page in Publisher without re-flowing whole document? Or, how do I make it spread instead of a single page? When I started a project, I made a mistake of creating a cover as single page, not spread. Now, I need to create a spread for cover instead of a single page. Kinda stuck…
  5. When modifying hte opacity of a colour, the swatch/round/rectangle that shows the colour should display the colour at 100%, not lighter (colour panel) or darker (gradient panel).
  6. In the View menu on the Tool Bar "Preview Mode" is shown as Control + W, but nothing happens and my MacBook makes that 'boop' noise that it does when no action can be completed at this time. Am I pushing the wrong keys, or is this a bug?
  7. We can modify a global colour from the tint panel, but this way, the swatch color match the tint percentage instead of the 100% new global colour.
  8. My Assets panel is empty, and refuses to accept assets, in both Photo and Publisher It works okay in Designer I exported Designer's, and imported them into Publisher. Publisher now lists the category, but doesn't give access to the assets.
  9. Hello - I'm on an iMac Running OS X 10.9.5 with 12Gb RAM and a 2.5Ghz Processor. Bought Publisher recently however it crashed every time I send something to print (and sometime when I import a PDF). The crash report indicates something is wrong in so far as it says "error for object 0x608000c53230: Heap corruption detected, free list canary is damaged." Can anyone translate or advise please. Screen shot of page one of crash report attached.Thank you in anticipation.
  10. Windows 10 Home 1903, Publisher Watch the attached GIF. The right-hand side of the canvas is overlaying the panels, and the Pages/Assets panels cannot be seen. This is the only time I have seen this so it could be a total one-off. I’ve no idea if switching Personas has anything to do with it but it was something I was doing often. I’ll leave the document open in Publisher as long as I can (maybe next two hours) in case anyone needs me to do any live checking.
  11. Hi, Manual rotation of the object (with handle) does not recognize choosen rotation reference point in Transform panel. It always rotate it from center.
  12. Greetings everyone! Urgently need your help. Publisher crushes every time I'm trying to save the document, which I need to be done as sooner as possible. Re-creating it from scratch doesn't help — the same error. I've got the last available version, going to Photo or Design and saving there — the same :( I also tried Beta Publisher — nothing helps. Text file with error message attached, hope that might help. Thank you. Publisher Error.rtf
  13. I am completely new to Publisher, and would appreciate advice on some basic questions. Last year I made my first photobook using one of the online services, and I was not happy with the online process, the overall sharpness and quality of the final product. Therefore, I got Publisher, in order to have more control of the design. The questions are: (1) Is there a tutorial specifically for creating photobooks ? (2) Any recommendation for a print house in US ( West Coast ) ? (3) Some print houses publish recommendations for print-ready PDFs, like: https://www.blurb.com/make/pdf_to_book/booksize_calculator#safe-text with details such as “trim line” , “bleed” , “inset for margins”. I am not sure how would I translate these into Publisher options ? (4) My workflow is: (a) Scan a slide. (b) Post-proceesing in Affinity Photo ( sharpening, etc… ) (c) Layout in Publisher In (a), I scan at full resolution ( 400dpi ), and save as TIFF, for example 3840 x 5760 pixels. In (b), for image resizing, I select File/Export/JPEG/“Bilinear”/Quality=100, and new size, for example 1920 x 2880. In (c), I arrange JPGs into book layout. Any comments/suggestons/recommendations on the above workflow ? (5) So in Publisher, I can also do resizing by manually stretching the TIFF. But this manual resizing does not specify type of resampling, so I am thinking that the resampling in (b) is of better quality - is this correct ? (6) In (b), I start with an original image at convenient size ( 3840 x 5760 ), so resampling at factors 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 produces images at target sizes which are exactly proportional: 3840 x 5760 / 2.0 1920 x 2880 3840 x 5760 / 3.0 1280 x 1920 …etc... So if in Publisher, I do manual resizing, the resizing factor would most likely include a fractional part, say 2.17. The question is: does resizing by an integer factor ( 2x ) produce better ( meaning sharper ) image compared to resizing by a real factor ( 2.17x ) ? Sorry for such a basic questions, and thanks for all comments and feedback, regards, mshumski
  14. I have a large document and a number of swatches that I use. I have the "palette" set to the document I'm working on. The palette is large with some 40+ swatches (some of which I don't recognize as having used them). I would like to know how to force AFPUB to save the swatches I have used over time on the document. I keep running into a missing swatch (where one object stroke or fill has that color, and I'd like to copy that color, but that swatch is not shown in the list of swatches). This forces me to use the HSL codes to manually re-create the swatch. However, eventually, that or another swatch won't be in the list when I need it. I suspect user knowledge is the problem, not necessarily a bug.
  15. Hello, I have the whole Affinity suite and my computer, but my question is this... One of the main features of Publisher was the integration of Designer and Photo inside. From there I can edit my illustrations or retouch some photography. That means that if I only get publisher, would I have the whole suite? Or wouldn't they work if I don't have AP and AD installed? Actually Publisher doesn't open an instance of AD or AP when I want to edit something, but does it inside his own App. I would like to understand if the App depends on the installation of the other two. Thank you very much.
  16. InDesign has the feature of Conditional Text, where pieces of text can be marked and assigned to a "Condition". Turning these "Conditions" on or off will make all assigned text fragments show or hide. A good description in the InDesign manual is here. This functionality is extremely helpful for instance in price lists where there are different prices for different markets. Why not use Layers? Because with Conditional Text all other text besides the conditional versions will stay the same: only one text version to maintain. I could not (yet) find anything like this in Publisher. Does it have this functionality? Is it considered for the future? Thanks for any input!
  17. I have noticed perhaps a significant issue in both Designer 1.7.2 and Publisher 1.72 after loading Affinity Photo 1.7.2 Images in either app. Designer and Publisher both crash when a <Print> command is entered. I have attached macOS 10.14.6 (18G95) error reports and uploaded them to Apple. I have been forced to export from Photo to a .png or .jpg format for the 2 apps to work properly. Please advise ASAP as it is much better to have a Designer + Publisher + Photo workflow rather than being forced through an extra stage of exporting .afphoto images. Many thanks amcd Publisher Crash on Print.rtf Designer Crash on Print.rtf
  18. Hello. I searched for delayed typing and couldn't see any other postings in 3 pages. I'm just starting to learn Publisher and I noticed that when I type there is a large delay in the text coming out and I can't record with OBS to show. I have to type and wait for the letters to display for about 3 to 5 seconds after I type them. I only have been doing a few words at a time with the delay and it is severely slowing me down. My document isn't complicated and I only have a single image. I have to wait about five seconds for this to finish typing itself out: "This sentence takes about five seconds to fill in after I stop typing." I noticed that Publisher and Photo use a very large percent of CPU even when they were both minimized and hadn't been used in a few minutes, and Publisher was the same once when I had it open but wasn't interacting with it. I should have plenty of horsepower, and haven't installed any fonts yet. Thank you for your help. System: Dell XPS 15 9570, Windows 10 Pro v10.0.17134 Build 17134, Core i& 8750H, 32GB RAM
  19. I am not sure if this is the right place... I did some artboards in DESIGNER - then i switched to PUBLISHER where the artboards were converted into pages... !!!! and then I want to switch back into DESIGNER (CAUSE I CAN)... BUT... pain!!! Where are all my PAGES OR ARTBOARDS?!?!??! only one left?
  20. Hi, I used in document a colour, the same in several obejcts. I would like to replace this colour with another one with "one click". I made this colour (old) as global and edited it but objects in my document don't change. Could you explain me how to do it, step by step?
  21. hi, very new to affinity, im making a document for work, and I wanted to test the print by exporting it as a pdf, however all the images are coming out super pixelated. please help! all images are linked.
  22. In PagePlus, I drag a Tab onto the working area to expand it. When I've finished with the Tab, I double click on its top bar and it bounces back to where it came from. So quick and easy. Docking a Panel in Publisher is a clumsy affair. Can it be simplified?
  23. I'm a new use,r converting from MS Publisher. I've created 4 master pages for my parish magazine (front cover, back cover, inside left, inside right) and expected them to be Master A, B, C & D. Instead they are all named Master C. This means when I hover over a page, I just see that Master C has been applied and can't tell which version. I'm attaching a screenshot of what I see if I click "Apply Master Page" Can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong, and how to get the 4 pages to be separately named please! Many thanks, Helen.
  24. I've brought this up a few times on the forums, but (and I'm getting desperate here) pleeeease add Dissolve to the Blend Modes list for layers and brushes - pretty pretty please! The tedious workarounds to achieve this effect simply aren't the same, and not nearly as effective. Dissolve is the easiest way to turn any, otherwise normal, brush into an amazing textural experience, and was one of the most used features for me in Photoshop. Dissolve played such a big role in my work that I've had to adapt my style completely after switching to Affinity, and I miss it dearly. I even took the time to record this little screen recording I'm working on to show why it works so well in Photoshop (just watch at 2x speed to save time): https://youtu.be/pywfxxuXaCc All I used in the video was a plain old, run-of-the-mill soft/feathered brush, but with Dissolve set as the blend mode. As you can see, it instantly becomes a magnificent texturing machine which has SO many practical applications, especially in creating digital illustrations. I've also seen it used excessively by some really big names in the creative industry, such as Matt Taylor (http://www.matttaylor.co.uk) and Studio Muti (https://studiomuti.co.za), just to name two heavy-hitters. I can't imagine it being very difficult to add another blend mode to the list, and I've been checking for new beta's daily hoping that dissolve made the list of added features. Please add it, for me, for others, and even for this poor, misunderstood zombie dude who would have been lacking a lot of gritty shading if I had painted him in Affinity without dissolve.
  25. In PagePlus I draw a narrow rectangle and give it a 3D effect such that all four edges are beveled. I then convert it to a picture and crop two of the sides to remove their bevels. In Publisher, it seems the only way to do that is to export the rectangle as a picture and then import it. Is there a way to convert to picture without going the 'long way' round?