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Found 212 results

  1. I have created an extensive document with many PNGs with transparency. I want to provide and compress them as PDF eBook. However, with normal printing of the compressed PDFs, the images are printed with a black background. This does not happen when printing uncompressed PDFs. Here the printout and the file:
  2. On numerous occasions I've had prints show the border lines of my layers. Now, I just printed a file and it's shows a dark box around the text. None of the layers had an outline in the file. This has happened with Designer and Photo. When I rasterize everything and make it one image, it solves the problem. I shouldn't have to do that. Windows Printer - Epson WF-7720 and Sawgrass SG500
  3. Whenever I print from within Affinity Publisher I consistently get darker prints. I have set the printer profile to the same that I used before getting the software, but when I print it's always darker. I have even printed from the file that I exported from AP and had more accurate results. Attached is a photo of the same image (both printed on 11"x17" glossy paper), the left one printed from within AP, and the right I printed from the exported pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader. And it's not just color images either; I printed a grayscale calendar page both from within AP and from the exported pdf, and the one printed within AP is darker. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing? I used to print from InDesign exclusively, but now I'm trying to switch to AP. I can still print fine from PDFs, but I'd really like to print accurately from within AP. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Hi, I am looking for advice on how to properly set up my canvas in Affinity Photo for print. I have only created composites for use across web and digital content - never print. Few things to know: - I do not use my own photos, only royalty free imagery from sites like Pixaby. So I never begin with a set “background”. - I would like to set up my canvas for large prints (i.e 24x36, 16x20, etc). However, is there a way to set up these sizes that is scalable so that I have the option to print it much smaller if I wanted, without distorting the image? - I’m not certain how DPI, pixel size, and resizing come into play when dealing with print. Any advice is much appreciated - thank you!
  5. I have a similar issue. When trying to print the preview is just all red and the printout comes out black. Printer Canon MG6350 OS - Mac Catalina 10.15 Affinity - 1.7.3
  6. Hello everyone, I bought an Epson XP-15000 and I'm trying to print from affinity photo on MacOs. I've done the soft proof correctly and now I'm in Print menu but I have some doubt. About color matching I set up this: But here in printer features there are a large number of parameters. How can I set them, please?
  7. Hello everyone, From today i believe i have to start sharing few of our design works (actually i'm working alone but i do build a team from time to time depending on project size ) Most of our client/requesters are Church based and we really enjoy doing stuffs for them but what you will se here is more about Smarty Studio standing with other studio/teams together into what is to become Congolese Design Style. Well each country have it's own style of design but Congo doesn't have a proper thus most of Congolese designers simply clone/copy styles from everywhere. This is a beginning, please your inputs on each design palet/kit will be of great help and will help us improving better. Blessings !
  8. I just switched from Illustrator to Affinity Designer and I'm really impressed with everything. However I have come up against an issue that I can't seem to figure out. I am printing my file with a label printer that uses a custom paper size. When I open the print dialogue the only option for Paper Size is US Letter. I have several custom paper sizes saved in system preferences and I can use them from every other application. What do I need to do in Affinity Designer to print custom sizes?
  9. When I try to use the print function from menu or from shortcut cmd+p, I first noticed this when, I open a pdf file, and then try to print it, publisher 1.8.3 crashes. Even after saving as a publisher type file *.afpub, crashes after the file is saved as publisher type. I have noticed this is now happening with all documents, even those created in publisher. The work around, I have been using is to export as a pdf, and then open in another PDF reader like Preview or Acrobat, from which I can print. I'd be happy to test any patches or fixes. d System iMac13,1 i7, 3.09 16 GB 500GB Samsung MacOS 10.13.6 (17G4015) Publisher 1.8.3
  10. I am having the same issue, whereby a document created in Affinity Designer, some images are Jpg and some are PNG. (see attachment). I export the document to a PDF and the PNG images print black around them, it doesn't matter whether I export for print or web or 192 or 300. Visually on screen and in the exported PDF there is not a problem. Only on the printed document. I have had HP online today working on this problem thinking it is the printer, they have re-installed the drivers and it is still happening. This did not happen 6 months ago. I had printed a document out 12 months ago, no problems, then had to edit it and re-print a few months ago and this problem started occurring. I am using an iMac with Catalina installed, but this problem happened before that new operating system. I am using a HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 printer. I have been creating these documents for some 5 years without problem. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  11. Hey all, Small bug when printing but when you change the Doc Mode to Booklet and print, it sets itself back to Single when you go back to do it again. Happens 100% of the time. Pub 1.8.3 macOS 10.15.4
  12. The absolute only reason I've yet to dump my CC subscription is that EVERY other fine photo program has invested 0 time into the "print" function making it easy to use for people who aren't rocket scientist, engineer nerds.. Does Adobe hold a patent on usability and common sense. As long as I can remember its always been quick and easy to switch sizes, resize and switch formats WYSIWYG in Photoshop for a couple decades. Is it just me? and I have a low tolerance for ineptness. I have DXO photo lab, Affinity Photo, Luminar and Photoshop CC. Only PS has this feature and ability to figure out how to make a full frame 4 x 6 automagically instantly without user math input. Thank You. A former Adobe beta tester. i would like this resolved ASAP so I can confidently cancel my CC. I used Serif Photo back in the day and it worked fine for printing quickly. All the Best
  13. Hi, If I use a grid adjusted to my requirements in designer and place content in it, can I also print the grid lines in black. Thanks
  14. Hello, sometimes I need to edit a PDF file and then print it. Everything worked right in Affinity Designer 1.7. But there is a problem in the new version 1.8 with printing PDF files. Affinity does not print some objects and some objects print in the wrong place. I attach the source PDF file in which the described error occurs. I also enclose the result of printing this file to Fineprint and also printing using Foxit Reader PDF Printer. It seems that the problem is only when printing, but when exporting from Affinity to PDF, PNG etc. everything is fine. Libor Foxit Reader PDF Printer.pdf Source PDF.pdf
  15. Hey guys, I have a problem when trying to save pdf for print. I had successfully done this before, a number of times, the same exact way and this time it just doesn't work. Maybe It's something I'm missing here, please help. So, here is my problem. I am trying to save banner design with 3cm bleed and crop marks. I did set up bleed to 3cm in Document setup, I did include bleed in export pdf options, and I did make my elements bigger than artboard. And my bleed is still not saving... What am I missing?
  16. I've exported a document with a spot colour and selected "honour spot colour" in the export panel, but the swatch does not display in the colour bars in the PDF?
  17. Hi there, i come from Corel Draw and there is a feature i miss in Designer .... CD uses levels and each level can be set "viewable-hidden", "edit - locked", "print - non print". I like this feature very much in complex ducuments with dozens of levels, like "helplines" "different versions". - Espicially the "non-print" - "viewable" combination ist sometimes very helpful! Do you think, it will be possible to add the print steering feature to Affinties Designer? Or is it almost there and I (Fool, 😞) did not notice ist? Best wishes - Kai
  18. Hi Affiniados, I use all 3 Affinity Products: Affinity Photo - since quite a few years , PERFECT - LOVE IT ! Affinity Design - since a bout 2 years , Love it as well but not perfect. Affinity Publisher - sine very recent - seems very good. MISSING: Affinity Print !! Instead I use the very expensive Mirage Print app by Dinax in Germany. The Print results of Mirage are as good as it can be, but the user interface is quite possibly as bad as they come. Zero logic , button operation take you all across the screen for a single print and easy enough one prints print copies again that are printed already. It also has a useless bloated color correction section - totally pointless for professional print creators, all color correction is done in the image editor , then the file is sent to the printer / via Mirage. THAT CAN BE BETTER : Via Affinity Print , in it one can set the paper / color profile / printer selection but most important the layout on the Sheet or Roll of Paper. Say we want to print a complete wedding album series - in Mirage it is very complicated to collect all images , set the size per image , then the Mirage software creates a PERFECT layout sequence on a roll of paper. Including borders etc. It just works perfect. But as said the user interface is rubbish. The Mirage user interface is rubbish but the output is perfect. As far I can see Mirage is a shell for the Epson Driver, it is NOT a RIP and not another driver. And that is just a perfect idea since the Epson Driver is already very good . With more than 45 years professional photography up my sleeves and 20+ years of digital printing I am 100% confident that AFFINITY PRINT will take the world by storm , so many newbie photographers and old farts like me are / were struggling when it comes to perfect printing. I finally mastered a flawless work flow only a few years ago - I can print without making a test - knowing that what I see on screen will always be what I see in a print even on plain paper. Much of the credit goes to Mirage because in its core it is very good , again - the whole Mirage user interface and ridiculous high price with attache USB encoding dongle / HASP makes it very unattractive. But their customer support simply rocks. YOU CAN DESIGN AN AFFORDABLE AND PERFECT AFFINITY PRINT APP Go for it and make another couple of Millions - Just make me happy with a nice bonus 🙂 Attached a Mirage interface Screenshot with a Land Rover painting by my partner (Since you are in the UK I thought you will love my long gone Landy in the Australian bush - painting is 120 x 90 cm in size) Best of Luck - Regards: Jacob in Australia !
  19. Many printers/publishers provide downloadable PDF export settings in Acrobat’s joboptions format. My wish: make Publisher (or the whole suite, respectively) able to either import these, or export their own export settings file.
  20. Hello, I am contacting you because during an export or a printing with Affinity Publisher it systematically crashes for the cost no way to send my work or to print it. Enregistrement_de_l’écran_2020-02-18_à_21_44_48.mov carte_lasseube_municipal.afdesign BAT_Programme_13012020.afpub
  21. I think this is a bug, but Im not sure When I create a PDF from my work it is ok but printing it directly from publisher it is not I wanted to make a simple test print for myself. Some of the blend styles and effects doesnt come out well... See picture I made but in reality the difference is much more noticible (i also made a print screen of the artwork in affinity) When the text 'goochelclub Rotterdam' is printed (simple epson desk printer) it is just 'hard' (100%) black over the background. In publisher it is a nice soft linear burn blend. The logo above had the same problem first but I changed it to another blend mode (lineair light 40% opacity) and it turned out fine! As you can see (a bit) on my picture The front of this booklet had the same problems. There a color dodge (40% opacity) turnes out great and is nice on a created pdf but when i print directly from affinity the colors are not good. The rest of the prints are great! Nice and good colors! (so it is not the printer not capable to do this) Its not a big problem for the moment as this booklet is being printed by a professional printer via PDF but I really wanted to know whats going on here 🙂
  22. Hi, As title I don't know why my print result didn't fit my windows display, maybe problem from my workflow: (Rhino) print PDF > (Affinity Designer) import PDF > (Affinity Designer) Rectangle Tool [M] > (Affinity Designer) print PDF, but when I using Illustrator didn't have this problem, Is my operation error ? Please help me to fix is problem, Thanks!
  23. I have attached a page from a booklet that I am producing. When editing all the text is visible but when I print it is missing except for the lines I have inserted to separate the items. Any help gratefully received.
  24. Hi, I'm hopeless at finding all my typos on screen so always print the pages out, glad I did. My page 92 will not print out 93 and 94 printed out fine. The error message says "Page does not exist". help please. I've tried the usual shutting down etcetera. Jackie
  25. I've been having trouble printing 8 x A5 pages on both sides of 2 x A4 sheets. (A step-by-step guide would be useful) )I thought I had cracked it but the printout looks like this. Why the small font size? Any help would be appreciated.
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