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Found 9 results

  1. I'm trying to apply the same transform settings over and over again on an object. The Affinity designer Help and the Feature list describe a behaviour of power duplicate ("repeat transform" or "[...]newly created object[...]will also be transformed again using the same settings.") which actually doesn't apply, as the attached image shows. Only some settings get reapplied, like rotation or x and y position, but not width and height. If this is a feature and not a bug, the behaviour should be explained better in the help and feature list. Thank you!
  2. I've created a quick video showing how to create a basic Long Shadow Effect using the Power Duplicate feature in Affinity Photo. If you have a better way of creating a Long Shadow Effect, feel free to add your tips and tricks here :) Affinity Photo - Long Shadow Effect
  3. Duplicate or Copy change the empty space distance btw. the lines - WHY ? PLEASE HELP No matter how I copy the group or duplicate multiple circles - the distance between the lines changes in proportion ? Why ? I want to keep the distances, how to do that please ? My steps is : 1. Drawing 10 Circles w. distance (step) of 0,5 mm (r-10mm, r-9,5mm, r-9mm ......) :blink: GREEN COLOR 2. Group this all 3. Copy and Paste OR Duplicate this Group ! 4. go to Trasfomation and change Group2 to 5mm X 5mm RED COLOR 5. FxCK look at this ... ......the Distance between the Circles is NOT 0,5mm Step. IT IS SMALLER ! :angry: 6.
  4. Hi all, i'm not sure if it's a bug or if i'm misunderstanding something. I'm trying to create a round shape that rotate and increase in length each time : I'm trying ta achieve that by using power duplicate and the "donut" dynamic tool. After "CMD+J" on the first shape, i rotate it. Then i press "A" (node tool) to access the dynamic shape handles and increase a bit the size of the shape. Then i type "CMD+J" again to power duplicate . But it seems that you cannot use the node tool and the dynamic shape handles in power duplicate even if you never unselect the shape. Switching from "V"(move tool) to "A"(node tool) doesn't work. Am i right? Is it a coming feature? Is there maybe another way to achieve my goal? Thanks, Ben.
  5. Duplicating a layer, transforming the copy with either the Select tool or the Transform panel, and then repeatedly invoking the "Duplicate" command will usually recursively apply the transformation to each copy. However, any transformations performed by nudging objects via keyboard using the arrow keys are currently not taken into account. Tested in the AppStore release builds of of Designer (1.5.4) and Photo (1.5.1).
  6. Dear Affinity Community, i am a novice regarding Affinity Design and in General Vector Design. However as a Scientific Worker I have to draw really nice figures. Currently I am struggling to make vector objects (these red/blue Ribbons) to follow a given path ( I want to make circles) I have read that a few options exist: 1. To "Power Duplicate" 2. Design an own Brush I am really struggling with both options.. Please find attached the Ribbons I made and my attempts to design a brush. As you can see I do not understand why the brush hast no color and also shows a contour in red or black ! Also the ribbons itself are not in red/blue colored.. Thank you in advance desperate Alex
  7. I'm new to AD and have only limited experience with vector graphics programs in general, so please bear with me. I'm trying to use AD to create a watch face. I have done this using GIMP in the past with few problems, but am hitting some frustrating issues with AD. I want to have the following markers displayed along the outer edge of the watch face: sub-minute markers 5 per minute. Rotation = 1.2 degrees. Minute markers = 6 degrees Hour markers = 30 degrees I create my 1st marker as a vertical line at the 12 o'clock position, then cmd-J to duplicate, move the rotation center to guides at the vertical and horizontal center of the face, rotate it (painfully) by zooming in and dragging to the desired 1.2 degree rotation, then use cmd-J to make duplicates. I've been able to use Power Duplicate to create small numbers of duplicates, but find it "drifts" when trying to do larger numbers. I have tried clicking the outside center, inside center and center buttons in the transform box with little success. I have tried entering 1.200000 as the R value in the Transform box. By the time I generate enough sub-minute markers to get to the 90 degree position (75 duplications), I see 2 common problems: The rotation value has drifted by +.3 degrees. At 90 degrees, the final marker is at 90.3 or worse. The rotation center drifts, resulting in a spiral effect. This "drift" is so bad that my hour and minute markers don't even align properly. This is all compounded by having to rotate using the mouse, as entering values directly into the Transform R box changes the rotation center. The only workaround I've found is carefully creating a small number of markers, duplicating these as a group and rotating those. I'm finding this much slower than I expected. In GIMP, I'd create the 1st marker, duplicate and rotate 5 markers, merge those layers, duplicate and rotate 6 degrees for the next minute and successively merge, duplicate and rotate until I could produce a dial in a few minutes. I have also purchased Affinity Photo, but don't see a better solution there, and I'd prefer to stick to vectors. I don't think there's anything much simpler than a watch face, yet I'm finding this very difficult to achieve. Am I missing a fundamental trick?
  8. Hello, For a recent project I had to work with patterns in AD and, as far as I know, the only way to create patterns for now is to use the Power duplicate tool ( ⌘+ J ). However, I notice that the tool is not really precise when it duplicates content. I made a quick video showing the issue here are the steps i follow : - I create a square that is 80 x 80 px and I snap it at 0x and 0y, - Then, I press the ALT key and the SHIFT key to drag the copy of the square at exactly 80x and 0y, - Finally I press ⌘+ J a couple of times to duplicate AND move the square and this is where the problem happens. Just watch the coordinates of every new square: it works fine for the two firsts but then it starts to move it less than 80px. Here is the video: https://cloudup.com/cQmVM_cT8xm
  9. Forgive me if I am missing something obvious, please, but may I ask if there is a way to perform a power duplicate behind a selection? In the attached file, on layer 4 with the triangles at the bottom for instance, on the right, even though I pressed alt, then dragged the copy and placed it behind the original triangle by pressing "Back One", when I pressed ctrl-J the next copies always appear in front, even as they disappear off into the distance. I am just playing about with it ( I quite like the shell effect on layer 2 with a star ) to see what it can do. Hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks! powerduptest.afdesign
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