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Found 3 results

  1. Kasper-V

    More shared photographs

    As some of you folks are asking for more photos, here are a couple from my garden this week. Although the originals are biggish (22Mb) RAW files from my camera, I've bolied them down to 800 x 600 pixels to share on Facebook. I must get round to having some full-size printing done! OK, this is my bottle-brush tree (Callistemon), which is flowering for the first time in a few years. First is the finished photo as I developed it ... Next, I went back and developed the RAW file three times, setting the exposure to -2, 0, and 1.5, and processed them as HDR. I applied some tone mapping and a little local contrast (but didn't make a note of the values -- sorry!), applied a vignette with exposure +2, and painted a little extra white around the edges and corners to improve the vignette. Finally, this is an 800 x 600 px selection from the first file before I resized it, to show the detail of the flowers. There's quite a bit of noise, as you can see, even though I shot it at 100 ISO. Time to get a decent camera!
  2. Kasper-V

    Yet another photo

    As my laptop won't display RAW files, I run every new set of photos through a batch job to create jpeg thumbnails at 600 pixels wide. Because there's no tweaking done in development, I sometimes get some sad-looking results; fortunately, the RAW file will usually turn out OK with a bit of fiddling about. (Sorry -- that's a disrespectful way to describe the amazing capabilities of Affinity Photo! I mean, with some carefully considered image manipulation :)) So here's a very under-exposed photo of a toucan, shot against a very bright sky. If I'd still been shooting in jpg, I'd have been very disappointed: there's very little room for improvement. Now here's the fidd manipulated version. I resized it to 800 px to post on Facebook; I'll do it full size for my portfolio ... but not today.
  3. peter

    A joke I heard today

    Still drawing on my MBP trackpad, c'mon Santa! Heard a great joke today. So at the risk of being ostracised by the AD team and their allies... What do you call a cat's master? A can opener! :lol: :lol: :lol: Ps only took 30 mins.