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Found 74 results

  1. Pretty much whenever I attempt to use Brushes in pixel mode, I get major major lag in performance, like 5 or more seconds sometimes, between when I draw and when the results appear on the screen. The problem seems to be more severe when using custom brushes, or the default included brushes when the width is increased to very large. I also get performance issues when I switch the blend mode from "Normal" to something like "Multiply". As far as I know, I have a pretty good computer - I've attached a few screenshots of the specs. I've also tried changing the "Performance" configurations but have yet to improve this lag. I've also tried closing running processes and applications. Am I missing something here. My computer is super fast with regards to software development but I'm new to doing graphics related things so I'm uncertain if there's hardware that I'm lacking. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hey guys, I just got a new video card (gtx 1060, my old one was a gtx 750), got a new case (antec 302) which has 2 huge coolers (as opposed to my old case, which had only one small cooler), and switched to windows 10 (was using windows 7 until now). I noticed that if I keep Affinity opened for a few hours, the fans start going crazy at some point, and the cpu temperature goes over 60 degrees Celsius. I know that's not a lot, but my cpu temp barely hits 50 when playing counter strike go for example, so going to 62-63 seems a bit unnatural. When I close Affinity, everything goes back to normal immediately (32-33 degrees Celsius). Why does this happen, and is this normal? Thanks, Chris
  3. mqudsi

    High idle GPU usage

    There seems to be a bug in AD that causes some calculation or rendering to get stuck in an infinite loop, with nothing but a simple SVG with few paths and no complicated features, AD will be taking up ~50% of the available GPU while doing absolutely nothing (and even minimized). I've been noticing this problem since AD 1.5, and currently can reproduce it in the latest 1.6.1 release (which isn't to say that it didn't happen pre-1.5, of course). The only possible factor I could think of is that I've only ever seen it on high-dpi devices (with a non-100%/96dpi configuration), but I'm not sure if that's just a coincidence or not. This happens on multiple PCs with different makes and models of graphics cards (Intel, nVidia, and AMD) so it's not a GPU driver issue. Is there some sort of logging that can be enabled that would help track this down?
  4. I've been having a problem with AD burning up CPU cycles doing absolutely nothing with a lot of documents open after some time. Per earlier conversations, I went through all the documents and made sure nothing was selected/there was no marquee in any of the tabs. The behavior persists when AD is minimized. On a 32 Core/64GB machine it was using ~80% of total system resources or approximately 2500% of a single core with no operations in progress and a blank document active. I ran it through Windows Performance Analyzer and fortunately some of the AD symbols were available so I have the following to share:
  5. evtonic3

    Slow on my Mac

    Not sure whats happening, but it happens from time to time when I work on really deep files with full res images and many layers along with it but I’m getting really poor performance. Is this normal memory usage? I have projects due and the spinning ball of death is gonna get me fired. (not really, but am concerned with this)
  6. AD/AP should block all processing/rendering/etc threads when it is not the active window or when it is minimized. Active tasks (the type that would present a progress dialog like export/save/etc) should of course not be suspended, but there's no reason for AD to be rendering the canvas when it's in the background. Additionally, all tabs except the current tab should always be suspended. The CPU (not memory) profile of AD when open with a single tab active (and not "multiple documents mode" enabled) should be identical whether that tab is the only tab loaded in AD or one of a hundred.
  7. What is the performace/speed issue when trying to work with raw files using iPad Pro 9.7?

    Brush Tool with Wacom Tablet = Slow

    I'm on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. I have an early 2013 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro connected to a Intuos Pro small tablet. I use the brush tool in Affinity Designer to doodle simple drawings for animated videos. I've seen serious lag in the Brush tool performance since upgrading to the 1.6.0 version. I pick up the brush tool, try to draw something with my Wacom pen and there is a 1-2 second lag before the brush hits the screen. This sounds like a small thing but when you're drawing 100-200 images for a video, it quickly becomes very annoying. Basically, I need to start every drawing 3-5 times before I the brush "lands" the right way on the screen. I don't have this issue with using the latest version of Illustrator. How do I optimize the performance for my system/use case? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. I am having a bit of a problem with an illustration. I get the old beach ball when doing simple things like select objects, and in general it is very slow and continues to get worse over time. It is a large file (over 6 MB) with a lot of objects. Any thoughts on how I can look into this matter further? I am starting to force restarts which is causing some time/data loss. Because this illustration contains intellectual property I can't upload to the forum for anyone to look at, but if someone offically supporting Affinity wants me to send it directly in an email (if it's not too big) I can do that. Thanks
  10. Just installed update to AP. Performance is significantly laggy on this update compared to the previous version. App also freezes periodically for unknown reason and has to be force closed. This app should be lighting fast on a machine like this. See specs below. Win 10 64 bit, i7 4.xGHz, 64GB ram, 1080ti nVidia card (latest drivers).
  11. Hi everyone, I've been getting into using Affinity Photo heavily and it's almost become my standard tool if it was not for this major problem. The average size of .tiff file I am editing is 6000 x 4000 When adding a simply white feathered, brushed line, it is extremely slow at responding, and it takes a while for the app to catchup with my mouseclicks. This applies no-matter which blending mode I am using and seemingly the brush size / characteristics as I have read elsewhere. Doing the same tests using Photoshop CC, I cannot reproduce the same horrendous performance. I have tried many combinations of view quality, retina performance and Display method, but I cannot seem to rectify the problem. And I have experimented with using Dedicated graphics or on-board My specs are as follows: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Radeon Pro 560 4 GB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB Any help or update would be appreciated
  12. rainwilds

    Very Slow Rendering

    It's hard to say if this an issue with Affinity Photo or my system but editing is very slow on my machine. Any of the live filters in particular cause a delay in rendering the output as I scrub an option back and forth. I don't exactly have a slow machine. With an i7 2600K, 16GB 1600mhz RAM, Crossfired HD7970s and a Samsung SSD Pro 850. Other software including Photoshop works fast. I tried the Beta and that improves things only slightly. I did a test and found that if I disable the video card(s) under the Performance tab of Preferences by changing it to the WARP renderer the system is much faster. I also tried with Crossfire disabled using only one video card and didn't do anything. UPDATE: I did another test. With WARP enabled interestinly Windows shows the graphic cards in use. With the Renderer being left to Radeon there's no graphics usage at all!? The image with the Task Manager on the right of screen is the WARP renderer running and the other the Radeon cards.
  13. Hello. First of all let me just clarify that I excellent performance doing anything else, this bad performance is specifally just this for some reason. But when I create a "Mask Layer" performance just grinds to a halt. it is 100% un-usable. just alt + lmb to display it takes 20 sec and I can even see how it slowly changes one "tile" at a time into the white mask it applied. pressing ctrl+i to invert it takes another 30 sec and then trying to paint in some information with a brush, simply forget about it. The preview brush under the marker will not even display, and if i do a brush stroke it takes upwards to 1-2min before it displays and then ofcourse it is not smoth at all. I am not sure what is causing this, I have opend a 36mp .TIF file in ProPhoto RGB, and again all edits such as a regular levels layer or curve layer works perfectly fin, full performance super smooth. And creating a empty pixel layer and painting with a brush there works perfectly fine. It is just Mask Layers that will cause this slowdown. I've searched the forums finding nothing to this specific problem, changed performance settings, un-installed and re-installed... but the issue reamins This is currently making the software 100% un-useable for me.
  14. I'm at the current stable version of Affinity Photo for Windows and I'm experiencing a lag, when using Healing Brush on "Current Layer and Below." Has anyone experience this? I'm using Wacom Intuos Photo with the latest WACOM drivers installed and I just reformatted and reinstalled everything on Feb. 4, 2018. Thanks for reading, Ron
  15. If I create mulitple objects in affinity designer the performance become slower. If I hide the objects it is faster again. How can I solve the problem? 64 GB RAM 8 GB video graphic
  16. Selection tool is very slow and takes seconds to select other object after a click. It's noticable slower on a text objects than other types. Example screen recording attached. Yellow circle under a cursor is a click event. System info: Windows 10 1709, Designer v1.6.1.93 1920x1080, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i5 7200U, 512 GB SSD designer_selection_delay.mp4
  17. Hi guys, Just wanted to report a bug. When using text styles, especially on Artistic Text, AD becomes very laggy, it gets a 2-3 seconds delay for a select object action for example. Thank you, Chris
  18. It takes over a minute to open (WIN 7 with AP v. I read that my color settings may be wrong "WCS device profile" but I have no idea how to change it (if I could find it and knew what it was). Others on the forums say it takes about 7 seconds?
  19. Any advice on the best settings for performance in preferences on Photo - memory usage etc? I've had a quick search but can't find anything on here. I have 64bit Windows system with 16gb ram, Intel i5-2500K 3.30ghz, with Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050 ti. Current settings are attached. My problem has been generally sluggish performance, waiting for effects to play catch-up with Retina Rendering at Highest Quality and a far too pixelated image when it's set to low quality.
  20. Even with rather moderate image sizes, whenever there is an active pixel selection (tested in marching ants mode), the software becomes extremely slow and beachbally, and the entire OS becomes unresponsive. This was not the case pre-1.5. If it is possible to deselect despite the slowdowns and erratic UI, the performance seems to go back to normal. This is using the 1.5.1 AppStore build of Photo on OS X 10.9.5 with the latest system updates, late 2008 silver model MacBook, with 8GB RAM installed after the fact and hard drive replaced with SSD, graphics chipset is the standard NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB. Main screen is an external Eizo CG series graphics monitor connected via Display Port, on which Affinity Photo is running. OS is German locale, with Affinity Photo running in English. Activated IME keyboards are German, US English, and the three Japanese ones.
  21. Is there a way to start up AD without any plugins, brushes - whatever is capable of somehow slowing it down? I have an image which is nigh impossible to edit on my machine, and it was fine until a few days ago (it's part of a larger whole which I can't share publicly). I am not entirely sure what is going on, but it is impossible for me to edit the bottom line of the attached - it will create new Art Text, zoom - anything when I try to get to edit it except actually edit the text and the. machine. slows. to. a. crawl. with. a. spinning. ball. in. between. each. action. (and yes, that is as annoying as reading that is). The machine is a regular 15" Retina laptop with 16GB of RAM, an SSD drive and a Core i7, so it's not supposed to be this sluggish. Just by way of a test, I loaded both the Neon Alleyway and Destroyer tutorial files simultaneously, and that all works fine and fluid, yet this small file appears capable of turning this machine into something that resembles Windows 10 on a Celeron chip with 256k RAM with both Word and Excel loaded. For reference, memory usage does not go up (I still have about 10GB free with the two tutorials loaded, nor does CPU utilisation spike, so I'm at a loss as to what is happening. No performance settings (as enclosed) have been changed over the last few days. Has my talent for breaking things struck again? :) deathtrap.afdesign
  22. Hi how does affinity photo perform while editing raw files using a 2017 Imac I5 8GB Memory Imac? I head photoshop and lightroom is very slow, I just wondered if anybody used affinity with this spec mac? Darren
  23. I'm running Affinity Designer on Windows 10 and it is freezing up constantly. About once per minute it'll freeze for maybe 3-4 seconds and then everything goes back to normal. When it freezes Designer will use about 50% of the CPU capacity for the duration of the freeze. I would assume my computer's CPU simply isn't powerful enough, but Designer regularly uses up to 90% of the CPU capacity with no problems. Also this was never a problem before (same computer, same files). It's been about a month since I last used Designer. This problem started last week when I opened it up and updated to the latest version. System specs: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz dual core 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 256GB SSD Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks.
  24. There seems to be an issue with how Affinity Photo handles display scaling in Windows. With scaling applied, there is a severe performance degradation when using tools. I've recreated this on two computers and in both the release version and beta using a 4k monitor under Windows 10 x64. My primary PC is an i7 2700K, 16gb RAM, & GTX 1080 gpu. To most easily reproduce this: - Set Windows Display scaling to 125%. Logging out is not needed to recreate this issue nor has any impact. - Launch AF and open, for example, the Space Dock demo file - With the whole canvas visible, create a new pixel layer on the top of the stack and use the paint brush to quickly scribble around the image. - Note the laggy, stuttering performance of the brush. To compare: - Close AF and set Display scaling to 100%, again logging out is not needed. - Open the same file and repeat the test - Brush tool is now smooth and seamless while painting. Can anyone else recreate this issue? Any ideas on fixing it? display_scale_video.zip EDIT: Added short video clip to demonstrate - first at 125% scaling, then 100%. Note cpu usage difference. Larger display scaling values seem to further increase cpu usage.
  25. Hello, Last week I ported my icon projects from Microsoft Expression Design into Affinity Designer. One file contains about 500 icons / slices. In Microsoft Expression Design I had no problems - but in Affinity I have the following problems (see my sample project): Zoom and move: Open the file and go to "Export Persona" --> Zoom in and out. It is extremely slow (sometimes you have to wait more than two minutes) Up to 5 GB of memory is used Affinity Designer sometimes crashes Create new slice It is very difficult to create additional slices - the software reacts very slowly Unfold a slice group in the list Go to "Studio / Slice". Go to the end of the list and unfold the group After this the list goes up and you have to scroll down again. This is a very bad user experience - especially if you have to do this several times The following improvements would be helpful: Copy slices A button for Fold and Unfold for all items in the list I hope you can help me... Greetings juam slice.afdesign