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Found 195 results

  1. Hello. I'm attempting to upload art made in Affinity Designer to Teespring. I export as a PNG, Resample: Bilinear and don't resize the image larger when creating my listing. After creating the listing, the preview looks pixelated. Other shops don't have this pixelation problem on their product pages. I'm concerned about the quality of the shirt. Their design tips say to turn off anti-aliasing in Illustrator. Can I achieve a similar result in Designer to prevent pixilation of a printed product? I see an export option for nearest neighbor but I don't fully understand this or if it will allow my design to be printed with high quality. The artwork are vectors and they are only pixelated when uploaded to the shop. What would you suggest?
  2. Good morning I have a jpeg photo which I would like to save as png with a transparent background.Would someone kindly let me know how this is done please.Many thanks
  3. Hi, So i tried exporting a illustration into figma, but the layers just don't align, i will share my original view and the export view, can anybody help me out i am running on a time frame here PS. the PNG comes out A-OK Regards -Noobie37-letter.svg the PNG view SVG view
  4. I am a newbie for affinity photo. I am trying out how to make a photo or an image background transparent. I have tried the above method and I still get the white background as saved file. Can someone show me a YouTube link if there is any? (I have found one link and I also tried what it says but still I get a white background instead).
  5. As a test with this program i have decided to make a small project to understand the basics of how to handle it. So far so good, until i export the final result into an 8-colour indexed PNG file to save space. The project has nothing but two colours, white and the background colour, so the remainder of the palette just exists for antialiasing, however, i am finding that on the exported image, all the solid white areas have dithering on them, the edges are correctly antialiased as expected, but the white areas have an irregular pattern on them. I have provided the project file to someone i know who runs Designer on macOS and on their end, and they seem to have ran into the same problem as i did. The project settings used are: Preset: None, Palletized: Yes, Pallette: Automatic, Colours: 8, and "Don't export layers hidden by export persona" checked. This is being done in Designer The problem does not exist while exporting as PNG without any additional parameters. Although, SOMETIMES, setting PNG-8 as a render preset will give an image with banding, instead of dithering. Attatched is a render at the highest resolution and the project file on my PC, also the renders from my friend's Mac for comparison's sake. Windows 10 Classic Wallpaper.afdesign
  6. I've been using AD for about a week now and I must say I love. I have a couple of tools and personalization options I still miss from Illustrator and I'm hoping to see them in Affinity soon. One of these is the option to choose the background color of a PNG file upon exporting. Setting a background in any color is fast and easy while creating the content, but exporting an image with a transparent background is impossible. Or at least I haven't found the way to do it.
  7. Hi, I've having issues when exporting transparent PNG files. I've had a look at previous posts and I can't seem to find anything that fixes this. I have the resampler set to bilinear when exporting and performance to bilinear too. I also have the settings as 300dpi. PalmTree.afdesign
  8. A recent video about removing backgrounds points out a web-based technology that would be outstanding if it could be licensed by and incorporated into Affinity Photo or available as a plug-in. The video link is below (screen shot is from the video). It would be very, very useful for images with complex foregrounds. https://youtu.be/_N5EIn90bWw
  9. Hi First, may you pardon me for my approximative english, it is not my native language ;-) I am a happy user of Affinity Designer/Publisher/Photo since a couple of years. I have switched from Adobe, and I have been earlier a heavy user of PhotoShop/Illustrator/InDesign (20 years) until the monthly fee. My question is about the presets of png/gif export on an image in Designer : in my webdesign workflow, I use a vector program to create tables or charts and I export them in jpg/png/gif ; I need to keep little weights. I have noticed that such images generated from Designer are often heavier than from PhotoShop ... My question: is it possible to access fine parameters like in PhotoShop? In PhotoShop it is possible to choose a color reduction method (perception, selective, adaptative, ...), and the dithering method (without, diffusion, pattern, ...). In Designer, the only choice for png is png-24 or png-8 (with diffusion)... and the expert window don't have these parameters I join screen captures of PS : under the "1." the export parameters of PS ; under the "2.", you can see that when exporting an image with and without dithering, there is a significant difference : in my example, setting the dithering to "none" gets an image from 310,1K to 165,4K (all other settings are unchanged). I would like to know if it is possible to do that with the Affinity Suite? Or maybe make this suggestion to the development team ;-) Best regards, Patrick
  10. How does one get a png file into Affinity Designer please? I am trying to use one of the twenty png paper designs in the DAUB® Watercolours & Washes package. The files are png format. William
  11. In the Export Persona, when exporting an image for the web and you want the size as small as possible, you want to see a preview of what you will be exporting. So you can change the quality of a jpeg and see instantly what the result will be. The same when you change the number of colors in the palette of gifs and pngs. Also show the sizes in bytes of the slices you are exporting. The size is shown in the simple Export, but not in the more advanced Export Persona. Fireworks does this very well, it even has multiple previews with different export settings.
  12. Yo, I´m currently using Affinity Photo Version and I encountered an error when exporting in PNG format, the photos are incompletely exported, some areas disappear as if they were badly cropped, save the same work in different files and it was still present the error. In other documents if I manipulate the transparency of the image for example from 100% to 50% the elements disappear when exported in PNG. I tried to put other elements on top of that layer and try again but the layer that was manipulated with its transparency disappears. does anyone else have that problem? I attached three images to, one as shown in my work area, one with the export settings and the third with the final result
  13. I placed an image into a Publisher document page and added text within the image area. After grouping all of the elements, with the group selected I exported to JPEG ("Selection with background"). The resulting JPEG file contained a thin white border that was not in the original file. Then I tried exporting using the "without background" setting. Same result. Then I tried it as a PNG ("selection with background"). Same result. Next I tried it as a PNG without background and finally the thing was exported without the thin white rule. This has happened several times when I've exported a selection to JPEG. (The quality setting is always 85 or higher.) So it doesn't appear to be some peculiarity of a particular image. I don't want to have to export first to PNG, then open the PNG file in some other program and re-save as JPEG. Is there some way to save from Publisher to JPEG without the unwanted rule around the image?
  14. I am trying to create a digital design from one of my drawings. I autotraced it in Inkscape, cleaned it up in Designer and now have to export it as a png file. The image now looks a bit pixelated. How can I fix this? The end result has to be a png file. Is there an easier way to convert my drawings to png? Please help!
  15. Hello all, I am struggling to export a design (in Affinity Designer) with drop shadow. I have text with the effect 'outer shadow' which looks great however, when I export this as a PNG, it is no longer there!? The file dimensions (if you need to know) are 7632 px by 6480 px in 300 dpi. I simply select 'export' and click PNG but don't have many options. I'm just leaving it as PNG. Not sure what PNG-8 (dithered) is or if that will make a difference? I'm using version Please help! I can't see what I'm doing wrong? Thank you all in advance Helen x
  16. hello designers, after i have done a project i exported it and this is what happend (in picture) it is rasteraize and it is very clear when i export many shapes Can someone tells me what is the correct method to export a logo in affinity designer ? because i iam a new affinity user thanks.
  17. Hi, when exporting PNG, the option "Palette" -> "Custom" doesn't seem to work. There is no way to define which custom palette to use and when attempting to export that way all I get is an error dialog saying "An error occurred while exporting to: /Users/peter/Desktop/test.png" If I'm using this wrong I'd like to know how it's supposed to work, but since I don't see any additional UI to make it work I'm filing it as a bug. If it's not meant to be there maybe it would best be removed from the drop-down. It would be helpful for app development for embedded wearables which have displays that support only a very particular palette of 64 colors. (Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers) e.g. https://developer.pebble.com/guides/tools-and-resources/color-picker/ Cheers -- Peter
  18. Created a design (all vector), but now I'm told it needs to be exported to PNG file format. I know now that vector and PNG don't really go together. Searching for best way to get my design exported to PNG while maintaing image quality.
  19. Hi, When I export pngs in export persona, it doesn't export me with the correct resolution. it's about 1/3 the size. For example, even if the iPhone X were to come out with 1125×2436, it would still be 375×812. I'm using default export preset. How do I export correct resolution as same as I made? Thanks for any helps.
  20. Hi, when exporting an artboard to PNG I get an image with an unwanted white border all around. The margins are 0 in the document setup but I didn't find a way to get rid of that border. Thanks for any help
  21. I'm on Windows10 desktop. I have been trying to create some new patterns and had added some brushes strokes as they were too pixelated when opened in Affinity Photo. But the brush strokes don't show up when exported them as png. I need the backgrounds to be transparent so jpg won't work. I tried rasterizing them prior to export but didn't work either.I thought maybe an update would help but the 1.8.2 won't open - I've redownloaded it but not go there. Is there a trick to it or do pngs not work with brush strokes. I don't remember this as a problem before. Thanks for any help.
  22. I can export as a jpeg (as the tutorial suggests) but when I try to then import the newly created brush image, my file box only shows PNG's, any idea why or what I might be doing wrong?
  23. Hello, I have a logo created in AI which I can open in Designer. I can also scale it up and down. I want to be able to save it as png with transparent background to be used on a website. Can’t seem to be able to do that. I go to File > Export & select PNG but transparent background is not an option. So basically I want to take a vector image and save it as a raster image with transparent background. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!
  24. Noticed a could of times when I create a long page design like a landing page... And I try to export to png with a 2x or more multiplier... It refuses to export properly. It still exports with default 1x even if I've changed it to 2x or more..
  25. Hi, why when exporting as .png does it export at such a poor quality?
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