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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I am new in photography and using Affinity as well. I experiment with my camera and multiple focus points and multiple exposure . I am wandering using Affinity, what is the best way to create a very clear landscape photo with great DoF and to be HDR. The steps I have in my minds is: 5 different exposures for each exposure 9 different focal points then on Affinity I am thinking to merge the focal points first (grouped by exposure) , so I will get five new photos where each one now includes all focal points but has different exposure then I will do the HDR merge is this a right approach ? and how I control/decide the correct DoF (lets say is a landscape or night skyscrapers wig water in front or stars) many thanks
  2. Lorenz

    Desert Fox

    This is my profile picture for this forum in a larger size. Hope you like it! #DesertFox Oh, and critique is welcome!
  3. ewforbess

    HDR Moon

    My first attempt at using the HDR merge function in AP. I used three exposures: -1, 0 and +1 stop.
  4. G-F-H

    A pier at night

    This started off as a spooky road at night and ended up as a this.
  5. horslip

    Day and Night at the Arena

    Here is my attempt to merge a couple of shots of the Allianz Arena in Munich going from day into night. The Arena was being lit in rainbow colours to celebrate Christopher Street Day 2016.
  6. Hi, i am new to Affinity Photo. I have some problems if i open some Raw pictures in Affinity. The problems occur`s when i open some dark / night photos ( Raw File ). My first intention is that the problem can be the long exposure of the picture. If i open other pictures raw files ( shot in normal light and short exposure ) I have attached 2 pictures, the first is from Affinity Photos ( direkt after opening the raw file ) and the second File open in Photoshop Some details from my Camera and Settings: Cam: Sony alpha 7R2 ( ILCE-7RM2 ) Settings: ISO 500, f4, 26mm, 20seconds Thanks for your help Mirco
  7. giantlobsterprd

    night runner