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Found 28 results

  1. I dont know how but I somehow managed to turn of the editing panel on the right side and I am kinda new in this :'D How do I turn it on ?
  2. Is there a way to emulate the duplicate tool in photoshop? i tried drawing a simple box then copy pasted it. Once the selection appeared i tried to move it. Didn’t work. thanks
  3. I was disappointed when I imported a photo selected one person of four whose face fell into shadow and was much darker than the others. in photoshop I would select the face and use exposure to lighten it in balance with the others. Could not do this in Affinity. am I missing something? Thanks
  4. Boolean Games

    Boolean Games - Newbie Designer

    Hi all, I'm Greg, and I run a game development company called Boolean Games. Always liked the Vector art style, so thought I'd give it a go myself. Initially tried Illustrator but disliked the pricing etc, currently on a trial with Affinity so far but I really like it so I'll end up buying it This is roughly the level that I'm at but the inspiration was my 2 year old daughter and a possible design for the feature wall in her newly decorated bedroom.
  5. Kennethchase

    Accept changes

    Two questions. I chose to change a couples things to my photo but don’t see where to click to save the changes. And I had seen lighting effects but now I can’t find them. can’t find this in any tutorials. Thanks
  6. How do I submit a request in affinity forum I am trying to find out if it is possible to make a slideshow in affinity photo
  7. Hello, What is the most efficient way to accomplish the following: (1) Create/refine a selection (2) Make an adjustment to it (3) Be able to go back and apply other adjustments to the same selection later on #3 is where I'm struggling. Thanks for your patience in helping a newbie.
  8. I've been following Affinity Designer for a while, done the trial, bought the book but need advice before I take the plunge. I'm only a part-time graphic designer/publisher and the occasional freelance work that comes in does not justify the monthly charge for Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop. After being a long time user of Quark, I stupidly coughed up for QuarkXpress v10 but it was such a disaster, I signed up to Creative Cloud. I got a year at a great rate that included the whole suite (including Illustrator) for not much more than the current monthly fee for two apps. The 'deal' is getting silly now. I'm really looking for a package that will replace Photoshop and Indesign. Whilst I manage to limp on by with a patch for Quark V10.5.2 running on Mac OS Sierra (conflicts and End of Life product nightmare!) before I leave Adobe altogether I need to be sure Affinity can provide all that is needed to continue to produce newsletters, posters, leaflets, pull up banners etc. Indesign is the programme I use most but Designer seems more like Illustrator in that aspect. Should I buy Affinity Photo and ditch Photoshop (which I hate and still can't work out how to use even after 14 years) and should I wait for Affinity to produce a publishing programme before cancelling Indesign? (They keep promising it but it seems a while in the making . . . ) Any advice gratefully received.
  9. Hi, I'm a beginner to graphic design etc so please bear with me whilst I wrangle the terminology. I'm starting with an existing vector shape: https://www.123rf.com/photo_58944851_male-human-body-with-head-turned-to-side-flat-icon-for-apps-and-websites.html I want to be able to cut it up to have different limbs and body sections on each layer. I.e. Face, Head, Neck, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Some quite small and internal (E.g. Spine will be a strip in the middle) I don't know how to slice it with seamless boundaries.... Any pointers appreciated. Thanks Rob (Ultimately export to SVG then do hover and click effects on each limb)
  10. I'm new to photo editing and when I look at all the different options available, I get overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. I wish there was an explanation to what all the different options mean and an explanation of when and in which scenario they should be used. So, I'm wondering if such a website or video in AP exists? I watch all the tutorial videos but unless I understand when I should use the different options, e.g. masks, layers, brushes, etc., I won't be able to edit my photo properly. When I try to follow what's being done in the video on Vimeo, my photos look horrible then I get frustrated and just do basic editing on my computer.
  11. Hello, I am a newbie here, AFFINITY is a good place for finding answers about beta based on iOS, Windows and Android. I place my beta in my Windows and iOS. I think I will learn a lot here.
  12. I'm new to AP and I only know the basics of Photoshop. I've used Illustrator for a few years. When I see photos in a brochure they all have the same 'feel' to them, like they were all made just for that brochure. I always thought that this was just the photographer getting a sort of look, but I am led to believe that this is a post photo process. The sort of thing I'm blabbing on about is like this: https://youtu.be/I9WYg_2vGOk Any idea where to start achieving this sort of thing with AD?
  13. silverdust

    May the 4th be with you

    A late one but I thought I should give it a try anyway. Always wanted to do this
  14. Could someone please walk me through the steps required to insert an image I've created and saved as an Asset in AD 1.5, that I know want to insert in a photographic image I have in AP? I'm early in the learning process and still shaky on some of the most basic of operations. For example, I am unsure of the best/proper way to combine two separate documents (in this case, one in AD containing the Asset with the photographic image I referred to in AP) in order to lay the one on top on the other. Would this require me to export the AD Asset as a slice, then import into AP? I really am lacking in knowledge here, apologizing in advance for the elementary nature of the question. I'm working on a new MacBook Pro with AD 1.5 and just-purchased AP software. Thanks all! -Christo
  15. Could anyone help me with how to put a business logo (for a container company) on the side of a container image - with the logo (Just 3 letters) running down the side of the container. Skewing doesn't help... it needs to look as though it is getting smaller in the distance as it reaches the end of the long shipping container. Thanks for any advice !!!
  16. Hello, I've just bought the Affinity Photo for Windows after trying the Public Beta and I absolutely love it! I have two small questions. When I import a picture (1280x720) is it possible to have the default image zoom at 100% all the time? (or just on smaller images then it's my monitor resolution) Because when I import 1280x720 picture, it's zoomed in about 10-20% more than it should be (110-120% zoom). And the second question, is it possible to import photo directly by dragging/copying from web browser? I can't do it here in Affinity Photo but in Photoshop it worked.
  17. EastendCreativs

    Nest Thermostat

    I bought Designer yesterday an was playing around with it. What do you think of it
  18. Hello, This is my first time really illustrating anything. I've always dabbled in all kinds of graphics software before but have never had the commitment to generate output. Most of my time with tools like Inkscape, Blender, 3D Studio etc have always been exploratory. Please feel free to provide feedback. Thank you, craftybones [EDIT] I edited to get rid of some spaces between various parts and tried experimenting with a flat look.
  19. Royalenchntrss

    Newbie Question

    Coming from a Photoshop user of about 20 years and at the risk of sounding dumb I have to ask ... Is there a paint bucket somewhere and I am missing it or do I have to use the fill tool? I WILL NOT pay a monthly fee to use Photoshop and have just been lost trying to learn a new program when I'm SO at home using Photoshop. :( I'm hoping to LOVE all Affinity programs if I can just get the hang of something new! Thanks for any help! :D
  20. RichardG

    Node tool not selecting

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie to affinity, I have been following several basic tutorials. I am Using an Apple Macbook pro and affinity 1.4.1 I am find that when I select the node tool nothing happens in the work space although the tool bar changes to the node tool bar. However, if I select the corner tool that changes the worth Item to the node view, if I click a node point then select the node tool the nodes remain and 90% of the time it will work. Any body else experiencing this. Thanks.
  21. Hi Folks, This is my first real go at a more complex (Complex for me that is) design using AD. The plan is for this design to go onto a tee shirt but I wanted to offer it up on here first to get some feedback and pointers. The title is "Bay the Force be with you", its my take on Big Hero 6 being crossed with Star Wars. The design is not 100% complete yet but the basic design is there and I thought this would be a good time to offer it up for some helpful feedback. The areas I have struggled with mainly are... 1> Symmetry - If you look closely you will see that the helmet does not sit central to the body, when I try to get it central it seems to throw the rest of the design out. This, I am finding, is a common issue for me when I try to create something. 2> Shading - I have no real idea how to perfect the shading on this. As you can see 90% of the image is a white colour which made creating definition between things such as the helmet, armour, body, arms and legs really hard. Any advice on this would be HUGELY welcome. Any other points you can see that you think are worth mentioning then please feel free. Thanks folks Mark Bay the Force be with you v1.0.afdesign
  22. I am new to Affinity and photo editing, never used photoshop. I have watched basic videos and cannot seem to understand how I can add a second image as a background? Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  23. I've just installed Affinity Photo 1.3.5 (from the App Store) and have a problem downloading the samples. The only ones that seems to work are The Visit & the Elephant King. The others acquire a small red X when I click on them. I'm running OS 10.9.5. It's not a huge problem per se but I would like to be reassured that I haven't downloaded a faulty version... I also note that the full screen toggle keyboard command is not Cmd Shift F as stated in the dropdown window. It is, in fact, Ctrl Cmd F. It remains to be seen if there are more malfunctions/inconsistencies. A cursory preliminary opening and working on local files seems to be OK. Any ideas & suggestions welcome.
  24. I have purchased a new camera that is not supported by 5.6 of Lightroom. Prompted by the Affinity review on Bythom.com, I am considering changing my habit of paying Adobe $110+ every 6 months to upgrade, and, instead, try Affinity. The camera is a Fuji x-t10. Some things about me: 1. I am not a Photoshop user. I have used Lightroom primarily for the purpose of converting RAW files and accomplishing minor edits, as well as cataloging photos. 2. I have some interest is becoming more proficient in RAW file development. I am not a pro. This is a hobby. 3. Right now, my primary interest is being able to download RAW files from SD cards, view the files, and perform minor edits/development, and then store the files for later review, printing, distribution. 4. Computers/devices used in my household include Macbook Pro, Imac, and latest generation Ipad. My question: Will purchase of Affinity, combinded with software native to my Macbook/Imac allow me to accomplish the items stipulated in 3, above? I realize Affinty is a wonderful program, allowing fantastic results for those capable of comprehending and useing the various features- I have viewed a few of the tutorials; but will it serve as a surrogate for Lightroom in the inexperienced and incapable hands of someone like myself? thank you for any response. Best regards, Wayne