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Found 8 results

  1. I have problem copy only one channel like red from picture and paste or create new from clipboard! Always I got all channels! However, when I cut a channel, the content in the selected channel disappears. It means I have cut out the content, but all channels are sticking. it is similar when I create a new one from the clipboard. Can I just copy / cut a channel? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Copying artboards and then hitting "New From Clipboard" will initially create a document that does not use artboards. In this state an export to PDF would cause all artboards ending up on a single page. The document will enable artboards only once an editing action is performed. PS: As far as I've understood there is currently no easier way to only export selected artboards into pages in a PDF document. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. There is a strange thing happening in Photo with 'new from clipboard' in combination with making screenshots with windows print screen ( but could be with other clipboard-images too, didn't test that); After making a screenshot by pressing the 'print screen' key on the keyboard and using 'new from clipboard' in Photo, the marquee selection tool doesn't cut a region of the image-selection, but removes the full image instead. This happened to me some times lost weeks and it is easy to reproduce and has the same result every time I do this: way to reproduce: 1- Press 'printscreen'-button on keyboard to create a screenshot 2- In Photo: file --> New from clipboard (the full screenshot appears as a new canvas and layer in Photo like expected) 3- Now select the marquee tool and draw a selection over the image 4- Press ctrl-X (or cut via edit menu) --> now the full image got removed, instead of removing the region of the selection done some testing: I just found out that if I insert a step after step 3, before step 4: fill the selection (edit -> fill), which works fine with the selection btw, then after that cancel that fill and then goto step 4, suddenly the ctrl-x works again and removes only the selection like I'd expect So guess this could need some attention.
  4. Ja use PrtSc-button to take a screen capture, then in APhoto: I create a new document with "New from clipboard" I make a "Rectangular selection" (or any other kind selection I assume) I try to "Cut" (ctrl-X or menu) or "Copy" the selection. Result: the whole layer is either deleted or copied. Loading an image normally and all works normally. Also pasting PrtSc-screen captures to existing documents causes similar behaviour.
  5. Hi, selecting part of an image, edit-copy, file-new from clipboard the crop of the image change original dimension/dpi, in fact If I copy the new part of the image and paste into original then is smaller.
  6. Practical PhotoPlus (sorry) behavior: Ctrl V for pasting clipboard as new image and Ctrl L for pasting clipboard as new layer, both I use all the time but doesn't seem to work in Affinity Designer. There's a keyboard shortcut for just new from clipboard but it requires two hands and a foot (Ctrl Shift Alt N ). I really dislike keyboard shortcuts involving three or more buttons. Not sure yet if it's possible to paste as layer at all. Also, always a bottleneck since each and every program supports either one or the other: drawing a marquee to select objects: some programs select everything the marquee surrounds and others select anything it touches. I wish to have both options e.g. using a keyboard key while dragging the marquee. Often when zoomed in not all objects fit in the window while I like to include them in the selection. Roberto
  7. I really love the New From Clipboard. Some projects like the one I'm doing now I use that feature several times a day. Is there a way to force the resolution of the new document to be the same as that of the original document. Seems that it always uses 96 DPI which throws off other readings like my 14 pt stroke becomes 43.75 pt.
  8. New from Clipboard I love Designer But I cant use it for my work, because I am working with game graphics and I need to cut from a picture and create a new document from the "cut or copy" and it seems that "New from Clipboard" missing. So i'm forced to use iDraw. It's funny because it is a feature in the Beta of Affinity photo. Griff13
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