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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! I understand through quick online searching that it is possible to create bleeding edges on Affinity Designer. Is this possible on Affinity Photo? I can't seem to find out how.
  2. The current possibility to set the origin of the Grid and Ruler is great - thank you. But would it be possible to allow a quick and easy setting of the origin according to the set Margins? For example, at define margins in document settings, check the separate checkboxes "Set Grid / Ruler origin to margin".
  3. How can I add document margin in affinity designer for iPad ?
  4. In Document Setup when changing unit type from say Inches to Centimetres and either tabbing to the next input box or clicking on an input box the unit type doesn't change until you click OK and then go back into the Document setup. Typing in those input boxes will still show "in" not "cm" Another option you should have is to be able to sync all or selected inputs instead of having to type in each one, this goes for all affinity apps with bleeds and also margins.
  5. For the Baseline Grid Manager, there is the option to start the baseline relative to 'Top of Spread', 'Top of Page', or 'Top of Margin'. I have it set to top of margin, which should start it at the start of my margin (as it goes in the ID example, in orange). However, it still starts it at the top of the page (Publisher example in purple).
  6. Hi I'm trying to auto distribute a group of squares along a 3d looking axis. Is there a way to do this at all? Or what is the best way to do this?..... If I do this by eye/hand it might take a while Cheers! Ben
  7. This problem still exists, even on the latest release. I'm having trouble working around for multiple art-boards each time I open the document. I have posted a video to explain what's troubling me. As you can see, this problem is only with the art-boards. And also, the values once entered in the document creation window is stored in the document setup field and it doesn't update at all. Please watch the video to understand the issue more clearly. Please solve this issue soon. Thank you!
  8. [new user] What is the best/easiest to specify the print size and margins? I'm used to a print dialog that lets me specify the size and each margin. For instance, I want to print my image 4"x5" with 1/2" border top and left on letter size paper. Later I'll print the same image with other dimensions. Thanks,
  9. Hi, I currently work on some document with blue background colour. In that case, the document margins are truly invisible. It could be nice to have a way to set the colour of margin (and guide) lines somewhere in the Preferences panel. Thanks.
  10. When I wanted to export a standard A4 document (birthday card.afdesign) to pdf, the generated pdf file included some margins I did not want, the document settings don't include margins, and I tried all the pdf export presets. When I create a new document with the same presets and place the document in there, the export does work as I want it to. Is this due to a setting I changed by accident? Or is this a bug in the document?
  11. I'm pretty sure my margins used to show outside the document like photoshop but all of a sudden they're gone and it's bugging the hell out of me? How do I make them show again?
  12. Hello! I'm wondering if Affinity Designer has the option for me to export a file (for instance .jpeg / .png) that will export the web design I made and show the margins / padding between certain objects. This makes it easy for a programmer to program the design in WP / Joomla etc. I quickly made an example and attached it to the topic. The distances are not correct but you get my point. Kind regards, Kevin
  13. Hello, I have got a simple question concerning the grid system. I would like to create a 12 grid system with margins on an artboard. I found the margin settings of the document and also the grid system which works fine. But how can I set up these 12 grids only within the "type area" and not until the end of the whole artboard? (I am usually a printdesigner but would like to learn more about UI/UX Design). Thank you so much for your help! Best regards
  14. I can't seem to great a print document with margins, whether I check artboard or no artboard. The margins settings below are always greyed out. Same thing is I try to create the document and the go to document setup. I'm shocked, what am I missing?
  15. It would be great for a UI designer to define margins and paddings for objects' bounding boxes and then add an option for enabling margin/padding alignment.
  16. Would be great to be able to add margins to multiple artboards at the same time. Same with guides and have the guides move with the artboard. Thanks!
  17. Please add a customizable gutter selection to the Margin Menu. This is great for publishing. Thanks, Banjina
  18. I'm just getting started with Affinity Photo, so these are basic questions regarding printing. How do I print a photo with a specific margin? My example is I want a 4"x6" print with quarter inch margins. I've set up a Document with margins, and I can see the blue margin lines but these seem to have no effect on printing. Resizing the canvas causes the document to resize, so it always fills. I expect that I'm missing something very basic. I have seen the tutorial on adding a margin to the image, I was hoping to be able to specify an absolute size for the margin. Thanks!
  19. Would be great to be able to set equal margins and equal bleeds on all 4 sides rather than setting each individually.
  20. AndreaR

    Document Margins lost

    After I setup margins on a new document ("Document Setup..." > Include Margins > set my values), print a test page, then I go again to margins setup and change only one value, when I press "OK" all other margins resets to zero.
  21. As for print production margins are essential, it would be great to get some improvements on these. If all margins do have the same size, it would be helpful just to enter one of them and carry it over to the other margins. This should be activatable by a tick as not every time all margins have the same size. When I activate margins, the size of the margins should be added to document size automatically depending on the entered value. This brings the advantage that the original page size is always visible, there are less calculation errors and it would become possible to export the document with and without margins. If margins are set, they should be visible on the page all the time. But there should be a view option to hide them if necessary. I think a good example how to handle margins could be Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for review.