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Found 5 results

  1. I have two separate curves in affinity design, when I use join with the node tool the Pressure curve of one of the paths is used in the now merged path, which basically changes the entire pressure of the stroke. I’m exporting the file to use for embroidery so a lot of paths are to be merged in a long one and its more accurate for me to do the pressure of each section before merging. Am I missing a step or a setting? I just need the pressure paths to merge as well. Thanks! FullSizeRender.mov
  2. I've seen lots of topics on Breaking curves and Joining curves and I am still having trouble. I have an elongated rounded corner rectangle. I'm trying to turn it into an elongated C. I did an Expand Stroke. Then I selected a node on the outside curve, hit Break Curve. Then selected a node on the inside curve and hit Break Curve. I can now move a node so that they look to be separate, no path between the nodes. But the fill still continues between the broken nodes. Then I try to do a join and they will not join. I used the snap to get one node from the outside curve to align right over the node from the inside curve, select them both by holding shift and drawing a box around the two nodes, hit join curves. And sure enough they are still separate. I suspect the join just isn't going to work seeing as the fill continues along that they aren't truly broken. I would guess that I couldn't have fill if I had two truly open curves. Has anyone any ideas? Has anyone tried breaking a shape following an Expand Stroke?
  3. Am having trouble doing what would be ctrl + j in Adobe Illustrator. Steps I've taken: 1. Enable snap to geometry of selected curves. 2. Select both lines using move tool. 3. Drag end of one line over end of the other line. 4. Click join curves. The curves remain separate. Join curves does nothing. Any tips appreciated. join_curves.mp4
  4. Hi Guys. I have a series of open curves I need to join to complete an outline of a torso. The paths are spread across layers in the same group. I am failing to join the nodes in several places. I am using the move tool on my iPad Pro to select the two paths and then using the node tool and a one finger gesture to select the two nodes which are close together. The other ends of these two paths are far away. Then selecting the “join” option in the node tool contextual menu is not achieving a join. I also tried dragging one node over the other, and I do see the anchor/node turn yellow, but then selecting join doesn’t join the two paths. I attach my file here. Thanks. JoinCurvesIssue.afdesign
  5. Hi, I hope I can phrase my question clearly for you. I had expanded some strokes and had to use "Join curves" to join the whole into a single curve. Currently, the curve marked red has white coloured stroke and white coloured filling. I would like to make this red-marked curve as part of the blue-marked curve, so I do not have to worry about the fill colour of the red-marked curve. "Join curve" doesn't seem to help. Please could you tell me how I can do this? Warm regards, Sammyuktha R.P.
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