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Found 2 results

  1. 1. would love to use my arrow keys to toggle quickly through all the luts in my folder. instead of having to click on the lut box i would love to just use my keyboard just as i can in 3dlutcreator. 2. would love to see a lut manager or gallery where i can see rows of thumbnails of the image with different luts already applied. this guy already made one and i think it rocks but would love to see it in affinity photo https://www.colorgradingcentral.com/lut-gallery/ 3.would also love to see false color like this guy has made a plugin for resolve and premiere https://timeinpixels.com/false-color-plugin/ this plugin is amazing and i would love to see it built into affinity photo! 4. would love to be able to import LR presets and quickly go through all the lightroom presets using Affinity pro. 5.would love to be able to use my PS actions with affinity photo! 6. would love to import .mov files and h264 and h265 video files into a timeline with affinity pro just like i can in PS 7. would like to make auto color some kind of lut layer. so what this means is when you click on auto color it creates a lut for that exact auto color profile and that way when you export to LUTs you can also include that auto color layer in the lut creation. of course you could use a hald file but its faster to just click on export to lut and have it work automatically. 8. when i click on the paint brush to paint something it would be nice to see the exact color right beside the other paremeters (width, opacity, flow, hardness, etc. in PS the color is right besides the params and that allows me to work quickly. 9.would like to see support for this plugin: http://software.tiffen.com/products/dfx-products/ofx-pro-plug-in 10. since NIK is free and google will stop using it is there a way you guys can work out a deal with them to continue to support it in your program natively? i think google NIK is awesome!
  2. Please add the feature to import a VIDEO file to get single frames of that video as images on separate layers. = „Video Frames to Layers“ in Photoshop: „Video Frames to Layers“ File-> Import -> „Video Frames to Layers“ The Option „Limit to every _ n_ Frames“ is essential to have in this feature. This feature maybe was not sooo important for a long time, but now it has become a very interesting feature, esp. for web designers, as one can „fake“ a video-scroll effect with such an image sequence, without having the disadvantages of video on (mobile) websites. I hope, you get what I’m trying to describe here? ;) It would be very, very helpful just to KNOW, if you are planning to implement this feature. Thank you very much in advance! And thank you SO much for all the great work you do! I wish you best of luck with just everything!!! :) P.S.: http://www.muse-themes.com/products/frame-scrubber Here you can find a video (next to „Widget Highlights“) that will explain, why this feature would be so extremely nice to have… :)
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