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Found 29 results

  1. Hi there, I have just purchased Affinity Designer - looking to hopefully move from Illustrator (while I love it, I don't want to pay for the rest of my life life lol). So far, I'm quite happy! I opened an artboard I designed for a client's website wireframe in Illustrator, and was able to work on the document, edit, and add new things... so far so good! One thing I will miss is Adobe Library... where I have imported all my client's logos, colours, design assets etc.. does Affinity offer a similar library type thing where I can "drag" assets into a library? Any tutorials on this (if available). Is this the Assets area? My next request... I'm looking for any assets related to web design that I can download... GUI assets, wireframe samples, icons, anything related to designing a website... I saw one post, but that offer expired... Does anyone have anything? I did find an icon pack but it's hard to search all the posts lol ... even if they are not free, I'm still interested! Anything to make my life easier. Thanks, and I'm glad to join this community! Elyssa
  2. Hi there, I am using the Affinity suite on Windows 10 and currently have to deal with an very annoying GUI issue. Since I use a 4k monitor, my windows uses a desktop scaling factor of 150%. Sadly, Affinity, doesn't seem to respect that entirely and displays tool buttons in a very tiny way that makes it nearly impossible for me to use them. Is there any scale setting that I could use to force scaling of this part of the UI here?
  3. The more I tinker with Affinity Photo, the more I run into bad, but quite easy to fix traps. Some of them are caused simply by the fact that a tool behaviour remains stuck the inappropriate positions, so that they block editing in later stages of the project. Here's two: 1) Recently I found out that selection-tools stubbornly remain stuck to their previous Subtractive state even if the user wants to create a fresh selection. The operation fails, although the user has picked the appropriate tool and also has performed the expected motion. Here one badly needed an exception to the rule – selection tools have to create a selection if the tool can not find anything to subtract from. Others suggested that Affinity should beep or show a dialog and by that inform + CTA the user that the tool is in the wrong state – but that would be horrible UX. At that point you could also abolish your assistants too. Don't make me think, don't ask for pointless decisions and action if there's exactly one expected behaviour: Making a (fresh) selection. 2) Today I saw another thing which is even a lot nastier as there's not even a suble visible indicator. One may hide selections (hide the marching ants), which is great. But that hidden state even remains active when the user wants to create a new selection. Such really may not happen. There's absolutly no workflow imaginable where this made sense, this is just a trap and nothing else. A hard to understand trap – imagine you had a selection hidden and go to lunch, afterwards you pick a selection tool and run into what's shown in the GIF. Selection tools always have to revert to state=visible whenever a selection is dropped. Is there anyone in charge, exclusively for little usability-killers of that kind? It would well be worth it.
  4. Hi, in the help for Affinity Photo there's mention of a preference <Font UI Size>. However, in the User Interface section of the preferences I can't find this option. Bug or feature? Thanks, affinian
  5. Hello Two major issues with affinity when coming from mac and adobe or word or excel or any other software out there: It would be really great if Serif could stick to standards here a bit more (and help users a real lot): It is really common that CMD+Enter does a new soft line break (no new paragraph), not CTRL+Enter - in all Software I know including all Web-Editors in CMSes It is also in the same way common, that OPTION scales from center and SHIFT limits scaling to contain proportions Using MS Office, Photoshop, InDesign and others I stumble every single day upon these differences when switching apps - please unstress my daily racing brain a bit! Thanks! Alex
  6. An Option-drag of a selected object on Mac mostly causes the selected object to be duplicated after it gets released. I'd appreciate to use this GUI behave in Affinity. On document page view and in Layers panel, too.
  7. Hi, I mocked up a few ideas that I think would improve the functionality of the Photo merge tools by making it easier to switch between them and add images directly. Say you drag a few images into one of Photo's merging tools, only to realize you opened the wrong one. The commands are grouped in the menu, two have keyboard shortcuts right next to one another, and the tools have similar layouts, making this a fairly easy mistake to make. Rather than having to hit Cancel, open the intended merge tool, then relocate the images you want to merge, what if you could just switch to it, with the images you added still in place? The functionality of the Batch tool seems different enough to warrant it remaining separate. To keep the various merging options visible to the user, it might be best to keep their individual items in the File menu. Each would just open the unified interface to the appropriate tool. It would be great to be able to drag-and-drop directly to the Images pane rather than having to open the file picker, then drop to it, then click OK. The visual styling of the window widgets is a bit confusing; the brighter widgets are disabled. This is contrary to most GUI conventions, including how the OK button is disabled in the tools themselves. If the Panorama tool isn’t resizable because the panorama previews would have to be re-rendered (a processor-intensive task), just fix the width of the preview pane while allowing the Images pane to expand. There is some ambiguity in the Panorama tool when you have stitched multiple panoramas together. If you don't explicitly select all of them in the preview pane before you hit OK, only the last selected one will build. A different button label or counter tallying how many panoramas will be rendered (Render 2 Panoramas) might be sufficient. NTH: a way to tell which images constitute which panorama after the panorama preview is generated. This could look something like the mockup below. Ideally, the number displays next to the panorama preview would handle discontiguous stitches nicely, so if you used three of 4 images out of sequence, something like “1 – 2, 4” would appear next to the thumbnail. Originally posted to my weblog.
  8. I'm sometimes baffled by the GUI choices in AP. Examples: - to change the name of a layer, you click on the old name and simply type in the new one. Easy. However, to change the name of a "reserve channel" (not sure about the english term here), you have to right-click on it's name, select "rename" and then you can start typing. Tedious - Even worse is the handling of "apply" and "cancel" in the dialogs for live adjustment layers vs. live filters. To say "apply" with a layer, you click on the "close" icon of the window. I doubt that there is ANY interface guideline anywhere that suggests "close" as a synonym for "apply". Conversely, on the filter dialogs, clicking on the window's close icon closes the window and DOES NOT apply the filter. There is a dedicated "apply" button for that. May be it is just me, but I consider this behaviour very inconsistent and counter-intuitive. Dialogs should have "apply" and "cancel" buttons that perform (or don't) the desired action. - It is not possible to save ALL current settings as defaults. Some are saved, others aren't. Consequently I find myself over and over again setting the same values for some tool. - Notabene, the "show grid" toggle in the perspective tool is always on. Even in the video tutorials, the first step with this filter/tool is always to turn the grid off. Why can't the stupid dialog remember this setting? - Pressing DELete with a layer selected does sometimes delete the layer (as it should). Sometimes it doesn't. - Trying to change the brush size with a shortcut key does not work if the input focus is currently on the hardness of the brush or some other brush setting. Keyboard shortcuts should work regardless of input focus. New features are of course always welcome. But it would be nice if some work could go into the usability, too.
  9. HI, I would like to buy 20+ Affinity Photo licenses for me and my colleagues (from reality business), but... Is it possible to get best price? and is it possible develop basic Czech language GUI? Thy for some ideas and informations. Jiri
  10. Hello, i would just like to ask if you could confirm oder contradict my following impressions regarding the newest Affinity Photo for Windows on desktop PCs. Thanks for all input! Layers: thumbnail size in layers panel/studio cannot be changed layers can't be dragged between files no command to Expand Canvas so that all hidden layers are fully visible no command to crop uniform/empty canvas to actual content Raw module/persona: no button for auto contrast raw sharpening: no masking for sharpening (exclusion of finely detailed areas); no threshold slider no lens profiles (auto correction of distortions caused by known lens-camera combos), neither in Raw nor Photo module/persona (i see in the settings you can choose "Apply Lens Corrections") split view (before/after): the "before" view is unchangeably on the right side, the "after" view is unchangeably on the left side GUI: no built-in image browsing, no transfer of corrections from one image to many others no command to position two open files side-by-side (for comparison) no command Revert to Last Saved State (though doable via History panel) Photo module/persona: In the HSL correction, i have to chose a colour range like "Reds" in the menu. I can't pick that colour range by colour picker? So - are above features there or not? Thanks again!
  11. Hello, I have been waiting with excitement for the Affinity BETA to come out on windows. After opening Affinity, i was not convinced. I really got this "not bad" feeling.. This is because of 1 main issue; i don't like the user interface. Functionally speaking, its great. It beats photoshop in my opinion. But its not even close to what i had hoped for.. I am a big fan of "minimalism" and "flat" design, not just for its looks, but for the overall experience. I came accross a photoshop redisign made by Aurélien Salomon on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19600227/Photoshop-redesign This is how a modern and new photo editor app/program, in my opinion, should look like. Design is contantly evolving, so the tools that are used to create design should be designed with this in mind. My suggestion: create an user interface that works with templates. Give the user control of how Affinity looks like. What would be better then an editor that by itself gives inspiration to create more beautifull & smart designs?
  12. Tools, toolbars, and studio items are not displayed when the window is moved to a second monitor. Two 4k monitors are used. These are the Data from my Videocards: 1. On board: Intel HD Graphics 530 (3840x2160, 60 Hz) 2. Second Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 956M (3840x2160, 30 Hz) 3. RAM/ Videocard 4169 MB
  13. Here is a .gif that illustrates the issue. I'm unable to select the heart shape tool. http://www.giphy.com/gifs/3o6ZtqnvmHMMlA3ZPG
  14. Hello, is it possible to let user change the global colors of the GUI in Affinity Photo and Designer (I'm under Windows)? Black (and very dark) colors are not always the best choice, and I personally hate those colors even when it has been introduced in Photoshop. I really would like to have to possibility to have a Dark and a Light GUI themes (using OS native theme for example). My eyes are getting too tired when using black colors. Regards
  15. In v 1.5.3 (german) on a macbook with two monitors (one for palettes only) I experience in the palettes (panels) a couple of issues which look like missing screen-redraw or un-complete text by missing space. – Font face selection pulldown menu: hovering over the opened font-face-pulldown menu confuses the menu list items view: text lines get partially cropped, doubled text entries appear. – Color swatches palette: the text line for recently used swatches gets cropped at the end and covered by the horizontally following color swatch icons. – Color swatches palette: The first color swatch (Black 100%) appears to share its position with the pulldown-menu above. It results in both unreadable text and un-selectable menu. – Additionally opened palettes appear as empty, grey rectangles only. ( –> posted already here:) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29476-gui-palettes-appear-as-empty-grey-rectangles-two-monitors/?p=143023 – Palette width: The palettes may get manually adjusted in their width. That would be fine if panel list items would switch to two-column-layout then (f.i. color swatches, brush strokes). For now there seems to be no advantage in this ability and, also, it appears to be buggy: Horizontally enlarged panels appear partially in front of and partially behind other panels. They create a weird mixture of for- and background. Unless the last mentioned (width of panels) these issues occurred only 1 at a time and they (unless the last) got solved by Quit & Restart the app. – But, unfortunately, this solution also seemed to cause the next issue to appear. thomas Affinity Designer trial v. 1.5.3 (german) OS X 10.9.5, MacBookPro 15" + 2nd monitor (22")
  16. When I open additional panels from the menu 'View' > 'Studio' (?) (german version: 'Ansicht' > 'Studio') they come up as grey, empty rectangles. No content, no text, no header/title. I can move them around by click-hold at their upper edge (the un-visible title-area) but they remain empty grey rectangles. When I release the mouse and grab+move them again, then the place underneath them appears only grey now, too. It covers the content of the panels which were underneath, just leaving their black header and title text. Also, on moving such additionally opened palettes around they change their size occasionally, for instance from a square to a long vertical stripe. See the two attached screenshots of both monitors: – screen of macbook (15") with app palettes only – 2nd screen (22") with app main window (document, tools, layer panel) Quit + restart the app resolved this issue, all recently opened palettes appear now with content. They are positioned somewhere on the screen above the already existing palettes. thomas
  17. With a new installation (1.5.3 trial) I experienced an issue in the GUI: After moving the applications main window to a second monitor and arranging the palettes on the MacBooks screen the color swatches pane did show both the 'Black 100%' AND the pulldown-menu above at the same position and somehow overlapping. See the attached screenshot (above the yellow pop-up-menu). Quit and re-start the application made this issue disappear. This issue occured directly after resetting the user standard prefs (in misc.) en re-starting the app because of a permanent crash caused by a windows-option. (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29455-crash-on-mavericks-109-%E2%80%93-separated-window-mode-modularer-modus/?p=142951) thomas MacBookPro (end 2011) , OS X 10.9.5 Affinity Designer trial v. 1.5.3 (german)
  18. superwukong

    this my work

    this my work
  19. Is it possible to change the colour of the GUI from black to white?
  20. There is a Mac OS X feature, both system-wide and in most third-party applications, which pop-ups the file path on command-click on a documents window title . – Sounds complex but is easy to use. – Unfortunately it does not work in Affinity. ( Hm, because of its window 'tab' concept? ) – Instead in Affinity a command-click on the window title does select an object on the Affinity document page/canvas. The competitor Adobe meanwhile lost this feature in many of its programs (no, not every) – A niche/advantage for Affinity? Even more: in OS X the user may scroll through such pop-up windows content to jump to a level in finder. For instance 2 screenshots:
  21. One thing I miss the most at first sight in Affinity Photo is "Hide Layer" keyboard shortcut. I use CMD+tilde. Also, having a layer visibility toggle to the right is awkward. I would prefer it to have it to the left.
  22. Note: Please excusemy poor english. There might be some errors but I hope you do understand me :ph34r: Colors: Please provide the hexcode in every (!) color-dialog and all color-spaces to simplify copy of a special color Please offer a hover-info for exact color value in the "last used" color-fields Stroke: Please let the mouse focus on the width-slider of the stroke and let arrow-keys change the values (left/right = -/+1, up/down = +/-5). At this point a direct input of a value could lead to focus the cursor into the value-input field Guides: I´m not sure how to do it the best way but the guides-dialog is not smart. It is not possible to select a guide neither by clicking it in the layout nor to identify it in the dialog by selecting it with the selection-tool. So the user has to guess or estimate which guide-value could be the right one. GUI: I´m not sure if it is useful to separate dialogs into (studio-) dialogs and windows (like guides, typografy etc.). I am working with 2 monitors and like to dock all possible and useful dialogs on my 2. screen to have a proper working-bench on my prime-screen (which shows only tools and documents). To be continued… B)
  23. Hello! I am a mobile game artist and designer. I have always been using Illustrator, but have recently discovered Affinity and I am completely blown away by its capabilities and speed! I have the 10 day trial, but after everything I have seen and done with the program, I will be making the full purchase upgrade right after I am done posting this example. Here is just an peek of a couple ideas I have been playing around with, which eventually will be a fully usable and customizable GUI Asset Sheet for people to use in their own games and apps. This program is amazing, and I cant wait to dive a lot further into it! :) Thanks for your time.
  24. I was having trouble finding where to do many common functions, and realized that it's because I can't see the different tabs for colors, brushes, etc... Obviously this is a rather significant issue. I'm on a 15" (Mid 2014) Macbook Pro Retina W/ videocard. Thanks for the help!
  25. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/561-gui-issue-effects-pane-open-many-v17832/?p=4574 : >> Ah, where is a useful place to write system information into a forum user profile? – Is it @ "Profile Feed" / "what's on your mind?" ? > We've not really thought about this. :( Would you tell/show us at least where/how users feed into "What's on your mind?" will occure?

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