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Found 333 results

  1. Hi, Every time i change font Affinity freezes forcing me to force quit. Both from the top or from the "character" panel. Doing something wrong?
  2. Hello, Are you planning on adding functionality for the new OpenType variable font technology in Designer, Photo and Publisher? Best, Bauke
  3. Hi everyone! Will be support for variable fonts in the near future?
  4. I can't recreate what triggers this but at some point when I'm working I will click on the font menu dropdown, the menu drops down as expected but when I move the cursor the menu closes. If I am quick enough I can select a font if it's on screen at the time. Restarting Designer usually sorts this for a while. Can't be sure but I think this is only after 1.8.3. It's not something that happened until recently anyway. Designer 1.8.3 OSX 10.11.6
  5. There should be a way to switch the way strokes react with the font as an object. Whether it recognizes the letter or the whole word/ phrase as a single object. I heavily dislike that when i increase the stroke size it covers the letters and they overlap instead of just increasing the stroke of the word/phrase as a whole. To get a similar Effect for logos and such i have to physically outline the words and create a solid filled object. This would also be good to stroke multiple objects together. Like a liquid type response, the closer the objects get the two strokes could like “melt” together. AGAIN, i don’t mean for this to be the only way it works, (i see the potential uses for the current application) but i just wish there was a way to select an object(font/word/phrase/letter)and switch how it reacts with other objects(font/word/phrase/letter) around it concerning stroke. *this being the ipad version, i have not dealt with the desktop app yet*
  6. Exporting into PDF/X4 and X3 doesn’t work with one old Mac Type 1 URW font (some other older Type 1 fonts do the same –but never TT or OT). And only that specific “Regular” typeface, all other work seamlessly. What’s interessting: All other Affinity Publisher PDF Export Settings work without problems. Also the path-conversion works for every fonts on this page. And guess what: Exporting PDF/X4 or 3 also works, if all fonts get converted to paths while exporting. Samples in DMG for downloading in my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/cknfynnxy6mstjr/20_07_18_Publisher-PDFX-export-issue.dmg?dl=0 best, Marcus
  7. Hey has anyone noticed any problems using text in AD? It is very slow for me. If I use a text frame, after less than a paragraph it starts to slow down -- I type in text and it takes a moment or two to show up on the screen. It gets slower as I integrate more text. Slightly worse with artistic text. I've tried changing the render settings (paths only, pixel, etc.) but no difference. I don't have many fonts installed, it's a fairly new OS install (Win 10) and I've only installed a few additional fonts. This is not much text (I realize more text belongs in Publisher) basically a few paragraphs that might appear on any flyer or poster. Strange: I have a dual-screen setup -- when I use the second screen for the dockers (I would like to have this setup) the problem is even worse. Any ideas are much appreciated!
  8. Does anyone know if the fonts provided in Affinity Photo and other products grant the user commercial use?
  9. Please add an option to increase font size in the gui,the default is tiny and for people like me with eye problems it's very hard to read. Isn't there a requirement to make software fully accessible? If there is , surely text size would be an issue? I was very disappointed when I opened the software for the first time , if I'd known this it would have influenced my purchase...............thanks
  10. Text usage is very slow. If I use a text frame, after less than a paragraph it starts to slow down -- I type in text and it takes a moment or two to show up on the screen. It gets slower as I integrate more text. Slightly worse with artistic text. Affinity Designer Version: (recent install) OS: Windows 10 [10.0.18363.778] Video card: Radeon RX 570 (in case it helps) OS was recently installed, with minimal number of fonts installed. Same issue even on a clean boot with no other applications running. Strange: I have a dual-screen setup -- when I use the second screen for the dockers (I would like to have this setup) the problem is MUCH worse. Note my main screen is landscape and my second screen is portrait orientation. This is not very much text. I realize for many pages of text this would be the wrong application and that might be an issue but this is just a few paragraphs, that might appear on any number of flyers, info sheets, etc. Any ideas are much appreciated!
  11. The font of tooltip on the canvas is not proper when UI is not in a Latin language. e.g. The attached picture is with UI in Japanese. it supposed to be 2オブジェクト(2 objects) Actually this has been a bug since older version but for beta.
  12. After upgrading to Affinity Photo 1.7 I can now no longer find where or how to set the stroke width of font elements. I create a font and write a text and i have found I can use the alternative colour on the colour palette to make a stroke colour on the font, but I can not find any way of editing the width of this stroke. This previously used to be an option from the Font sub menu bar. Where has it gone?
  13. Currently I've been Downloading Fonts And Other assets onto my mac so That I can have a wider arsenal of resources. I was just doing a design for one of my friends and realized I couldn't find the font I just downloaded, I Thought it'd be amazing if there was little folders of some sort within the app that'll differentiate the downloaded "user" fonts, and the fonts that The computer you are using comes with, for better organization. even though i've never seen this feature on any other apps or software, is there a way you could implement this?
  14. I ran into an unusual bug these days: every time I selected a font from a font library collection, the weights were duplicated (even on system fonts, tested after deleting all user fonts). However, if i select the font from the upper menu or the studio window (all fonts) before I acess a collection, this doesn't seem to happen (after I acess one, they duplicate in every menu). This happens in all three apps, and I've already tried to solve this problem by: - deleting all user fonts; - changing the font manager to a 3rd party one; - deleting all the user settings & software and reinstalling (I have the apple store version); Does anyone know what can cause this type of bug or how solve it? Gravação_de_Tela_2020-06-19_às_23_01_19.mov
  15. How do you change the User Interface font size in Affinity Photo ( on Windows? According to the help file, the option should be in Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Font UI Size, but it appears to be missing?
  16. A big problem for me is the fact, that I cannot place PDFs in APub with embedded fonts that are not installed on my computer. Well, I can place them but they don’t look like they should, because the missing fonts were replaced! In a magazine I have to place a minimum of 70 ads that I get as PDFs from multiple customers. I only have to place them onto my pages within the editorial content. And they have to be ‚as they are‘ when it comes to printing. It’s not possible to tell all the customers: "Please give me all the fonts you have used"! So please make it possible to use PDFs the common way: Put a PDF on a layout as it is, whether the fonts used in it are installed or not. Kindest regards Udo
  17. I have been trying to move from Photoshop to Affinity Photo.However, when using fonts in an efficiency photo, there were many inconveniences due to the freezing of the program.In this regard, I have asked for a lot of help, but it has not been resolved.When I was uncomfortable, I used Photoshop.Meanwhile, I saw the story of people suffering the same inconvenience in Korea. And I got the idea.First of all, I moved the font related to Hangul in the Windows/Font folder to another place. Then, I created certain conditions, moved them to the Font folder by group, and executed the affinity photo, designer, and publisher.The work is not done yet, but I found a group of font that froze Affinity Photo.So, I put up the first found font here. Affinity Developers, study the characteristics of this font and solve the program's shutdown.I felt during the test that the gabbage collection is not working properly, and I think the exception handling routine is not perfect.The shutdown of the efficiency photo/designer/publisher program is a problem that does not occur in photohop or Capture One Pro, ON1, paint shop pro, Resolve ... * This is written through a translator, so please understand it roughly. * HANBatangExtBB.ttf : appears with -200 error and cannot be uploaded. HANBatangExtBB.ttf HANBatangExtB.ttf HANBatang.ttf HANBatangB.ttf HANBatangExt.ttf HANDotum.ttf HANDotumB.ttf HANDotumExt.ttf 전주완판본_각B.ttf 전주완판본_각L.ttf 전주완판본_각R.ttf 전주완판본_순B.ttf 전주완판본_순L.ttf 전주완판본_순R.ttf
  18. As below, Chinese characters' preview cannot be displayed correctly. And some fonts are aimed for Chinese, like Source Han Sans, but the preview is showed in English. May be this is another point to improve. For example, in Chinese mode, we can show the preview like "中文 Abcde", rather than showing fonts' name.
  19. Would be nice if you could add an option to sync style(font and size) between a text object and belonging inline text objects.
  20. 1. we need to place a pdf as a link. it can be placed but all TEXT inside the pdf are missing because of the font missing. so the placed pdf are technically not linked. so we need an options like that (image pdf linking.png). 2. after placing a pdf some times we have to edit or need to some adjustments so that time we nee to outline the fonts so another option similar to Illustrator FLATTEN TRANSPARENCY required. with both of those we; printers can handle client files easily.
  21. Hey there, I am currently having an issue importing IDML files into Affinity Publisher that is bugging me a lot. I have been working on a document for quite some time now in InDesign and want to continue work in Publisher. So, I exported the file as IDML and imported it into the Affinity software. My problem is that all font sizes are wrong now. E.g. a text with 11 pt font size which fitted perfectly into its frame in Design will now not fit into the frame at all since the font size is way too big. Am I overseeing a conversion step or something? I would be thankful if you guys could help me out here Thanks a lot!
  22. It's a very stressful bug, or rather a specification, and I'd like to see it improved. AFINTY publisher is set up as an application with realFONT as the standard, but there are many limitations on output as a character, especially in the Japanese environment. I want you to change the default FONT itself with FONT that becomes "work mistake" instead of the preference of FONT. There is a problem with the output only, such as not being able to produce the correct characters, and the result is different. Also, there are many users who want to use the FONT itself with a specific setting. Can't we change the default FONT instead of per document?
  23. I need to change the text in an affinity file from English to Kartuli (Georgian). When I add "ახალი სიცოცხლე ცენტრი" It just puts boxes where each individual letter goes. How can I add custom language? Thanks!
  24. Hi! Still struggling to learn about table and such. I tried to change font from Arial 37.1pt to IRIS UPC 72pt. but every time I chose to change either font/size, it snapped back right to Arial 37.1pt. I tried delete the whole table and made a new one but the same problem still persist. For some reason, I was succeed to change the font and size at the last panel but not other table panels. Any idea guys? I attached the master page file without the artwork for more information. Thank you in advance. Forum Q and A.afpub
  25. This font (EuroRoman Oblique) is not rendered correctly in Affinity Photo.
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