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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, Perhaps I might be the only one looking for this, but I think it would be nice to have a listing of all the Affinity related filetypes / fileformats. I couldn't find them in the help, on the site or on the forum. So I'm listing what I have found. afassets afbrushes afdesign afgrids afmacro afmacros afpalette afphoto afpub afselection afshort afstyles aftemplate aftonemap profile Best regards Ady
  2. I am new to this software and can't find information on how to save files as other types, like png, tiff, jpg, etc First, respectfully, When I purchase a product and cannot find the information needed in order to use it for my purposes; I really do NOT expect to have to wait an indefinite period of time hoping that someone may by chance see my query In a forum somewhere and have the time to answer me. That said, here is my question: .I and can't find information on how to save files as other types, like png, tiff, jpg, etc Does anyone have a method to do this? I wanted to
  3. I am using a trial version of AP and am warming to it. I have searched the FAQs but cant find anything to answer the following. Having used PagePlus since it's inception, I have built up a very large number of ppp files. I often use them as templates for new work. Is there a way to import them into the Affinity version? I know I can convert them to PDF and import them that way but I find that the PDF file does not import as I would like it to. This is my main sticking point before I commit my pennies. Thanks, in anticipation for any help.
  4. Hi, I'm a rookie and I've come from using Inkscape. I've found that opening inkscapes .svg files doesn't always load correctly in Af Designer due to the differences in how they save/read files (I think) i've got a load of .svg files id like to convert so they work as they should in Affinity so I can uninstall Inkscape. I thought it would be to save as plain .svg and then load in affinity designer but it didn't load properly. I tried searching but didn't find many definite answers on this, I just want to know which is the best format to save in out of these to then load in Designer and the
  5. Hi, I have had two unusual experiences and wandered if anyone else has experienced it. Not sure if this should be here or in bugs. It is temporarily solved, as I am not sure if it will happen again. My computer is Windows 10 with the latest update a few days ago. This morning in File explorer I found Designer files showing as publisher files. I took a snip of two of them. I restarted my computer to see if this solved the problem, but it didn't. I opened one of them in designer, then did Save As but it told me I already had this file and would I like to replace it. I cancelled. Next,
  6. In a recent thread, members have been discussing whether or not Affinity Photo claimed file types for itself on installation. It seems that it does do so. I would request that, on installation, Affinity asks the user if it should be the default file type for those files which it can open. Many other programs do this and it is a helpful feature. John
  7. Just heard of your product. I am a part time photographer. I have Lightroom to edit my photos . This is the first year I want to make Christmas cards for customers. I noticed I can get a lot of borders, themed objects in Vector files online. Will Affinity designer allow me to import and work with Vector files combine them with JPG files and Export as a jpeg, PSD, and gif? Thank Shannon
  8. Hello, I'm trying to open a .ai file (from Adobe Stock) and I keep getting this message: "Failed to open AI file. A temporary Persona file could not be created." I installed Affinity Designer today exactly to be able to work with these files... How can I solve this? Thank you in advance for your feedback. RP
  9. Inspired by the icons on the Affinity Designer export panel, I thought I'd design some icons to give my Windows 10 install a refresh. It's the first time I've experimented with the 'Export' Persona. Combined with IcoFX Portable I can batch process the icons really quickly. I've attached the .afdesign file, plus .ico files for anyone who wants to use them on their PC. I use a great free app called Default Programs Editor to change the icons on Windows (amongst other things). Flat Shaded Icons.zip
  10. I am having some issues with .eps files created in affinity when trying to use them in AE. The file comes into the program just fine, however when I try to convert to shapes from vector layers, the majority of my shapes not only do not convert, they completely disappear. Anyone else having the same issue?
  11. When opening a PDF in AP, I would like an option to load only the Images in a PDF. Also, the page preview would be easier to navigate with some pagination (prev/next page ) arrows. At the moment, the best way to do this is to change the page number and tab to the next field, or highlight the page number and use the keyboard up/down arrows. It's a little thing but the ideal would be to show a multi-page preview in grid form. This would really speed things up!
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