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Found 28 results

  1. With the update to iOS 11, images synchronised from iOS devices to a Mac are in HEIC file format. When I attempt to open these images using Affinity Photo from within Apple Photos the application/extension reports "The file type is not supported." Opening a file from Photos in the Affinity Photo standalone app is not affected as the export process changes the file to a suitable type.
  2. Does anyone know of a tutorial describing the use of Affinity Photo as an extension in Apple’s Photos? I’ve tried to use Affinity Photo to edit my photos in Photos and I have a few questions. 1. Do I have a to save a copy of the edits I apply in AP as an AP document before the edits are applied and returned to Photos? 2. If I edit a RAW file, what type of file is returned to Photos? Is it a JPG? TIFF? I’m trying to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow using Photos and I’m trying avoid saving many different copies/versions of an image. Thanks. Ed
  3. Hi - I like to round trip my RAW photos from Apple Photos using the extension to get to Affinity Photo. Lately (and I'm not sure when this started), sending to and back from Affinity Photo the photos are REALLY dark. If I increase the exposure on an image and then bring it into Affinity Photo, it gets darker and when I increase the exposure in Affinity Photo, it gets even darker when it gets back to Apple Photos. I figured the best way to show you was a simple video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4dtot5tlax1c2b/RAW from Photos to Apple Photos dark.mov?dl=0 Hope this is one of those, "You dummy, you forgot to click blah blah blah" moments. 2016 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro running High Sierra 13.3.3, Affinity Photo 1.6.6
  4. I just purchased Affinity Photo for Mac from the App Store. Activated all extensions for Affinity in Preferences. All display properly in Photos. All (Affinity Develop, Affinity Liquify, etc.) successfully launch, with one exception. The extension "Edit in Affinity Photo" opens for all photos, except HEIC photos on my iPhone 7 taken after the last iOS update - 11.2.1. The application begins to open and then displays error: "Failed to open file. /Users/<name>/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs.extensions/intermediates/Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument The file type is not supported." "Edit in Affinity Photo" works for HEIC photos taken before the update. If I convert the photos that don't work to regular JPEG's, then that extension works. I changed my iPhone settings to use regular JPEG instead of HEIC, and now everything works perfectly. Not a big deal, but I would like to get back HEIC when possible. I'm looking forward to using the app.
  5. Hi! I cannot open .afdesign Document in Affinity Photo on iPad. It is just greyed out. Why is this, if they are the same? But if they are really the same Files, it should be possible to just change file extension from .afdesign to .afphoto. I will try this now. Anyway AF Photo on iPad should also recognize .afdesign Files, as there is no AF Designer on iPad yet and there shouldn’t be the need to rename them. thx an best regards, Stuepfnick
  6. When I click on "Edit in Affinity" in the editing page for an image in Photos, all that happens ids a message saying "Afinity Photo could not be launched. Please press cancel" I have unchecked and rechecked the extension in System settings. It's the same for any image, and restarts make no difference. All the other Affinity extensions work fine! How can I get this one to work?
  7. It would be awesome if Affinity Photos could add a panorama extension to be able to create panoramas without leaving the Photos app. I'm not sure if this is even possible given the way macOS Photos extensions work, considering multiple pictures would need to be selected to create the panorama...but if it is possible, it would be awesome to have!
  8. Hi, can we have consistency with extensions? When I batch save I get "fileName.tif" When I export I get "fileName.tiff" I would prefer all tif files to be saved with the extension .tif however, the main point is that they are always saved with the same extension. Thanks.
  9. Just downloaded the beta and I was wondering what plugins will work? Also will any Photoshop Extensions work?
  10. Dear Affinity photo, If I try using the Affinity extensions in Photos, I am presented with the photo in the incorrect orientation, rendering it useless. Please can you advise? Thank you.
  11. Since the 1.5 update the circular pointer is not appearing on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, the 1.52 update has not entirely fixed the issue. I can click on the Inpainting or Dodge tools for example and not have the circle that tells me where I will be applying the tool. You can download and watch a video of the issue here: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/YF2EA4xsBxAJTc1XOCfBgM7TteDYb234Gn6Pa4stTVv?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  12. Minimum requirements: Affinity Photo 1.4 and Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.1) To enhance the photo editing capabilities of your Apple Photos application, Affinity Photo makes available a series of ready-to-go extensions: · Develop: for processing raw images · Haze Removal: for removal of misting · Liquify: for image warping · Miniature: for depth of field effects · Monochrome: for black and white effects · Retouch: for traditional brush tools, red eye removal, inpainting, and sharpening Installing Affinity Photo makes the extensions appear in Photos, which can be selectively disabled if needed. As good practice, we do recommend launching Affinity Photo before using Apple Photos. To find out more, watch the Extensions for Apple Photos VideoTutorial. Best wishes ​Affinity documentation
  13. Repro steps: - Take a raw+jpeg photo in portrait mode, so that rotation is specified in EXIF data - Open photo in Apple Photos, edit the photo, choose Image --> Use Raw as original - Click the extensions button in the bottom right, and choose "Edit in Affinity Photo" - Observe that picture is rotated incorrectly. I suspect that rotation metadata isn't respected. Note that everything works fine when using the extension to edit JPEGs.
  14. Hello, I bought AFFINITY today and, after staying one hour online with APPLE CARE, we could not understand how to link AFFINITY to PHOTOS. When opening PHOTOS, the only extension shown is BEFUNKY which I downloaded as a trial (free APP) and I did not have to do anything as the extension appeared automatically when opening PHOTOS for the first time. I failed to create the extension on 2 computers, meaning there is something I missed as Both computers are under OS X EI CAPTAIN... I have tried other ways to create the link with PHOTOS but failed. Would be great to get some help as I am eager to use AFFINITY with PHOTO. Thanks
  15. I used to use Apple Mail as my default mail app and love the steps that were saved by using the share feature from within the Affinity apps. Since I moved to Postbox I have lost that feature. Email sharing works in Finder, Photos, Safari, etc to Postbox but will not work in Affinity to Postbox. I talked to the Affinity developers and I think they said that sharing works differently with Affinity? I would love it if someone could get this sorted out so I could share from Affinity to Postbox like could used to do with Apple Mail.
  16. Hi; I'm giving the AfP extensions a try; regarding Apple Photo app, i've found this issue: I've loaded a bunch of JPG images into Photos. Selected one, clicked 'edit'; looked for the AfP extensions and selected the 'edit in affinity photo' one. Image loads into AfP normally. Edited it, exported, then closed. Back in Photos, clicked on Cancel in order to preserve the original. Then I selected a second photo and repeated the steps. When selecting the AfP extension, Apple Photo tries to load it into AfP, but the document never gets opened. Pressing cancel or closing the app brings a message indicating that the edition is in progress, but the document never gets loaded into AfP. Quitting Apple Photos and reopening it brings me to step 1: can edit the first image, but hangs on the second. My camera's RAW format isn't compatible with Photos, so I cannot tell you if this is a JPG issue or a general one. Regards; Val
  17. The Affinity extensions aren't showing up in my System Preferences-->Extensions. OS X Yosemite, Affinity Photo 1.4.3 Reinstalled Photo from the MAS with no effect.
  18. Hi I just bought Affinity Photo. The application works well, but I have a problem with Photos extensions. I tried with JPG and RAW and the problem is the same : the extension opens and load the photo, and everything works until I touch cursors on the right. It makes all crash, even sometimes OS X Photos. Other buttons work, it's only with the cursors. It Happens with all Affinity Photo extensions having a cursor. Thank you in advance for your help. PS : Sorry for my english
  19. Has Affinity Photo developed an extension for use with Apple photo software?
  20. Just downloaded the latest version from mac store, when I tried to use the Affinity develop extension from photos app I got this error. This I could reproduce when I tried to save the changes with "SPLIT VIEW" option checked.
  21. Noticed this morning that we may now go to edit in Apple Photos and click on to obtain about 5 extensions . I have been using Affinity since June so opening the program first is not the problem. So far I don't have this available. Even tried turning off the IMac. They are not talking to each other.
  22. I have Affinity Photo on my iMac. Do I need to buy a 2nd copy for my MacBook Pro or can I obtain a 2nd license? If so, how is it done. That said, how do i enable Affinity extensions for the photos app? Appreciate any help!!!
  23. I've lost the place where I can tell APhoto NOT to hide extensions on Save. Has that been removed, or have I just forgotten where to find it?