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Found 151 results

  1. After doing the new update, I can't seem to open a new document with out the program freezing and crashing. Whether hitting 'new doc' on the opening screen or through File/New Doc it just stops working and I can't click on anything else. No error code or anything either. I have to force it to close. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks
  2. Dear Serif team, it's me again. I still can not fulfil my tutorial for pixel art in the pixel persona, because now after your update 1.8.2 the grid and axes are not working. Please feel free to see my screen video: I wanted to create a grid for pixel art, and it is not working. What a strange behaviour. Thanks in advance Sincerely Anke Goldbach Bildschirmvideo_aufnehmen_2020-03-24_um_15_52_01.mov
  3. Hi, sorry if I posted this to a wrong forum, but I wasn't able to find any other forum that would suit following: there is probably something wrong with avatar uploads, I'm attempting to upload a valid avatar (file size and format fits the requirement), however I'm getting following error: https://imgur.com/a/KbgBcei So that's what I'm doing. Now when I attempted to post a screenshot of the message, I've found that I can't upload attachments to my forum messages as well. Both images were exported to jpeg from current production version of Affinity Photo. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hi! I love Affinity Designer, BUT this problem is a HUGE headache to me I set a color that looks great in the workspace (within Affinity Designer) to my text, objects, etc. I export it and ALL THE COLORS are extremely OVERSATURATED, a moderate yellow looks like a highlighter yellow, Please fix this issue and help me QUICK! The image on the right is the one after export opened in windows photos, left is affinity designer
  5. Yo, I´m currently using Affinity Photo Version and I encountered an error when exporting in PNG format, the photos are incompletely exported, some areas disappear as if they were badly cropped, save the same work in different files and it was still present the error. In other documents if I manipulate the transparency of the image for example from 100% to 50% the elements disappear when exported in PNG. I tried to put other elements on top of that layer and try again but the layer that was manipulated with its transparency disappears. does anyone else have that problem? I attached three images to, one as shown in my work area, one with the export settings and the third with the final result
  6. So I had this logo and business card redesign that I was working on and I was pretty much done except for some minor touch ups, and I go to my iPad today to find that I can’t open the file anymore. All it says now it “loading failed, Unable to load document”. Now this was a big file as it was an extensive redesign with many options and a lot of work has gone into this file. And now I can’t open it. Is there like a way to fix this? It’s not in my files app so there is no way of me getting the file through there, if I press save the app freezes and then crashed, and duplicate does nothing. Like I said already a lot of work when into this file, so would it be possible for me to open it again?
  7. As shown in the image, I placed two objects on top of each other and slid the top one up a bit. I gave the top object 3pt width and set it as the inner width. But there is a very fine (maybe 1px) fill color around this object. The same problem persists when I visually export it. You can see it by zooming in the attached image. Is this a bug?
  8. Dear Affinity, I have a problem: While exporting a file of 41 pages to pdf, I get a error message: An error occurred when export... I found out the error is on page 13 and 19, both with only pictures. When I delete this pictures, the program made a pdf. No error. I can't find what is the problem. Could you help me? I have to deliver this file to my client soon... The strangest thing is that earlier there was no problem with this file. A few weeks ago I made a proper pdf file. I only changed the first page and then I want to make a new pdf of it. By the way: I love Affinity Publisher!
  9. Hello there!! Greetings from India!! So, I'm trying (More than 6 times) to buy Affinity Designer with my VISA card but it sends me a message saying that my provider declined the payment. Please Help me out!!
  10. Hi, I can't export a file as PDF, I get a dialog box with this : "An error occurred while exporting to: <file path>" Actually it is the same problem as this one : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/16101-exporting-pdf-affinity-designer/ I have the latest Affinity Designer version 1.4.1 I can send my file in a PM if you need it Thank you
  11. AFPUB OS X 10.15.3 First reported in 1.7 in September 2019, this problem still exists. There is one unusual thing about "Spelling Options". I encountered one word that was misspelled and clicked "Learn" and the red line underneath disappeared. I exited the "Spelling Options" and again invoked Spelling Options - it jumps to that same word (last one that was found misspelled) but the word is now NOT underscored. The word is in the Mac English spelling database "en" . The same thing happens after closing the document and quitting AFPUB, then reopening the same document - jumps to that same (not underscored) word. In fact, if you happen to delete the misspelled word (I added a test word "asdfg"), the Spelling Options again jumps to this non-existent word in the text frame where it was originally found (but not after closing and reopening the document). I would think AFPUB should not do any of that and just simply inform the user that there are "no misspelled words" to be found. If there are no misspelled words, the Spelling Options dialogue just sits there quietly showing the last word that was learned - doing nothing. Not very informative.
  12. Hi, I have a question. I received a PSD file created in Photoshop and when I want to open this I get an error. Can somebody help me with this? I attached the error and the file I can't open. ART_designinstagram_MV2019052.psd
  13. Hello, I am working on a poster for a school project using Affinity Designer. I am trying to export it to PDF but I keep getting the following error message: An error occurred while exporting to: /Users/Michael/Desktop/GEOL429_poster-II copy.pdf I've searched the forum for similar issues but I couldn't find any (or I'm terrible at searching). It's probably the largest file I've worked with (dimension-wise) at 1.5 m x 0.9 m, which is probably why it's not exporting. But I made one back in December at 0.9 x 0.6 m that was almost certainly a larger file due to using more graphical content. I was wondering if anybody had run into this problem before or had any possible solutions? I have trouble believing that Affinity Designer is not capable of this task (since it rocks at everything else). Thanks for any ideas.
  14. Hi, so recently I have reset my widows, meaning completely removed all files. I backed-up most of my .asdesign files. My problem is that every time I try to save a file, (even a completely blank one) it does let me save it, but after I have saved it, a pop-up saying: And then I click close. It does this with every .asdesign file i save. I can't open the file afterwards either. Then it's just corrupted. I use sRGB btw. I can still open old documents (The ones that I backed-up from before the reset) I've seen 2 other posts about the same message/pop-up, but it didn't match my problem: they tried to open a file. I've reinstalled Designer 3 times and made sure it didn't leave any files. I've tried many things. It really sucks. Here is an example of a file: example.afdesign, but as i said it happens to all files. And this is the 2 pop-ups i get when trying to open fx. example.afdesign Pls help me:) Many thanks. DouVI PS. feel free to ask for any more information, cause I'm desperate and really need this to be solved;)
  15. Hello! I was trying to export this file as a PDF to test some stuff and it errors out on me every time I try to export pages. However, when I export as spreads, it works just fine. Any ideas on why this would happen? Yeast_Lab_Report.afpub
  16. When trying to export my publication, I get an error message saying there was an error on exporting to PDF. If I export as a spread, no error. If I do pages, there's an error. It's a 99 page project, I spent an hour exporting ranges of pages and found if I do 1-84, no error, but 1-85 causes an error. I converted everything on p85 to curves and tried again, still an error. Oddly, I can export 85-99 without an error. So, no idea what's going on here. Help! Shadowrun_Genesys_v1_-_Final.afpub Fonts.7z
  17. WHY??? Is very important!!t!!! Hey guys, I really need your help. it is a customer file. Worked on it last night and now I can't open it. The file format would not be known. I tried reinstalling, renaming the file to a template, nothing helps. I think that since I didn't link the resources, I integrated them and the file is large, some bug occurred. File paths have not been changed. I would be really grateful for quick help. Otherwise I am really enthusiastic, but that is not possible when you are working on commissioned items. Oh yes: Publisher MAC, latest update; with Windows it is the same. Translate by Google translater
  18. Hello, When I try to open a pdf (17xA1, pdf version 1.3, pdf producer- Adobe pdf library 15.0, app-adobe indesign cc13.1 mac) some of the pages seem sliced with text as image and then editable text overlayed so I am unable to replace the text without having to remove and recreate the rasterized text slices. how can I open a pdf correctly. I can send a pdf I am having problems with via private link if possible. Regards Chris
  19. Llevo casi dos años con la app. Tengo que admitir que con pequeños proyectos va de maravilla. Sin embargo tengo el iPad Air 3 (2019) y se cierra constantemente al editar en RAW. Espero que se solucione o que se pongan en contacto conmigo para ayudarme gracias.
  20. Hi, i make some gradients in cmyk, but, when i export to pdf to print, some copys of the same image are converted in grayscale, before: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1wh3wkikko2xw3u/before.png after: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6gwcvg5u859hep/after.png ¿Some idea to fixed this? (i use affinity designer 1.8 in mac) The leafs, all are copies from the same element. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zv595zrs9x54f1l/see.png 😰
  21. Hi team, just reporting a bug which I have been experiencing for a while now. This error happens often and randomly - when going to File > place > my images will not show. I have to exit the entire program and restart it to go to the same folder for the images to show for placement. hopefully can be fixed soon as it interrupts workflow thanks!
  22. Hi, I'm hopeless at finding all my typos on screen so always print the pages out, glad I did. My page 92 will not print out 93 and 94 printed out fine. The error message says "Page does not exist". help please. I've tried the usual shutting down etcetera. Jackie
  23. Greetings to all, I've been using Affinity for two years, and something strange has happened to me today, I'm not sure if it's a mistake. When you drag an image to the affinity canvas the images are placed in gray scales, but the original image is in color! If I place the image from the panel, the same thing happens! either a png or jpge image is placed in gray scales, when the originals are in color, and I find no reason for it! I would appreciate any comments!!
  24. I seem to be randomly getting an export error when I go to export a pdf of my work. While I have not yet found what causes these errors (I've resorted to rebuilding these pages because I can't identify what on the page triggers the error), it would be incredibly helpful if instead of just a generic error, publisher would identify which page is actually causing the error. My most recent work is 250 pages long and to sift through each page one at a time, trying to export one at a time, to find which page is bugging out and preventing my entire document from exporting has lost me countless hours and possibly my sanity. So please until this bug is fixed, can you at least make the error message more informative instead of so generic. Let us know which page or pages on our huge document can't be exported so we can move on with it quickly.
  25. Hey Guys! Has anyone else had an issue with the HSL UI? This seems to happen quite often but I can't necessarily repeat it, it just happens randomly. However when this happens, my only recourse is to restart AP. Pretty frustrating to say the least. Specs: MacBook Pro 15" (2019) macOS Mojave, V. 10.14.6 2.6 GHz Core i7 32 GB 2400 Mhz DDR4 RAM Radeon Pro 560X 4GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention I'm using Affinity Photo 1.7.3
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