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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, in the AD document settings dialog, the CMYK profiles displayed correctly, but: In the printer dialog panel no CYMK driver profiles are displayed. ( only RGB printer profiles displayed) All CYMK Printer Profiles .icc are available in the Windows path c:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color. In AP I imported the icc profiles for CMYK printers, but they do not appear in the printer dialog anyway. With Greetings from Frankfurt am Main / Germany, Pinnochio
  2. Hello, is it possible to open a pdf in RGB instead CYMK (presetting is pdf)?
  3. dont know if or how often this one may be asked for already (search is empty on this)... i really need to have 16bit CYMK tif support for images in both design and photo. should be possible soon - shouldnt it? cant imagine any reason why this isnt already there and be able to edit/use existing tifs wich 16bit cymk color space. quite annoying and makes it impossible to use affinity for eyery case i have to deal with them. please!
  4. I'm creating some signage today and would like to make these in Designer, however I cant figure out how to make my cutter guides/shapes and fold lines as a spot colour, so the printer can see its not CYMK for production. Generally I make these in illustrator and mark the layer **Do Not Print** for the printers attention. So my question is can spot colour be done in Designer at the moment?

    CYMK Color inconsistencies

    Hi, I am trying to design a pice of print work. For this I have to switch to CYMK. When I add a photo to my design ( which is RGB based ) the app converts it to CYMK leaving flat, dull colors. Yet in the CYMK Dropbox there are various items like US Coated, Japan Coated, Web coated etc. When my design is seelcted to CMYK it defauls to Generic CMYK. ( Dull colors ) Yet when I select any of the other " paper" sorts like Japan or US Coated, the vibrancy of the colors comes back looking like RGB. Hmm...weird... The weirdness continues. When I now swicth back to Generic CYMK , the vibrant colors stay on the screen. So...how " accurate" is this thing ? Attached are the views I get from Generic CYMK and Us Sheetfed Coated ( whatever that is ) See the differences in that ? So what am I to do so my design will look nice and vibrant when printed , not dull and colorless ? Any advice on this bug is highly appreciated. Peter