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Found 560 results

  1. Hi there! I'm not sure whether this is a general bug or limited to the computers at our office: Whenever I try to undock the paragraph panel Publisher crashes without notification and has to be killed via the Windows task manager. Interestingly it does not crash if I try to undock any other panel (e.g. character or layer panel). Additionally it only happens on Win-10-machines in our office. All Win-8.1-machines are not affected. Initially we blamed the graphics driver, but after having removed the drivers completely and installed them afresh, we come to the conclusion that Publisher might be the cause as the problem persists. The problem is not limited to a specific document but happens with all existing and new documents. Windows 10 (10.0.17134), 64 Bit Nvidia GeForce 940MX (driver version Best, Volker
  2. Like the title say it is simple. I applied a vignette live filter and started to erase excess using brush tool with black color but APhoto crashed, it did happened twice on a normal JPEG file. Maybe it is a known bug for this beta, would be great to have it fixed. Blessings
  3. I was using Designer on a Windows Surface tablet/laptop (Windows 10 OS). I took the removable keyboard off of the Surface and creating curved shapes with a stylus (while still in laptop mode). When I went to rearrange my shapes above/below other shapes using my Bamboo stylus, the program froze. I shut the program down but it would not reopen until I restarted the computer. I do not have any problem reordering shapes using the touchpad on the removeable keyboard.
  4. I saved an own table of contents layout. When I tried to delete it, Publisher crashed.
  5. For some reason, Affinity Publisher Beta is crashing when I try opening my document. I am able to create a new document, but not open an existing one. I've repaired the application but nothing has changed. I am running on Windows 10 and have installed the latest version of Affinity Publisher. Affinity Publisher bug.mp4
  6. Every single time I paste text from Gmail that contains line breaks combined with multiple types of formatting (Bold, italics, etc...) into a text box, Publisher will crash. This only happens when copying from Chrome, as pasting the same text from other sources seems stable. The current beta doesn't seem to like Gmail on Chrome much...
  7. I have been using AP for several months with no problem. Recently, however, I started using the Eraser tool rather extensively. The program totally closes pretty often when I go to the top left-hand corner of the window to change the size of my Eraser tool. I have done a soft reset as I read about in another post and the problem persists. I am working on the newest version of AP on a Mac. The crashes have happened when working with different files, so I don't think a particular file is the problem.
  8. I have been using affinity designer and photo on my iPad for months now. I have never even so much has had a lag problem no matter what I did. It now suddenly is crashing anytime I try to create a new document from a photo in my gallery or if I create a blank document and try to place an image it will let me go through ,y gallery select the image and then suddenly crashes. Please any help is greatly appreciated!!
  9. I can open a file without a problem, but any time I do anything (change page, type text, select an object, the application crashes. It has something to do with the specific file, because I can open other files without a problem. How do I generate a crash report so I can try to debug? This the second file it has happened on.IN both cases, it is only after having done a lot of work on the document and reaching the point of cleaning up before final publication, so it is extremely frustrating. March 2019.afpub
  10. DavidCPhotog

    Photo crashing on iPad Pro

    Hello, when I scroll through the items in the adjustment studio photo crashes. It just started today after about a month. I noticed some of the adjustment choices are missing. It happens with old and new files. I am using a new iPad Pro 11 Photo release number Can I download the app from App Store to re-install? Dave
  11. I have issues including freezing/crashing while trying to select font for any text box. The only reason I can suggest except the software bug is that this might happen due to Korean fonts installed in my computer... Are there anybody experiencing the same issue with me?
  12. I'm experiencing a consistent crash when I try to open the Character/Paragraph Styles panel. I thought it might be a problem with the document I'd imported so I tried it with a new pretty much empty one and the same thing happened. I thought it might be a dodgy font so I disabled as many as I could but it still happens with 100% consistency. It does NOT occur in the beta version but I can't risk using that for this project. I've tried resetting Character styles and fonts from the Preferences dialog too. What else can I try? I'm assuming this isn't a known bug since I can't see any other reports here. I've not really used Character Styles before but I need them for this project. Crash reports attached. crash_report.txt crash_report_2.txt
  13. On Affinity Designer, when I am trying to create a new, or edit any Text Styles, the app on macOS is crashing. When I am trying to create any type of text style (paragraph, character, or group styles), the Affinity Designer app is crashing. I tried to edit existing text styles, either by clicking the menu > Edit "Body", either by double clicking the Text Style, but again the app crash always, for any text style, and for any document (including creating a new, empty document). For all cases, the popup window to create/edit the style briefly appears, and immediately the app crash. I have the latest version of Affinity Designer: v1.6.1 and the latest version of macOS Mojave: v10.14.3
  14. With the new update Publisher has been crashing when I try to edit master pages. So far is has crashed for: Duplicate a master page, double-click new one to edit Applying a master page to another master page
  15. DwellRichly

    1.5 print Crash

    Hi there, I've just upgraded to 1.5 on Designer (lush by the way!). But when I try to print from having artboards it crashes... Obvious not end of the world because I can export it etc. but thats a faff... Any Ideas? Grace, Chris
  16. In the new v1.7.0.231 beta I get a complete crash when attempting to create a new image stack, it only happens if I un-tick 'Automatically Align Images' Something I have to do for this simple 4 image stack which was shot on a tripod but it includes waves and clouds. System- Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Intel i5-4690 @ 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz Nvidia Geforce GT 740
  17. I know there was an issue a bit ago with Sony A7iii RAW files not opening, and Affinity mentioned it was an iOS issue. iOS now has the Sony A7iii on their list of supported files, and rather than just bringing a black screen when I open RAW files from the camera, now it just crashes the app entirely. Anyone else having the same issue?
  18. Affinity just crashed as I was exporting. It just shut down and lost my work. Upon reopening Affinity no autosave box came up with my lost work ... any where it could be saved too? Not good at all. Very close to going back to PS. This cannot happen.
  19. Affinity Publisher Windows 10 Pro, 4K-Display (200%) Document: ~40 Master Pages, ~180 Pages, about 400 Images (linked), File Size 1,9 GB Affinitiy Publisher just terminated without notice when scrolling - I wanted to insert a new text field in each left page (starting at the end) - after about 10 to 20 pages the application just exits. The effect was reproducable, but I'm not exatly sure if at one time it was the insert operation which triggered the issue. No more crashes (so far) after switching display resoultion to 2K (100%). The document can be provided on request. PS: file recovery works great
  20. Hi, I have an iPad 9.7 (2018) with iOS 12.1 and Affinity Photo Version I really like the app on the iPad, it is very easy to handle. However there is one thing that does not work as I hoped: When I try to upload a high res 50MP ORF RAW I get a blank screen. It shows me all the tools but I cannot do anything. When I click on develop, the app crashes and I end up at the home screen. I attached one ORF files plus 2 screenshots of the app. Any advise on how to proceed with this? Because the OM-D EM1MK2 is supposed to be supported with all RAW types, not just the standard resolution, I hope there is a work arround. Thanks for your help. Martin PB173224.ORF
  21. Donald Chandonnet

    Ipad app crashes on export to photos

    I downloaded your wonderful app yesterday, and am going through the tutorials, but every time I try to export some work to the photo library, the app crashes. Using ipad 2nd gen 1TB;
  22. Hi there, when i try to create a new textframe on a Masterpage, publisher hangs up. this is reproducable: File New select a Master Page try to create a Textframe (Frame text Tool [T]) >> publisher hangs up Publisher Version beta OS: Windows 10 With bestregads, pixpray
  23. So Designer kept crashing every time I tried to use the mask to below option. I found a workaround. It worked for a minute but now it crashes just trying to open the file. I'm using Designer version 1.6.5 Tested it on my other computer and had the same issue. I've got a brand new Dell G5 gaming laptop. I've attached the file as well as the files that are used in it. SimsAssets-Gallery.afdesign SimsAssets-Gallery.svg TheSims.afassets
  24. Hi, I just lost all tone map presets and after i try to create new category or import presets i get the following note. I´m using win7 64-bit and Affinity version
  25. load an image new layer gradient tool, draw a gradient move tool, select gradient layer and resize to smaller than main image draw another gradient on resized layer -- outline of layer in blue seems to be same size as original image, though reduced image layer appears ok. Repeat 4 and 5 Once this resulted in a whole system (win10) crash. Another time AP just bugged out and vanished. Some kind of memory leak or recursive spiral? Couple of processes fighting one another?